The Evil Within 2 – A Clearer Picture to an Already Cloudy Mirror

I should be saying “hey everyone, nice to see you!” But its been like 6 months since I last said anything on here. For now, I will save the summary and move onto my motivation to write today. I just finished The Evil Within 2; officially checking this off of my list.

Like everyone in the gaming universe, you’re going to here my muses and perspective. Hopefully you’ll choose to read further…most likely because that’s Metacritic is for! But if you do, there will a nice treat in it for you. (Actually, no there won’t) Okay, its safe to say I’m a little insane. But maybe that is because I’m still feeling a mild bit pseudo-PTSD from playing this game.

Starting off, I’m a vet of the series and survival horror since 1998, so I know my way around a hand crank, if you know what I mean. I play mine on hard and keep my eyes and ears trained, with the lights off! So you know, I like me some good scary shit!

Moving on!

The Evil Within 2 is a direct sequel in number and in story. (Which doesn’t always happen in TV, movies and games these days.) Following the events of the last game, Sebastian Castellanos is drowning himself on 1 bourbon, 1 scotch and…polishing off those bottles before he gets to that last beer and…


Its safe to say that this detective’s life is in the toilet. (Hah!) Thankfully, a familiar face comes back into his life and tells him that the worst parts in his life, didn’t really happen and just an elaborate lie. (Save for all of the murdering and havoc caused by Ruvik, AKA the cheapass teleporting monk, from the first game.) Enter the evil corporation and a motivation for Sebastian to go back into the hell that made him miserable in the first place! BAM!! There you go, EW2’s intro in a nutshell.

Thankfully, not everything is as cliche as you’d think. Sabastian goes in, with a mission to fix “The Matrix”-inspired virtual network and rescue some very important people. In exchange, all of Sebastian’s problems will go away. (FYI, I’m trying to be as vague as possible, because there is a pretty good story to this game!) Sounds easy right? NOPE!! THATS A BIG…

Right as I started playing it, the game thrusted me right into the main antagonist. A seriously F*CK’D UP psychopath who really should’ve been written for “True Detective” season 3. (Come on. HBO!! DO IT!) All I can say is, he reminded me of one part Joker, another part Ed Gein (real life murder who inspired half of horror’s household names.) and a dash of a creepy department store photographer. To be honest, IT WORKED and everything related to him was either terrifying, disturbing or unsettling.

Playing EW2 DOES FELT unsettling and remained so for about 75 percent of the game. As for the survival horror aspect, the game makes you feel like every item counts. Even on normal, I was always looking to scrounge up parts and supplies. Some areas it became a gamble because maybe I didn’t sneak around the enemies good enough or used up too much ammo. This added to the tension when I was exploring new places, along with: the jump scares, when the game screwed with me or mundane moments that turn into “OH SHIT!”

I say that, because there was a lot of that, said by me during my exploration of the town of Union. Searching the town really feels like you are looking for survivors or clues, literally every area will have you on your toes. Sadly, once those areas were explored, the spookiness faded near the end. At this point, the game focused on combat, wrapping the game up and getting me ready for the final push. Ultimately EW2 did redeem itself with huge nods to the previous game and a good finale.

The Evil Within 2 does not leave you hanging or have asking all kinds of questions when everything is said and done. But it did leave itself open for a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and will go back and finish it on Nightmare, in the future.

I really cannot recommend this game enough you are a survival horror fans. Although fans of Silent Hill and atmospheric horror games may not like for its heavy reliance on combat and stealth. Hardcore survival gamers may think the combat make it easier, but that is what Classic Mode is for! (unlocked after beating it) Rest assured, you’re in for a wild ride that is well worth a trip or two.

One last thing…you’ll never listen to this song the same way again! Enjoy the warm and fuzzies!

As always feel to COMMENT and DISCUSS below.

First Aid?! – Resident Evil 7 Madhouse run

I’m officially Resident Evil 7’d out! A couple days ago, I finished Madhouse difficulty, (which almost gave early male pattern baldness from all the hair I was pulling out) and a NO HEALING ITEM AND INVENTORY BOX run! (Which was done on easy, yet still a head-scratcher considering there is a part where I had to use ALMOST NO ITEMS!!)

After going through the game three times, I’m done. I can’t play it ANYMORE!!!  Ultimately, here is my final take on Resident Evil 7 outside of what I’ve already said before.

