Dabbling into Virtual Reality!

Three weeks ago, I got a gift card to Target and I intended to use it to buy some new clothes.  But the inner geek inside me couldn’t help to avoid the oncoming VR (virtual reality craze!  Once I finished doing some research, I’d realized that Google had released some cheap-ass vr headsets call Cardboard.  Which are literally……


Which is NOT what I wanted.  So I looked up Target’s page and they had a pair that were sturdier.

This is an example of the one I bought, which ended up being 50 bucks.

When I got it, it seemed pretty simple, open up the front once I found a supported VR game, app or video and pop my phone in!  It was, but after about a few hours playing with the apps, the charm of 360 immersion wore off.

Videos were cool, as many of the good ones feature a 360 view where you can feel like you’re actually there.  This was especially cool using Google’s Street View, which lets you explore anywhere on the globe in full view.  But that gets old after a while.  Viewing was also bothersome after a half hour and many times I HAD TO TAKE BREAKS!!  


The games and apps seemed SUPER COOL, but my headset had fairly limited functionality, unlike the fancier Samsung, HTC, Oculous and Sony versions.  Having a controller was pretty mandatory, which I kind of wish VR breaks AWAY from the controller.  (I mean, isn’t that kind of the point of the virtual experience?!)

JUST NOT LIKE THIS!  (Wow!  I can’t believe I remember this movie!) – Stephen King’s Lawnmower Man

I know I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but I have a feeling that VR STILL HAS A LONG WAY TO GO!  The more expensive rigs will give users a WAYYY better experience than I had and I’m in no way trying to discourage you guys to try out the headsets for yourself.   As a matter of fact, dip your toes in the pool and test the waters yourself and I hope you enjoy the swim

Just bring along a spear gun, just in case!




Title Image Credit

VIDEO GAME MUSIC???? Wow…NERD!!! Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse

I was reading some articles this morning and alluva sudden, I started hummin’ Castlevania 3 music in my head.  So it sparked inspiration for yet another entry into my love of VGM!  Boxart courtesy of Crapnami and Nintendo!  (Nintendo I still love, you!!)


Many years ago, back in 4th grade art class, our art teacher let us start using his tracing lamp, when we finished our classwork.  Despite its positive effects on teaching me how to draw; which I can, but rarely do it anymore…  Regardless, I saw that one of my classmates brought in a game box from Castlevania III.  During that time, I was familiar with the game, due to watching my older brother and his friend playing it years before.  At the time, it was way too difficult for me to even enjoy it without walking away pissed.

This time, however, I mustered the courage to rent it from Video Frequency.  (Oh yeah!!! THROWBACK!!)

*crying right now*  Gone!  But not forgotten!  – SOURCE

What I got, changed my view gaming for good.  Castlevania 3 was challenging, dark and EVEN let you play as different characters!  (Which was something pretty new, then.) Each Castlevania has its own unique twists and quirks, if you pay attention; very much like in the story how Castle Dracula always changes its form, every time it reappears.


With that said, I’m featuring some of the best Castlevania remixes out there!

Hope you enjoy them!!

All music was retrieved from the AMAZING site, DWELLING OF DUELS!!!!!!!


Artist is BONKERS, support his work if you like it!!


This one gets you right into that nostalgia, for those that have played it!  I love how it tends to give a Sega Genesis-kind of sound to it!

Next are a couple from GOAT, whom I had heard of back when he featured his work on a Overclocked Remixes.

This one gets you pumpin’, as it has those high intensity pipe organ and tempo starting right away.  This is from the Clock Tower area, which is USUALLY the hardest stage in Castlevania games.  (They always seem to be the more memorable ones, too!)

I believe this one is from the final battle with Dracula.  Not quite sure!  But who cares, it sounds pretty bad-ass anyways!

Last, is from CarboHydroM, who is an awesome artist!

Hope you enjoyed the tunes!!

Fan Art Features!! – Jiggah

As a regular post, I’ll be featuring video game fan artists, as well as other artists I find that are pretty awesome out there.  A distinct selection of their works are featured for your enjoyment, please know that all of these works were allowed to be posted, with their consent.

Please take the time, to enjoy their works; be sure to stop by their page if you’re interested and show your support for their talents.

Today, we have Jiggah, who focuses on fighting games and anything Capcom related.  From what you can see, there is an homage to many arcade games and just about every fighter known to man.

He’s so badass!  Shame he doesn’t realize, that the moon is about crash into the Earth! – SOURCE


(Frank on Day 7 in overtime) – I’ve over 53,5oo zombies!      Only 94 to go!  *Looks at you*  Hey, you okay buddy?!        Looks like your coming down with something!!    SOURCE 
Arther: I HAVE THE POW- *ahem* sword Excalibur.  – SOURCE
Foot beats shield!  So?!  Sword beat FACE!  *Batman dies*  SOURCE
Bet you can’t figure out what game he’s from!  *HINT* Sega CD – SOURCE




Wednesday Feature! Grinding Gears against the Big Baddies!! – Castlevania SOTN

**Minor Spoiler for Castlevania SOTN**

As one of my features for Wednesdays, I’ll talk about we hate the most; GRINDING spots, the HARD BOSSES and points that had me restart, reload and game over A LOT!

Once I’d figured out the trick to Grand Clock in the Marble Gallery, by using the stopwatch. Climbing up into what’d I thought would just be a secret room.  Turned out to be a whole new area.

