So the day went to shit….

Yesterday, I made my best effort to surprise Louie with a trip to one of her favorite gardens for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, the whole day went to shit, as Grace (being the “strong-willed” or as I tend to look at it undisciplined) 3 1/2-year old decided to do whatever she wanted.  Any other way; then she didn’t have, leading to fits and tons of frustration.  This went on from 12:30pm until about 4:30pm.

Don’t get us wrong, we tried, truly we tried EVERYTHING in our power to work things out as best as you can with a 3-year old.  Now, we know that there are some things that are not strong-willed behavior, like expecting things by demand or doing things on her terms.  (Which she does tend to do.)  Yet, there is no room for compromise with her, and if it’s met, it only delays the issue until later.

To say the least, it lead to me nearly blowing my cool and almost leading to laying a serious spanking.   I was furious, almost enraged beyond the point of cooling down.  Long story short, Grace ruined the day for us and someone was on a good punishment.  (No TV/phone/games/toys, just books in her room)

The moral of that day was, that I need to take a minute to cool down sometimes.  It’s such a pain in the ass to work with her sometimes.  We are trying almost everything, for the exception of corporal punishment and just TIRED of it.  (Louie is too, especially, because she is with her much more often than I.)  It was so bad, that when I was carrying Grace out to the car while I was pissed, she wanted a hug to try make up for it.  I told her no and that I didn’t want to give her one.  (Which was a first.  We shower our child with affection!)

I’m just hoping that much of these behaviors are a phase and can be corrected, to a point.

Any words of advice from more of the seasoned parents out there would be great! PLEASE!

Poetic Justice – Mother’s Day Part 1

This morning, I’ve decided to do a tribute several ladies, who have graced my existence. Normally, I don’t do poetry, but I’ve found thus far, that I’m NOT BAD at it.  It’s a creative process, so I’ll be spreading these out in separate posts.  So here goes.


To Maxine,

My first sight of was through the reflection, in your eyes.

Cerulean skies that gave me the courage to wonder, question and express.

Guiding my hands, you kept me off the wayward, so I could find your sandy footprints.

Generously, you gave me the Universe through Trebles and Basses, journeys which were never short of fascination.

Curiously, I stepped towards the flames, so close to immolation, but you grabbed my hand…returned me.

Anger consumed my thoughts despite the words of console.  I turned and walked out, yet you smiled.

Distant and resting upon the cradle of Neptune’s embrace, I showed no recourse or fear, as I knew you were still right here.

On the shores, that were no longer far, but familiar; I recalled that first of those skies.

Those reflections in your eyes.

I cannot find your footprints any longer.  Yet I’ll never wander, I remember the way.

These are my days now and my footprints.


To Mom.



Poetic Justice – Mother’s Day Part 2

To Louie,


Flying blindly beyond uncertainty, you saw hope with me.

Seeing beyond the quirks, quips and silliness, it didn’t fool you, it was known that there was much more beyond that mask.

Behind that shyness, was whit, creativity and unrivaled passion, which magnetized my soul to yours.

The pair matched by none, yet questioned only by us.

Those ventures we embarked on were foolish, yet always landed on solid ground.

No matter how much we change the clothes we wear, time doesn’t slow to tell us.           That it fits.  We fit………perfectly.

Never forget, that you’ve created amazing things; especially when they’re made of sugar, spice and everything nice!

She is life, so sweet and wonderful; yet so much like us!  SHE IS GRACE!

When time slows down, I realize, that you are my happiness, my everything, my God I need to stop, before you make me melt, like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

My joy, so much more is yet to be told of our story.  I just know, words don’t capture that kind of happiness.

Please remember, through these many years, don’t ever get tired of my sappiness.




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