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Hey everyone!!  I wanted to welcome you to Raccoon Daddy, a blog and open community for adult gamers.  Here, we talk about gaming, life, parenting and really whatever is interesting.  Whatever comes to mind, as long as it’s relevant share, talk and have fun!

This place is also somewhere, where you leave the criticism at the door or at least wipe the dirt off of your shoes as you come in!  I like to crack jokes, make you guys laugh, yet at the same time share serious times in my own life.

Another big part of this community is video games.  I’ve been a gamer for almost thirty years now, it’s a hobby and a part of my life.  Also, I’m married to a beautiful lady Louie (now at 5 years!) and have a 4yr old daughter Grace!  For four years, I’ve been a full time third shift worker and deal with life on a completely different schedule!   Some of my other experiences in life was through the Navy, where I piloted a Los Angeles class submarine and I’ve visited 4 different countries.

As for writing, that began when I was in the 9th grade, where I became engrossed with writing my own fiction.  Needless to say, life had ways of dampening those desires and it was put on hold until October of last year; when I started writing again…HERE!

My goal is to have a growing community of fathers, mothers and adults to come together and discuss them freely.  I’ll be honest, I curse a lot and there are sometimes I will have adult themed writing.  Some funny, gritty or even steamy.  (Trust me, nothing beyond what you’d see at a rated R movie.)

So join in, when you have some time!


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