This sickens me beyond all belief!!!


Should this man be guilty of this horrible, disgusting act!   He never should’ve been blessed with a woman to love him and children to grace his life.  Normally, I’m even tempered and not like this, but this is a shame to all the fathers out there that work so fucking hard to keep a great reputation as good fathers.

We love are children no matter how much they cry, yell back at us and test our patience!  But NOTHING, SHOULD EVER COME TO WHAT THIS MAN may have done!

Dude, if they find you guilty, all I can say is, prison is too good for you!  Redemption is not in your future, sir!  You will be judged appropriately beyond this life, and I pray that what they say is not the truth and this child did not die, BY YOUR HANDS and by an true unavoidable accident!

But life isn’t like that, there are men who were never suited to have to children, but were given them.  Men that are still boys inside, regardless of their age.  Some were never given the guidance and became only a cycle of violence, that society does not need nor wants.  Life deals us hands and I can attest that not everyone receives a turn in the right direction.

Honestly, just thinking about what has happened here goes beyond my thought process. This sickens me beyond all belief!!!  Something like this goes beyond all I can comprehend!

Yet there are SO MANY that are NEVER graced with a child’s smile, the once in a lifetime laughter, the unforgettable hug, that little thing gives to you, in the strongest squeeze they can muster.  Regardless of how you are judged, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THAT AGAIN!!  It’s gone, YOU THREW IT AWAY!


Down, but NOT OUT!

For about a month, I’d found myself working very long hours, with rotating shifts and schedules.  (Sometimes, working 7-day work weeks)


With this, I made my best attempts to spend as much time, as I could with my wife and daughter.  Couple that, with a persistent case of Bronchitis, which left me debilitated on several days, thus siphoning away any motivation to commit my fingers to a keyboard.   But I recovered.


However, that does not mean I didn’t get any gaming sessions in.  As I mentioned in my previous post about Playstation Now, this  month was spent going over the many titles that I chose.  These were primarily games I’d wanted to play before, that I either, did not own or was interested in getting them from a bargain bin; at a later point.  So, I urge you to make your own conclusions about the service.

Each title, I’ll go over a brief first impression and what I got from the experience.  That way, I save you the time of just reading, yet another damn game review.

Lone Survivor


This indie title, was designed for true survival horror fans.  A very difficult experience that requires you to think, on your feet and to resolve problems that come along in your progress.


Personally, I’m a Silent Hill fan, and I was hooked…and a bit stumped.  Currently, still playing this one and now own it.  This one was a keeper for me; as it the first true SURVIVAL HORROR, in a LONG time.  Word of advise, this game is HARD



Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge


Started this one up, because I’d played the other previous titles.  From the get-go, I’d known that this installment was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.  Think DOOM, on it’s hardest settings, except that’s how NG3’s NORMAL is.


Yeah, its like THAT!

With this in mind, I set this one on EASY.  So you know, true gamers can put a g’damn game on EASY, if you just want to progress through the pain and suffering, in order to save time.  We don’t do it to avoid the headaches of repetition.  Hence, the reason why Demon’s Soul/Dark Soul games are very popular; the player suffers lost after lost, only to be rewarded once you finally progress.

But, if you know Ninja Gaiden…there is no reward, unless your can skill your way out of it.  The previous titles had balance, this one doesn’t.  So, for time’s sake, I went with it.


I digress.  Overall, it’s retains the same feel as all other Ninja Gaiden’s and I enjoyed, while playing it.  On Hero, (which is the game’s easy setting, I couldn’t comment on the challenge-wise)  but it was good experience playing it, save for the fact that it felt exactly like playing NG1 and NG2.  Which was both good….well…meh!



Earth Defense Force 2025


I got into this game, because:

A) I like Dynasty Warrior-like games as a guilty pleasure.


B) I like mech games.


C) I hate bugs…they just creep me out.



D) I like games where I can blow shit up!



With that said, I’d NEVER got into this series and had heard it was good.  In response to that, I have no idea what the fans of this series are smoking.  First off, I saw where people could’ve liked this…I mean it has that whole Godzilla-like, “we’re all gonna die” feel to it.  Corny, isn’t even the word for it.



But for me, the charm left the building after the 10th mission of killing giant spiders and ants.  Which mind you, was already making my skin crawl as it was… and just thinking about it makes me shudder right now.


(Let’s just say, the Fallout 3 sidequest, “Those!” was far from likable, but was very enjoyable…simply because giant mutant bugs are just….CREEPY!  But that didn’t stop me from liking it.)


I’ll admit, that the weapon variety was nice and did make a solid attempt to satisfy my want to blow stuff up.  As you given four different play styles to work with as you go through the game.  (All of which, have unique play-styles to them)  Which I did like, but couldn’t get beyond the fact that the game felt like playing a bad Sega Saturn game!!  (Mind you, this came out in 2014)



This was not one of those “it’s so bad, it’s good!” games for me.  Now Deadly Premonition…that’s a very different story.

I flushed this one, despite giving it a fair chance.



God of War: Ascension


This was good!  Short, but sweet.  Although the story really didn’t flesh out anything new for Kratos.  Like all God of War games, it was a wild ride!


Gameplay was simplified a bit on this title and wasn’t very challenging until the very end.  (Kinda wished I played this one on HARD)  Loved the whole new gadgets featured in the game.  Which were seriously some of most creative ways to apply a tool in a game…period.  Not only, could you use them in the field to progress, they were integrated into the combat seamlessly.  Will admit that I did miss having different weapons except the chain swords.  (which has been replaced with other combat items)


Also, this time around, don’t expect any foreplay QTEs.  Which were already fairly awkward and just a bit silly.  (Besides, sex and videogames have yet to captured correctly, tastefully or expressed freely.  Let’s face it, it hasn’t happened yet because developers cannot bring their maturity level up their age.)


Perhaps, I’ll go over this some other time, cause I do have to get this off my chest about adult content and games, eventually!  For another time, of course!

With that said, I’ll continue to go over my list of games, I played on the Playstation Now subcription next time!