Edgy Campy and Corny

Was reading an article that talked about a recent interview with Ben Affleck about his response the bad reception from Batman Vs Superman.

I’m not going out of my way to get the quotes, but you can read the interview HERE

In short it goes on to talk about how being a darker/lighter tone how it’s subjective.  Honestly, you can’t please everyone and if your primary fan base is set on a opposite tone than the movie, maybe there should be caution in writing it that way.

HOWEVER, going bold and making a great stride to execute it well is fine in my book.  Even though, I’ve yet to watch Batman V Superman, I’m going in with a blank slate.

Honestly, I never was a big DC fan, so it doesn’t hurt my expectations.  Something about how they write all of their characters who are pretty much godlike and attempt to humanize them.  That in itself bothers me, as emotional vulnerability just lets them to A) destroy themselves or B) everything in their path.

Currently, as a writer, I can’t see too many ways that you can take those stories.  Feel free to prove me wrong…as a matter of fact I welcome some of you DC fans to.  I’d like to hear a better perspective from their fans.

Another thing that came to mind was how so much writing these days is about either about being edgy, gritty, corny, raunchy, etc.

So much writing is bent on remaining that way.  It’s all about keeping the same thing going to capture that interest in readers and viewers.  Why should we?!  I never understood that.

This kind of relates to what I’ve been writing and you’ll soon enough.  I’m not trying to be one thing, I’m writing everything and anything that I like.  Some may like it, others…well get over it.  I’ll be writing something else another time.  Hopefully, there will be something for everyone.

C’mon! Let’s a hear good one!

A few days ago, Gene Wilder passed away and I was watching a feature on 20/20 or one of those evening shows.  While they were showing clips of his best performances, one clip really stuck in my head.  It was a clip taken during an interview with Wilder.

“Ya know, I’m not really funny in real life, I’m actually pretty boring.  Most of my jokes in person come off as cheesy.  A lot of times, people will run into me and say, ‘Hey!  Let’s hear one!’, and I can’t.”

It struck me hard!  I’m that way too!

At work, I’m usually known as the guy, whose “crazy” and “funny guy”, always the guy who says “funny shit” or you’ll “just never know what he’ll say” type of person.

Which I’ll admit, my responses at work are quick and witty and make people laugh or shake their head with a smile on their face.  But my biggest critic is the one I love the most…Louie!

At home, my wife more or less has known me to have little success with my jokes, it’s usually her giving me a silent big thumbs down or a funny “booooooo!” response.

Thought that would be funny to share with you, RIP Gene Wilder, you will be missed!

I’m taking that break after all!

Just wanted to let everyone know.  I’ve decided to take that break, that some of you had mentioned!  I really do appreciate the honest, forthright responses, I needed to regain my focus!  I’m not leaving, just going to taking some time to relax and regain my momentum.

To my returning readers!  THANKS A MILLION!

I’ll be back!  Remember, BE COOL!

Question to All: Is there a time limit on letting out spoilers?!




It’s official I’m finally caught up on Game of Thrones!!  However, one of the major cliffhangers was already spoiled to me…hell, it was spoiled to almost all of the American viewers on ABC during their New Year’s Eve in Times Square special!  Overall the impact may have been softened, but it still remained to be a major shocker with EVERYTHING that happened near the end of the season, including the spoiled scene.  But was seriously pissed by them releasing such a huge spoiler!

With that said, I have a question, and I’m dying to hear feedback from you!

  • Is there a time limit on releasing spoilers on any video games?!  
  • Movies, TV shows or any major books?  
  • If so, why do you feel people should spill the beans without making a good “SPOILER WARNING”?

Also, so you know, I’m a person who tries to avoid looking at major release trailers, teasers and anything that goes too in-depth about movies, TV or videogames without actually completing them.

Once I complete a game, I go looking for the boards and the articles that do spill the beans and discuss the unfolded events.  You would think most people would do this and keep things quiet to those who haven’t experienced it.

HERE —>> On my blog, this is my golden rule.

ZERO SPOILERS!!!! (For the exception of the RARE tongue-in-cheek jokes)



It awakens!!!


Star Wars:  Episode VII and all I can say is.  That IT WAS AWESOME.  I’m not on the hype train!


This coming from a fan of Star Wars.  Worth every minute, it was a great experience that was well produced and are the sequels that George Lucas should’ve done 15 years ago.  Very fun movie, go see it if you get chance!

P2D2 – Submarine Lookout Droid