How Valentine’s should be.

This evening many guys and gals are getting lucky because of this one special day. Many of us spent more money than we should’ve, thanks to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. To be honest, the holiday is really a good and bad thing. This is coming from a dude, I know…mind blown, right?!

After some deep thinking for a few days on what I was going to get my wife. I stopped myself before I made a decision to go to the store. I realized that Valentine’s Day is really about appreciating those that we love deepest. Maybe it can be through flowers, cards and candy; but I think that doesn’t quite scratch the itch.

Valentine’s should be what the true meaning Christmas is. Appreciating what is great in life. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a lover or companion in our life. This is a special time to let each other, I appreciate you being in life more than ever.

To be honest, I think we don’t stop to just truly LOVE AND APPRECIATE that man or woman in our lives.

So I came up with a better idea.

These are what I call Hot and Cold notes! The concept is super simple. Take two different color Post-It notes.

Make one color “sweet” and the other “sexy”.

For the “sweet” ones, I really took my time and thought about what makes my Louie, so wonderful. Some would be motivational, sweet and wholesome. While others would be about basic stuff, like about her smell, smile and what I thought was beautiful to me.

Now for the “sexy” notes, I got to have fun with them. Some of them would talk about the good things we did in bed, things that excited me and even new activities I’d like us to try. To make it work, I did avoid vulgarities. Let’s be honest, “I want to put my cock inside you.”, just doesn’t come off as romantic.

Instead, I would write “I miss feeling the heat from your mouth, as bodies move together!” Which sounds much sexier than the former.

For me, I did 91 Post-it notes. One for every month we’ve been together. Then for the “sweet” ones I placed them in “cool” areas in the house, like on fans or the refrigerator. The same is then done to the “sexy” ones, by placing them on the stove, a clothing iron or toaster.

To get creative, I used things like faucets to do BOTH on each knob or side.

Honestly, for me it took me a while to do. But was a very cheap way of reconnecting with what matters in your life.

Like the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts!”

It happened!!  

Most of you may not remember my post of how I expressed my absolute disgust for Wendy’s Frosty and french fries.  My wife, Louie loves them…and now the worse has happened.


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Period of Numbness

Was fairly bored and I came across this article from People.  If you have a spouse, family of your own or children, I’d ask you take the time to read it.  HERE


No person should ever have to go through loss like this. I commend the guy for really opening up to everyone.  Imagining the pain that is that, every day she’s been gone…

If this would happen to me or Louie, Jesus, I really can’t imagine!

Pass me the g’damn controller, man!

Last night, Louie FINALLY threw down the gauntlet and offered to play few games with me.  Which was complete shock, as that was one of the reasons I started blogging.  It REALLY caught me off guard, as I’m used to being silly, cracking jokes at the dialogue in whatever I’m playing.  Clearly, there I wasn’t gonna say no!

Sadly, we only had like an hour at most before I had to get ready for work.  The Xbox 360 was a no go, as my 2nd controller needed to have it’s batteries recharged.  (Note to self, do that.)  So the PS3 was my only option. (My PS4 only has one controller.  Note to self, get a second one.)

With what little time we had, I skimmed through my digital library in hopes of finding a game she’d like.  First up was Jet Set Radio (one player), which she just thought it was weird, calling them creepy; which I had to laugh at.  We played with three retries, in order to keep us engaged.  Louie complained about the movement and how it was kinda difficult to handle.  Obviously, I told her with every time she said “I can’t do this!” to just remember that games are all about trial/error, learning and improving.  (I gave her a lot of credit, as she hasn’t played a video game since, Guitar Hero.)  When it was my turn, I kinda agreed with her about the wonky controls.  Playing it seems like your character has a Low-G effect.  Considering that the game was eating up our time, we tried something else.

Little Big Planet 2 seemed like a good idea, to our luck, I hadn’t played it in a while and had 2 hours in updates pending.  Our last game for the night was Virtua Fighter 5, which was fun to play a local fighter with someone.  (Most of the time, I’m going online or playing solo.)

I remember her complaining about why all of the women were portrayed as puny and always pretty.  (Clearly, she hasn’t played as Vanessa!)

We ended up tied with a few wins between each other and then we called it quits for the night.  I liked this…ya know, the whole sharing activities, I wanna do more!  I’ll have to go through my library and see what we can do as 2-player and what has to be one player experiences.

Hell, eventually I ought to let play a few titles and have me watch her play.  She always liked to watch me play Uncharted, maybe I’ll get her into that or the new Tomb Raider.

