While I was relaxing and spending some time on the couch with Louie.  She saw a commercial for Uncharted 4.  When it was playing on the TV, she said “here’s another for you to game to review”.  I kindly responded, “I’d like to”, with a clear inclination that I want the game, but can’t afford to get it.  She also mentioned this, after seeing a commercial for Overwatch.  (Which I’m still torn on Battleborn and Overwatch, as to the one to play!)

Then she surprised me right out of left field and said.  “How about I review a few games?”


I was ELATED to hear that coming from her and certainly didn’t expect her to say that.  So, I’ll look at some of my indie titles and get her started with one or two there.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll try some mobile games out there.  But I think I have a few things, I can think of.

I have to admit, that probably took a LOT from her and REALLY do appreciate her more than anything, yet equal to our daughter Grace.  Love you, Lou.