Funny story.  Most people face their fears in situations that either place them in near-situations or situations that are beyond their ability to flee.  Mine was the latter, nearly four years ago.

I was working as a front clerk at a local pharmay and was not at the register at the time.  One of my  co-workers knew about my isues with…clowns.  

Just my luck that get a guy in his full clown outfit at the checkout.  All I knew was that I froze.  I didn’t know what to do and before I almost had my manager down my throat; his 60-year old wife came over.  

She seemed pretty ordinary and I then began to realize that the clown was just a man.  A 70-year old man, in a clown costume.  I’m still not over my fear, but athe least I might stand a chance of living; should I ever get in a fight with a clown.  Just sayin’