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Daddy’s lil’ mountain climber!

Over the last week, my 4-yr old daughter Grace got invited to 4 birthday parties!



Yep, so you can imagine where how we’re gonna figure out doing gifts…

The first one was this Saturday and my lucky ass, just fresh from work, came home to my lady being sick.  (Thankfully, it was a sinus infection or everybody was gonna get the bug eventually)

Obviously, it ended up with me and Grace going to the party.  Which was nice, because the weather finally decided to let up and not be f*ckin’ 108 degrees in Realfeel.  (Temp/Humidity/Everything else)  She was pretty cute; she wanted to carry her friends present all the way to the picnic area.  (She’s 4, so yeah, friggin’ CUTE)

Once we were there, she b-lined to all of her friends and nearly threw the present to the girl’s mom, hugging all of her friends.  After a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the horseshoe pit, where the girls played in the sand.  For 4yr olds, sand will keep them busy for a WHILE!

Just when I thought they were gonna spend all day in the sand, Grace bolted with her friends to the playground.  She then scaled the rock climbing wall like that damn alien from Men in Black!

I was like, DAAAAAMNN!!

Three minutes later, she ran over to the seven-foot tall rock climbing wall and went up it like g’damn ninja!  She was soo proud, that she started dancing at the top!  You know damn well, I wanted her down at that point!

Regardless, my eyes are ON HER ALL THE TIMES, cuz she’ll be doing this before you know it!


Pompadours, Fancy Back Tattoos and Bullfighting!! Oh my!! – Yakuza 3

In Kamarucho, they say if you walk around the streets there, the locals typicall dressed in suits and sunglasses will pick fights with you!  I NEVER knew that…until now!!

Yakuza 3 is one of those games I always had collecting dust on my shelf, but ALWAYS wanted to play, but never got around to playing!  Well, the wait is over!

Coming into this, I was only familiar with what I’d learned about Japan from my trips to Fukuoka, Tokyo and Sasebo.  (More on that, at a later time!)  So this game was a bit of a treat to me and a lesson from what I did and didn’t know about Japan!

Right away you can see how the developers truly reflects Japan’s obsessions with photo-realism.  All of the streets in downtown Kamurucho and Okinawa are full of life, activity and truly feels like there was a lot of love when they made this.  Before GTA IV, I think this was the first realistic take of actual cities, which to me is pretty amazing!  (Obviously, GTA IV was in New York City, while V was in Los Angeles)


Playing through the game, I noticed was bit shocked by the overall volume of the story and it seemed to play like an anime or soap opera, but in a good way!  Luckily, the game allows you to view the previous two games’ cutscenes to fully understand what is happening in the story.  Yet the game never takes itself seriously and adds plenty of comedic moments being chased by a very buff lady fan!

Starting off, the game was dragging a bit, with Kazuma (the player character) having to be babysitter and having to wrangle your kids up.  (He runs an orphanage, which is one of the primary plot devices in this game.)

Once, I got finished doing that, the city opens up and I was free to explore!  This leads to loads of shops, sidequests and many things to see and do.  Some of it was a bit limiting at first, but when I got further in, the game just got even bigger!  I never truly felt overwhelmed, but it was big enough to almost feel that way!

The details in the city are really nice!  – SOURCE

Among some of things I loved, where the distractions the game had.  Minigames in many RPGs or sandboxes tend to be quick and menial.  While in this, I was challenged and engrossed all at once!

Among some of things I loved, where the distractions the game had.  Minigames in many RPGs or sandboxes tend to be quick and menial.  While in this, I was challenged and engrossed all at once!

I got sucked into the battin cages and playin Texas Hold Em! for hours!  But eventually I realized I had to get back to the story.  Which always seemed to be shallow enough that I could pick it back up and remember where I left off, even if I’d put down the game for weeks!

Combat is also a large part of Yakuza, as well you’re a…YAKUZA (Japanese mafia wiseguy) I’ll fully admit, the combat was pretty fucking repetitive when pulling off combos.  But when you add in the new skills I learned through questing, using weapons and environmental objects.  I never realized how enjoyable it was to beat the shit of people, until I played this.

Hank Hill would be proud with the usage of his premier grade Strickland Propane! SOURCE

This really reminded me of River City Ransom, which was an AMAZING Nintendo game for the NES!  There, you were to guys in high school against a city full of gangs, very similar to the movie “The Warriors”.  If you’ve never gotten to experience either; I highly encourage that you do!

