Guns are dangerous!  But they sure are pretty to look at!!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been indulging with my inner “gun nut” and looking through the Internet Movie Firearm Database!

The Joker (Heath Ledger) an RPG, in the Dark Knight

By far, this is one of my favorite sites, right now!  It’s just put together SO DAMN WELL!

There, you can look up ANY film, video game, TV series and anime series and WILL find every firearm used and seen during it’s duration.  Personally, I love the overall attention to detail the writers have here, as they make sure the weapon matches what is being depicted.

For example, in Call of Duty: Black Ops, they call out that a lot of the weapons used are anachronistic (meaning-that never existed before the set time).  Such as an MP5K (shown below.

In-game screen

“An MP5K Prototype is featured in the game. Its appearance is massively anachronistic: the MP5 itself was developed in 1966, but the MP5K appears in the game in a level set in 1963, while the first MP5K prototype with wooden vertical foregrip was developed in 1976. It would have been more accurate to see the HK54 prototype of the MP5 which lacked a vertical foregrip. An MP5K appears as the fifth weapon tier in Gun Game (as can be seen in the bottom image).”  – IMFDB.ORG

Real pic

Which is kinda cool and isn’t really intended to be a buzzkill, as most of these articles written are intended for those that have finished the said media.


But if you’ve finished that game or movie and wanna look back at the COOL hardware used, be sure to set aside an ass ton of time, cuz there is plenty of info here!

Another thing that is cool, is that they will show you how many of the sci-fi weapons from movies like Blade Runner and Aliens were made, using the real guns!

Hope you enjoy the site, like I am!

Featured image 

Great Swords in Video Games w/REBLOG

This guy made an EXCELLENT TOP TEN on SWORDS!!  My honorable mentions –

The Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud (Really?!  I’m sooooo tired of FFVII) is by far pretty bad-ass.  It’s big, its a bastard sword and it splits into many other swords and kills anything.



Dragon Sword – Ninja Gaiden.  This sword cuts through anything LIKE BUTTA!!  Nuff said on that one.  That…and demons wet their paints when they see it!



Soul Edge – Soul Calibur’s Nightmare signature weapon ain’t pretty.  But’s its got a fucking living giant eyeball in it.  Also, it takes half of you life away in one hit…Seriously OP’d.



Crissagrim – Castlevania series – Alucard gets this bad boy by surprise after killing some serious baddies.  It slices so fast, that one swing, makes FIVE slashes.  OUCH!!



Ultima Weapon – ALL Final Fantasy – If you’ve got this, everyone dies!!  But not everyone really lives!  (In Scottish accent, quote from the movie Braveheart! *sniff*)



Keyblade – This magical sword from Kingdom Hearts is great!  Why?!  Because it SLICES, it DICES and UNLOCKS ALL DOORS KNOWN TO MAN!!  (Even your car door, SO WATCH OUT!!)



Shishkebob – What do you get, when a kitana and a gas tank have a baby!!  A SWORD!      ON FIRE!!



Valentine – Soul Calibur’s masochistic chemist, Ivy created this chain-whip sword, that pretty much goes from being a short sword to a projectile weapon.  With both long range and short abilities, this girl is one rough customer!  (The blade)




Lucien Maverick's Den

When I was playing the last big fight in Uncharted 4 (which I won’t spoil here), I was thinking about just how many cool swords there are in gaming.  I already made a list of cool swords that I love in video games (linked here), but then I realized that that wasn’t enough.  I need to make another list where I talk about even more of the awesome swords in video games, that I desperately wish I was able to have.  I hope you enjoy.

Beam Katana10. Beam Katana
No More Heroes
Perhaps it’s only fitting that such a cool weapon end up in the hands of a bumbling idiot who just so happened to get it by sheer chance.  Now, this death-dealing monster is helping him climb the ladder of killers, in his goal to get to the top.  A weapon that you use to dismember the living…

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