Pokémon Proxy Parenting GO!  

Today, we had to make a trip to buy a bean bag chair off of someone from craigslist.

(Yay!! We didn’t get robbed!)

After that we headed to a usual spot for us, the local orchard.  Which is a pretty cool place as the prices are reasonable for the playground.  Halfway into watching Grace, I made sure Louie was watching her and I got sucked into Pokémon GO!  

Honestly, I needed the distraction, as the heat was f*cling unbearable and she was starting to tire me out.  After sitting a couple minutes, I realized that I had a few monsters hiding around.  I caught a few, then nothing.

Grace then found a couple other kids to play with and began chasing a few boys.  Obviously, I stayed close and made sure she was being careful and everything.  After that, I found like 8 or 9!  AWESOME!

Personally, I wouldn’t normally do this, but there was such a large area for her run around that I felt it was cool.  To think that folks are doing this shit and are seriously neglecting their parenting with their children is distrurbing!

So, anyone have any moments of reprieve for kids, life, THE HEAT, etc???

How about some signs of serious neglect that you’ve seen since the surge of Pokémon GO!  Feel free to share about it below.

Poke-Zombie Infestation!

Today, Louie, Grace and I headed to the mall.  1) to buy some new clothes 2) To get a bite to eat and have a good walk  3) To catch some motherf*cking Pokemon!

As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed that for a Tuesday, it was oddly busy.  Clearly, knowing that what’s been happening this week we imagined there would be droves of people mindlessly POKE-WALKING.  In the parking lots you could see a few here and there.  But as we got to the sidewalk and looked out to the parking lot, we could see a number of people walking aimlessly.  Immediately it dawned upon me…

Credit – IMAGE comics

How?  Think about it, Pokemon Go! started out as a solid viral hit within a couple days.  People were going in random ass places point cell phones and tablets and swiping up!  Now when you go outside, you’re seeing it more and more, which seems to me kind of how a zombie infestation plays out.

For example, if you’re familiar with the show “Fear the Walking Dead”, you’ll know that it starts out with a few infected, that bite people and so fourth, until they’re EVERYWHERE!

Now, I’m not a fortune teller or anything, but I have a feeling that more and more people will continue to become GO-WALKERS.  (Which isn’t a bad thing!  After all, I’m enjoying the app as well.) But it’s pretty funny to see more people out and playing it.

Back to us being at the mall.  Louie was able to catch about 7 or 8, which was cool.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have enough juice to play.  But I remained observant, trying to see how many people were playing.  Surprisingly, there weren’t as much, despite the mall being kind of busy.

How many has everyone caught so far!  Personally, I’ve only gotten ten or so.  As my attentions have been more focused on work, playing my brand new “Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2” and being the usual family man.

Also, as an additional bit of information.  Here is a Kotaku article about Pokemon Go! as it spreads into Australia!

You can read it HERE

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The easiest way to get hit by a bus! – Pokemon GO!!

Hey everyone, long time no see!  I’m not going to go into how back to my normal activity, as its been a long recovery these last few weeks.  Honestly, it was the first surgeory I’ve had ever and it sucked!  But I’m doing much better and probably feeling about 80% back to normal.

Yesterday, Louie surpised me with a fairly awesome birthday party with a taco bar and margaritas!!  It was pretty nice to have family over and not feel like absolute shit for once!

During the party, a few of my family members kept going on about Pokemon GO!  Which I knew was coming out and was supposed to be a HUGE release…BUT HOLY HELL!!  If you haven’t heard about it yet, or played it, ya might want to pick your head outta the sand, Mr/Ms Ostrich.

From what I got from the conversation and watching them walking around aimlessly on occassion to find new Pokemon, I realized that Mr Miyamoto and the guys at Nintendo, are beyond genius!  Combining the addictive nature of Pokemon and actual geocaching is AMAZING!!  (This coming from the guy whom hasn’t even played it YET!)

Personally, I love the fact that Nintendo is getting people OUTSIDE to experience not only their product but the REAL world!!

Yep, TOTALLY WORTH catching him!  SOURCE

Recently, I read an article that had to do with Nintendo’s reluctance to merge into the virtual reality market due to being a possible hazards to children.  Not only did this reaffirm to me that Nintendo RESPECTS its fans and families BEYOND profits and marketing; it hinted to me that they had something better in mind!  I got this from a statement, in the article that was released from Nintendo which mentioned that they were more interested in alternate reality THAN virtual reality.  At first, I was wondering what the hell Nintendo was smoking, but NOW we know!


Pokemon Go! has to be the first taste we have at ALTERNATE REALITY!!




Street Fighter Fans!! You gotta read this!

Gamespot just released an exclusive interview with Yoshinori Ono, whom is the producer of the upcoming Street Fighter V.  If your a real gamer, Street Fighter fan, etc, you’ll like it.  This isn’t your regular boring ass interview about the new features and such.  It’s a laugh out loud moment and I hope you enjoy it!

Please give any feedback in the comments below after you’ve finished.  Enjoy!

You can read the article HERE

Credit to Gamespot and the author