Very much like a roller-coaster ride; the first time is scary as hell, next time your ready for it but it’s still a thrill. But once you’ve ridden the ride a few times it gets boring. Resident Evil 7 is a GREAT title and I’d highly encourage you play it! HOWEVER, the game is a ONE TRICK PONY without the additional content, as many of the scene ARE SCRIPTED and the ones that change are simply there to throw you off.

RE7 kind of reminds me of playing Metroid Prime, once you beat it and find everything, there isn’t anything new. Perhaps that’s how games should be!! Yet this feeling inside me is saying, WHY THE DLC!!!! Honestly, some games NEED TO HAVE CONTENT ADDED! But with Resident Evil 7, IT DOESN’T NEED IT! Sure, the die-hard RE fans like myself will be slobbering over what happens to Redfield in the upcoming “Not a Hero” DLC. (AKA HUNK?/ACTUALLY CHRIS REDFIELD) But leaving us out on additional story material from the MAIN GAME is just plain unfair. Honestly, shelling out $30 dollars, (which is HALF of the retail game price) for the Mercenaries/Horde mode and BANNED FOOTAGE is BULLSHIT! It really is. Honesetly, if anything, the “Not a Hero” should be paid as, it’ll probably be an entirely different feel to the main title experience.

With that said, I was pleased with the challenge Madhouse difficulty brought. But I have one more thing I’ve realized about myself as a gamer. I’M NOT A MASOCHIST!! What that means, is that I don’t truly enjoy most games that PUNISH you is death after death x 10 to the 23rd power! A perfect example of this is Dead Space, which pretty much is already a hard as shit game. But on the highest difficulty, one hit and you’re dead, almost always!
This is probably why, I’ve not gotten into the Dark Souls games or continued to play “Let It Die” after the second boss. (Although, it may be because it’s a rigged free-to-play game. That’s just my opinion.)


Honestly, I DON’T MIND a serious challenge!! But unless I’m truly enjoying the reward of moving forward and beating it on the highest level. (Like in the case of me finishing Metal Gear Solid 2 on EXTREME!) Then it’ll now be a resounding HELL NO! I don’t need the platinum or 100% achievement, E-penis to gloat about. I’ll take my hours and use them on what important my life and my family time!!!

No disrespect to the the gamers out there that are 100% completionist and always play on the HARDEST levels. But I just never had the patience and yesterday I truly realized that.

Teasers, NOT Trailers!!

This afternoon, Louie, her family, Grace and myself all went to see Moana. Before I talk about the movie, I figured out something.  Hopefully, a lot of moviegoers out there are agreement with me on this.


Lets be honest here, trailer do too much nowadays.  First, the tell us the whole movie for okay ones.  Second, they take the good ones, and they potentially spoil the good parts.  Lastly, they aren’t an art form anymore.  

There aren’t anymore “in the beginning” bite size trailers or mini montages that take different footage to get you to see.  (sure, they got played out; but who cares they good!)

Honestly, if I want to know how bad, Bad Santa 2 is, don’t give me 90% of the good jokes.  Let me spend the money and just charge me a $1 or 2 that it caused out of your budget to advertise it!!

Okay, rant finished!!  About Moana, go see it, I loved it!  Sure, there were a couple plot holes in there and there isn’t some things that are in your normal Disney or generic story.  But it was AMAZING, take your kids or whoever.  To me, probably the best Disney movie since, THE LION KING.  

When does Daylight Savings Time Matters!!

So our clocks rolled back as per this usual time in the year.  For most people it was a “sweet deal” because you got that extra hour of sleep.  BUT if your a full-time vampire like I am and work until 9am, you work an EXTRA hour…fun.  Sure, in April (or whenever the hell daylight springs forwards) I get to work one less hour, so why the hell do we have it?!

I get it, farmers needed more time to work on their crops and kids needed to have daylight while waiting for school buses.  Then why don’t we have it moved back and just keep it there?!  I already have a hard time resetting my wrist watch!!!  Here’s the thing, Americans are lazy, I’ll admit it!  Don’t you know you’re really just trying to have two days out of the year, just to fuck with every single person in the country…WITHOUT ACTUALLY DOING IT!!

I’m done, in regards to that.  I’ll let you enjoy a clip of John Oliver now.


“Locker Room”

The second “debate” came to a close tonight.  (If that’s what you’d call it!)  Trump and Hillary went back and forth just like the last debate.  It seemed as though, none of the them ever answered ANY of the questions said on the floor.

