The the Line Drawn in the Sand

Recently, a few articles popped out at me.  One was briefly about the Steam network banning the title, “Rape Day”, which was a hit to their unstable company to customer relationship, in regards to censorship.  But I felt it was 100% RIGHT MOVE, on their part.  The game literally centralizes itself on gratuitous sexual violence.  So yeah, definitely not something we need as a game or really anything beyond what has been done already.

Personally, I think Rockstar crossed the line when they added a interactive torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V.  Sure, they weren’t doing it to push the boundaries, but maybe to see how a player would respond to torturing someone in-game.  It was sort like the Milgram Experiment, you didn’t necessarily have a choice unless you progressed.  Then again, maybe you did if you’d stopped playing.

GTA Torture

-Rockstar Games

GTA has always been the benchmark on how far games will go and I’ve yet to see the series or any other game (that wasn’t considered pornographic or hentai) add a rape as a gameplay element.  Why?!  Because that is where 99% of people will draw the “line in the sand.”  It’s one thing to have it portrayed as a negative point in a narrative, but a direct interaction is almost a perpetuation of the crime itself.

Now a couple days ago I read about Devil May Cry 5’s western censorship.


Courtesy of Dualshockers

All I can say is, WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM???  It’s just a woman’s bare ass!  Not only that, it’s more like a half-moon!  Go watch an episode of “The Simpsons” and you’ll see more nudity there, male and female.  For the longest time, nudity and sexual censorship has been a real head-scratching topic for me.  It’s probably because I was an amateur artist in my high school days.  Or maybe it’s the fact, that I learned about art from books about popular artists of the Italian Renaissance. (Like the painting by Rafael seen below)


Why is the human body, man or woman, so scary?!  Isn’t sex one of our many necessary functions as human beings?!

Now I understand that children are never to be associated with the coupling of two human beings, outside the subject of birth.  It is just something we don’t do, so we protect our children by parenting.  Which stems from the lessons of our history, that are projected through previous generations to keep us protected until we are ready.   However, parents and adults cannot protect their children forever, as the world has its ways of revealing the fact of life:  anatomy, death, sexuality and violence.  Which is why we should be there for them, to give them the proper guidance on the realities of life.

I was roughly 11 years old, when I had my first exposure to graphic violence.  It was a boring Saturday and I ended up crashing on my living room couch.  I’d slept a bit, to just about 9pm, when my brother and sister popped in the movie “Friday the 13th”.  (both were 15 and 19 at the time)  Before they’d started it, I was told to get out and that the movie was too scary for me.

However, I was a bit of a hard-head and thought that I was big enough to watch a scary film.  After all, I’d seen Poltergeist and The Ghostbusters, there couldn’t been anything scarier than that.  Clearly you know where this is going, right?

I spent the entire movie hiding underneath the pillow with occasional peaks at the screen.  But the pillow didn’t save me from the terrifying sound effects of Jason stalking the inhabitants of Camp Crystal Lake.  Which was further intensified by the screams that fell victim to him, until the inevitable conclusion of the film.  Hiding wasn’t an option, it was almost as if I was being stalked Jason himself.  Yet just when I was told “it was over”, but it wasn’t, as the final moments tell you – “he’s still out there”

How many of you are looking behind your shoulders right now?

It was a harrowing first experience to nothing I’d ever seen before and it left me with nightmares for a while.  That is until I had a talked with my mom and dad, which quickly resulted in my two siblings getting their ass chewed out.  But after that, I’d realized that the movie was only fiction, just like any other movie or show.

The same thing happened when my mom found some of my nude sketches in my early-teens.  We talked and she gave me the guidance I needed to fully understand my own sexuality.  Her words were of encouragement; more for my art, than the sexual interest towards the body of a woman.

Turning back to how we view violence and sexuality in the modern media.  It seems as though a naked body or sexual relations are considered shameful, almost like Queen Cersei’s “Walk of Shame”  Which is why, I absolutely love HBO, Showtime and many other networks remember that sex and nudity can be an integral part of the narrative and art itself.  As a matter of fact, sexuality and our own bodily experiences come much more naturally than events of rage, trauma and violence.

Yet, I can play the remake of Resident Evil 2; where limbs are shot off, people are torn in half and crushed to death.  (Not saying the portrayal was a bad thing, the remake is PHENOMINAL!)  I’d say this game is, the 2nd most graphic depiction of violence I’ve ever seen in my 30 years of gaming.  (Whereas Mortal Kombat X is #1)  But the violence depicted really suits the game and truly amplified the horror experience.  Now God forbid that we see a bare-naked lady’s ass, genitalia or a full-on sex scene in an M-rated video game!  Because that is just too graphic for us compute.

The line in the sand is drawn only few meters when I step onto the beach in regards to sexual content, yet the other line is being washed away by the tide.



Trying and Trying…

​Hey everyone, I just wanted let everyone know that everything’s good and I haven’t forgotten the blog.  Recently, I just wanted to take some personal time to be with the family and stop to appreciate THEM for a little bit.

You see, there’s something we’ve been dealing with for some time now.    

Over the past two years my wife and I have been trying to have another child. It’s been really rough and we’ve been trying for some time. A year or so back, she was pregnant and we lost the baby. 

Obviously, it devastated us and her moreso.  It really frustrated us despite being pretty sexually active.  Honestly, that part was never a problem, but our health in regards to our eating habits and exercise was another story.

So Louie and I decided to see a fertility specialist in hopes of increasing our chances of having another child.  Which I’ll tell you really costs a shit ton.  But after several months, around six to eight months we got no positive results.  After that we couldn’t afford to keep seeing the doctor.  

For a while it really destroyed our resolve tested our faith and love in each. 

 Thankfully we have a wonderful family supporting us and a lot of praying and helped us to work it out; we progressed so much as a husband and wife.

You see, She and I just wanted to have a playmate for Grace. You know everyone wants to have a little brother or sister and it really hurt us, it just cut us soo damn deep.  

Knowing that the possibility of us not being able ever give her, is becoming more evident as the days pass on.

But recently we focused on on making her happy and learned to just enjoy life, with just the three of us.  

We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. In hopes, that someday our future will bring a new member into our family.

Obviously, on my part and hers we’ve tried to stay healthy in our eating habits and really tried to get back into working out more often.  But that is a challenge in itself, right?!

We’ve learned to be grateful for what we have and treasure the moments we have even as husband and wife and as parents of our beautiful little girl.  

Using the word rough is really a difficult thing to compare how we felt during this year.    

We’ve come a long way and have been very positive.  Despite the many times she or I, see a newborn baby.  

Because it hurts us that we can’t have another one ourselves.  It’s really terrible to feel that sort of resentment, even though you should be happy for the mother and father of the child.  

From what we have right here, is more than some families will ever have. So we keep trying and hopefully will have that bigger family that she and I had as children.  On a funny note, the other night after we had a little bit of fun in the bed.  (Ya know, the horizontal polka!!)  

The other day Louie told me, “let’s hope you soldiers are doing their job and not farting around.”  
I replied, and said we’ll just sing the song,  “Just Keep Swimming!”from Finding Dory and maybe that’ll work!!