VIDEO GAME MUSIC???? Wow…NERD!!! Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse

I was reading some articles this morning and alluva sudden, I started hummin’ Castlevania 3 music in my head.  So it sparked inspiration for yet another entry into my love of VGM!  Boxart courtesy of Crapnami and Nintendo!  (Nintendo I still love, you!!)


Many years ago, back in 4th grade art class, our art teacher let us start using his tracing lamp, when we finished our classwork.  Despite its positive effects on teaching me how to draw; which I can, but rarely do it anymore…  Regardless, I saw that one of my classmates brought in a game box from Castlevania III.  During that time, I was familiar with the game, due to watching my older brother and his friend playing it years before.  At the time, it was way too difficult for me to even enjoy it without walking away pissed.

This time, however, I mustered the courage to rent it from Video Frequency.  (Oh yeah!!! THROWBACK!!)

*crying right now*  Gone!  But not forgotten!  – SOURCE

What I got, changed my view gaming for good.  Castlevania 3 was challenging, dark and EVEN let you play as different characters!  (Which was something pretty new, then.) Each Castlevania has its own unique twists and quirks, if you pay attention; very much like in the story how Castle Dracula always changes its form, every time it reappears.


With that said, I’m featuring some of the best Castlevania remixes out there!

Hope you enjoy them!!

All music was retrieved from the AMAZING site, DWELLING OF DUELS!!!!!!!


Artist is BONKERS, support his work if you like it!!


This one gets you right into that nostalgia, for those that have played it!  I love how it tends to give a Sega Genesis-kind of sound to it!

Next are a couple from GOAT, whom I had heard of back when he featured his work on a Overclocked Remixes.

This one gets you pumpin’, as it has those high intensity pipe organ and tempo starting right away.  This is from the Clock Tower area, which is USUALLY the hardest stage in Castlevania games.  (They always seem to be the more memorable ones, too!)

I believe this one is from the final battle with Dracula.  Not quite sure!  But who cares, it sounds pretty bad-ass anyways!

Last, is from CarboHydroM, who is an awesome artist!

Hope you enjoyed the tunes!!