Happy Halloween!!!

(BTW, not my pic, but an AWESOME share none the less!)

Out with Grace and Louie for some trick or treating!  (Grace is Pikachu and she’s loving every moment just to be in costume!)  She’s a huge fan of the cartoon.  (The first two seasons only, “because Brock and Misty are in it!”  Her words, not mine.)

Tonight will be our usual stomping grounds in the local historic district.  Last night, we didn’t see many houses decorated, so we’re hoping for a nice lil’ bundle of goodies for us to share together.

On another note, Grace, whose 4-years old knows what a zombie is…it’s as household as the Pillsbury dough-boy now.  Ugh…

Anyways!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Here’s a nice lil throwback treat from me!

Hi! My name’s Chucky playyyy…Nope! Too Tired…

Just so you know, because of this asshole, Grace will never have a porcelain or any talking doll.  Last night Louie was watching the X-Files (which I used to watch with her and REALLY need to get back into watching it together at night.) and there was this episode that had to deal with child possession.  All I remember was, walking in seeing the kid screaming, then watching this old-ass porcelain doll turn its head and blink!!!

I stormed out of the bedroom yelling, “I can’t stand fucking dolls!”

Thanks Phil, thanks….

This week hasn’t very stressful, but for some damn reason, I’ve felt sooooo damn tired! Everytime, I wanted to fire up the game, my body kicked in and said, “NOPE, not gonna happen”!!  So, my usual hour or so I take to play has been spent napping, catching up on some much needed rest.

So WHAT, if I stay up ALL NIGHT!  At least I’m cute as fuck!

Louie literally told me, I had raccoon eyes and looked like I’d not slept in days.  Which wasn’t totally false.  During the weekend, I’d only gotten about 4.5 -5 hours and up to today, maybe around 6 to 7, if you included the nap times.  By technical standards, I’m sleep deprived, so it’s understandable.

I get it, sleep is more important!