Normally, I’m not a person to want to jump into politics and controversy.  But I’m gonna this time.  WHY?!  Because the message has to passed as much as possible.  What message is that??  I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, was the debates last night.  I’ve lost all my vested interest in Donald Trump.  It’s DONE.  With every response he gave or question answer he gave, just turned out to be smokescreen.  When he was asked about taxes, he never gave numbers or detailed plan proposals.  In regards to health care, he talked about repealing Affordable Care, yet there was no real plan proposed about breaking down the high-priced medically competitive market.  All he did was mentioned it, as if he’d just Wiki’d it and could’ve said, HEY THIS CAN BE FIXED IF I’M PRESIDENT!

So much of what he put out there last evening seemed so disenfranchised with Americans. Sure, I can he his empathy for the poor, middle class and crumbling urban communities. But he hasn’t shown us the numbers, proposal details about getting shit done that matters.  At least when, Hillary gets up there, she gives numbers.  It really baffles me, because he should be ALL ABOUT NUMBERS.  After all, Trump is a master at making profit out of his failures.

He thinks he has a battle plan for taking care of our military, national defense, public safety.  But not once have I heard of him talking about whom his advisers are, which generals or strategists he’s been consulting with or police commissioners he’s talked to.

However, TWO things hurt me the most of him and his campaign.

First, his slogan, “Make America Great Again” is sad in itself.  Conservatives truly believe this can happen through him, I don’t.  America needs to bring its resources and production back in our country.  Jobs and our economy are our biggest problems.  Before, I believed that he had the right idea.  Bring the jobs home and re-invigorate local industry.  Second, focus on getting better funding for states that need to address their issues with crime in their major cities.  Focus on NATIONAL DEFENSE, not foreign defense.

BUT, that changed once he began to talk about “eliminating ISIS”.  (Which, mind you, it’s impossible to wipe out an IDEAL once it’s been planted.  Also, they’re EXTREMISTS and RADICALS, keywords there.)  Then we get this goddamn wall, and all it leads to people smacking or scratching their heads.  Which are all PIPE-DREAMS and only lead down one path WAR or EVEN GREATER POVERTY.

Worse of all, people are going to cast their ballots for him, simply because he is a conservative.  But what they don’t get is that, he is a REACTIONARY WITH A SHIT TON OF MONEY.  Let’s face it, he’s revealed his true colors to us.  Before, I didn’t believe it.  What I thought, was that he was simply doing this as a WIN-WIN strategy to gain more investors in his properties and ventures OR win the presidency.  Some things convinced me otherwise.  But somewhere deep down, I knew he wasn’t capable to be a leader of our country.

Think about this, if you’ve followed him long enough.  Can you expect him to.

A) Run a cabinet effectively

B) Build bridges in Congress to pass the laws needed TO CHANGE our country.

C) Remain calm as a direct representative of country in front of all the different countries in the world.

D) Execute his plans, in order to keep peace and stability in our country and not have it result in mass casualties or worse.

E) Prevent our debt from expanding

F) Not cause massive rifts between minority communities all over the country

G) Not get us into a conflict that will undo our country

SECOND, is this whole “locker room talk” audio clip running rampant.  I’m not repeating the shit skid-mark that it is.  Put simply, I NEVER as a MAN who has sense of respect for women would ever say that to anyone else.  To me, that sounds more like a self confession in order to gloat about his exploits and how powerful Trump is.  Rapists do that; they boast in order to display power, the abuse and shame women for gain control and exercise discreteness in order to continue to further their fantasies.   (FYI, I got the degree in Behavioral Science, so I know.)  Trump may have not done these things in recent history. But he has had a lifetime of getting what he wants, when he wants it.   NO WHERE IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO SAY THOSE THINGS.

This is coming from me, a man whom has had racy encounters and done some kinky things with my lifetime partner and previous relationships.  We all have our turn ons and fantasies, but there are some that are never intended to be a reality.  But I think for someone with that much power, almost anything can be made reality.

Lastly, I’m not a supporter of Hillary Clinton.  She’s a paid-for bureaucrat.  If and when she becomes President, there probably will be the same of the last 8 years.  She is the establishment and will only continue to further the interests that line her pockets.  But I firmly, believe that our country will be in a better situation under her leadership, THAN WITH TRUMP.   Why?!  Because the city streets won’t be fire or countries that allied won’t begin to work against us.  Simply, we don’t need that shit….period.

Our future is determined by the choices we make, not every choice is the ideal one.  But we can make them so that we can move forwards and learn from our mistakes.  Hopefully, in a few more elections our population will wake and smell the coffee.  Politicians are excellent liars and the only way to read through them is to either vote the wiser decision for our future or vote for a better third party.