Ultimately, Yakuza 3 was a joy to play even though it isn’t the prettiest lady at the Karaoke Bar, but she will give you a wild ride!  Be prepared, you’ll be using all the range of emotions on this one!


Stupid Scary Monsters!!

This evening me and Louie were hanging out and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Oddly enough, this was the episode that many fans cringed on, in its early years.  The episode is called, “The Skin of Evil”, which also just happens to be the episode Tasha Yar dies in.  For some reason, it had always been one of those creatures that scared me when I was 10 years old.  I never understood then and every time it would air.

When the episode ended, I’d admitted to Louie that I’d bothered me before and I’d finally realized why.  Back then, I remember seeing the horror movie “The Blob”, which was about…a blob.  If it touched you, it would kill you instantly, which had clearly scared the shit out of me back then.  Regardless, it made up for some funny pokes at me and reminded me of what I’d been missing.  It was my love, Louie.

This was nice; it felt like the days before marriage and children.  It was a comfort I haven’t felt in long time.

We may have something awesome HERE!

While I was relaxing and spending some time on the couch with Louie.  She saw a commercial for Uncharted 4.  When it was playing on the TV, she said “here’s another for you to game to review”.  I kindly responded, “I’d like to”, with a clear inclination that I want the game, but can’t afford to get it.  She also mentioned this, after seeing a commercial for Overwatch.  (Which I’m still torn on Battleborn and Overwatch, as to the one to play!)

Then she surprised me right out of left field and said.  “How about I review a few games?”


I was ELATED to hear that coming from her and certainly didn’t expect her to say that.  So, I’ll look at some of my indie titles and get her started with one or two there.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll try some mobile games out there.  But I think I have a few things, I can think of.

I have to admit, that probably took a LOT from her and REALLY do appreciate her more than anything, yet equal to our daughter Grace.  Love you, Lou.


So the day went to shit….

Yesterday, I made my best effort to surprise Louie with a trip to one of her favorite gardens for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, the whole day went to shit, as Grace (being the “strong-willed” or as I tend to look at it undisciplined) 3 1/2-year old decided to do whatever she wanted.  Any other way; then she didn’t have, leading to fits and tons of frustration.  This went on from 12:30pm until about 4:30pm.

Don’t get us wrong, we tried, truly we tried EVERYTHING in our power to work things out as best as you can with a 3-year old.  Now, we know that there are some things that are not strong-willed behavior, like expecting things by demand or doing things on her terms.  (Which she does tend to do.)  Yet, there is no room for compromise with her, and if it’s met, it only delays the issue until later.

To say the least, it lead to me nearly blowing my cool and almost leading to laying a serious spanking.   I was furious, almost enraged beyond the point of cooling down.  Long story short, Grace ruined the day for us and someone was on a good punishment.  (No TV/phone/games/toys, just books in her room)

The moral of that day was, that I need to take a minute to cool down sometimes.  It’s such a pain in the ass to work with her sometimes.  We are trying almost everything, for the exception of corporal punishment and just TIRED of it.  (Louie is too, especially, because she is with her much more often than I.)  It was so bad, that when I was carrying Grace out to the car while I was pissed, she wanted a hug to try make up for it.  I told her no and that I didn’t want to give her one.  (Which was a first.  We shower our child with affection!)

I’m just hoping that much of these behaviors are a phase and can be corrected, to a point.

Any words of advice from more of the seasoned parents out there would be great! PLEASE!

Poetic Justice – Mother’s Day Part 2

To Louie,


Flying blindly beyond uncertainty, you saw hope with me.

Seeing beyond the quirks, quips and silliness, it didn’t fool you, it was known that there was much more beyond that mask.

Behind that shyness, was whit, creativity and unrivaled passion, which magnetized my soul to yours.

The pair matched by none, yet questioned only by us.

Those ventures we embarked on were foolish, yet always landed on solid ground.

No matter how much we change the clothes we wear, time doesn’t slow to tell us.           That it fits.  We fit………perfectly.

Never forget, that you’ve created amazing things; especially when they’re made of sugar, spice and everything nice!

She is life, so sweet and wonderful; yet so much like us!  SHE IS GRACE!

When time slows down, I realize, that you are my happiness, my everything, my God I need to stop, before you make me melt, like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

My joy, so much more is yet to be told of our story.  I just know, words don’t capture that kind of happiness.

Please remember, through these many years, don’t ever get tired of my sappiness.




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