As much as I would like to agree with this. Parents shouldn’t support their kids playing games simply because it will “enhance them”, but do it as an activity here and there as a family. Gaming is an experience that should be picked up later in a child’s life. I might be reading this article wrong, but it feels like an advocacy to get kids into gaming early. Not really cool with that. I know, that sounds odd coming from me…


When we talk about the video games, an image of couch potatoes, teenage quarrels, scolding and a lot of crazy activities come to our mind. For most of the people, the video gaming hampers the brain growth of the children and make them less attentive and lazy. Has anyone ever thought of the positive side of it? It can be a real trailblazing when taken up in moderation and with an optimistic approach. Video games can be used as a teaching tool to strengthen the learning. These games train the brain to think quick, build a few qualities and develop intellectual skills that improve the learning efficacy in the children.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of the video games in improving learning outcomes for kids.

  • Games like Cityville gives the aim to complete various targets in a defined time period.  At any given point of time, players have to build…

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