Olrox’s Quarters – In the background, there was an awesome drawback of the full moon, accompanied by a fountain with flowing water that eventually turns to blood.  Many of the side rooms, had prison cells with cursed prisoners, that couldn’t hurt you, but were an awesome touch to the area.  All of this, was backed-up by the grandiose music going on, while fighting the baddies!

Alucard:  This fountain, makes me, sooooooo thirsty

Many of the rooms had some newer enemies that had killed me a couple times.    I remember getting one trying to rush through each room, only to get stomped by the haunted knights or the ghost horsemen.  Those guys chomped some serious damage on me and fortunately, I managed to get to a save point before the boss, Olrox himself.

As the exits sealed off, I wasn’t attacked immediately.  Instead, I was greeted by the vampire in elaborate purple garb, with a table separating us.  As he stood up from the his large dining chair, the formalities end and the fight ensued.  Much like my character, Alucard, this vampire was powerful!

This guy had more purple than, Prince’s wardrobe!

Teleporting immediately he threw out large magic blasts from both the his hands and from the floor; he never let up.  This guy probably killed me about 3 times in his true form, before I realized he was weak to holy.  On my fourth try, he went down, but wasn’t finished.  He hunched and grew into a monster, about 5 times his original size, almost filling the room.

This fight went on, and on, with him, never showing signs of letting up.  After multiple other retries and deaths from his hand, I beat his ass with nearly a sliver of my life left. Holy hell, did this guy die in style!  It was so cool, that it makes me want to go back and fight him again!

Ha!  Ya missed me!  *flames flareup in Alucard’s face* Fuck!  *Death Gurgle*


Feature Image

Silent Hills?!?! P.T?!?! What’s going on?


Rumors were running rampant of a potential Silent Hill sequel, this came in a teaser known as P.T, which was actually released as a fully playable demo on PS4.  But before we knew it, it was pulled from the PSN store, which Silent Hill and horror fans were left hanging dry.  Just look at these creepy-ass photos!!

Say cheese!!!  Because I’m gonna steal you soul!!
OK……Officially creeped.  It’s the red light.




Credit to ODiN OnLiNe LeT’sPLaY

Scared….yeah, we all were when you went through this.  Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil 2 fame) swore that he would bring survival horror back to its roots.  But THIS is what was going to truly bring us back to the true fear and isolation that survival horror games used to give us.

BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED!!  Konami cancelled it!

Since the release of Metal Gear Solid V, we’ve been getting teasers on a potential Silent Hill sequel.  From the teaser videos, Norman Reedus, Benicio Del Toro and Konami/Kojima fallout to a new studio and whispers of a sequel in development.

YEAHHHHH…that Norman Reedus.  Hey Glen!

From the top, back last year, Hideo Kojima was mostly finished with MGSV and there were talks of Kojima signing on Del Toro and Reedus.  But about a month, news leaks were coming out about Kojima and his company Konami possibly being let go from his job.  As we know now, Konami parted ways because of their change in business, to pachinko, mobile gaming and gambling.

Yep, Konami…you know….

Kojima was let go and essentially shamed out of his respected position and treated like a turd by Konami executives.  Which never truly made sense unless you’ve played MGSV, which I hated since I beat it, until I’d compared it to the Kojima/Konami departure.

To simplify, Kojima was let go because he invested a TON of money into MGSV and the company didn’t like it.

Damorg92 made a deep analysis on Reddit’s r/metalgearsolid subreddit of the whole story caparison of MGSV and Hideo Kojima’s own real life clash with his former employer and IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED MGSV, READ IT!!!!!   HERE 

But it didn’t end there, instead it inspired not only Hideo Kojima and his new company to look into a potential spiritual successor, but other indie companies into Kickstarting their own inspired titles!

For those fans of Silent Hill, you know how amazing the atmosphere, story and intensity is put into each title.  I mean just look at the greatest title of the them all……The story is SERIOUSLY DEEP.  Here’s a synopsis of my favorite…Silent Hill 2.



And there was Silent Hill 4



……Yeah…not going down any holes!  NEVER AGAIN!

Best of all, Kojima is set to appear with Del Toro in an upcoming event.  So you never know, maybe the fans are starting to get what they want!  I’m hoping for a sequel, I mean

Just remember, if there is another Silent Hill…rest assured that this shit will NEVER CHANGE!!!  Silent Hill fans, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!


Mini Reviews for You: 2015

Last year I went through quite a few games and felt like I’d share a mini review of each one I’d played, so you could have a snapshot on it.  I’m not including the ones I played during the period when I had my Playstation Now subscription.  (If you like, feel free to look at those previous posts, of which gave a fairly good description of each game I played on the subscription.)

Just Cause 2


This was a fun experience and reminded me a lot of Bionic Commando but with big explosions.  Plenty to do in the game, it’s a sandbox where just about everything can be destroyed.  Definitely a buy, considering it’s bargain bin price now.  The new sequel is out now, but if your waiting  for the price to lower or not sure, give this a try first.


–Now THAT, is a jumbo jet!

Duke Nukem Forever


Not the best quality game for as long of a wait many fans had to put up with.  Beyond that it was a solid shooter that wasn’t a waste of time, if you like lowbrow humor and don’t mind a story that was written by monkeys. Rent it if you like, but you can usually get it for around $5.


Sorry Duke, maybe I’ll have $59.99, next time…But here’s a dollar!

Castlevania – Lord of Shadows: Mirror of Fate


Solid platformer that tries to go back to the Metroidvania days.  Combat was fun, boss battles were great and challenging.  You take control of three characters in the game that are supposed to have unique abilities.  The story was pointless and I would get this just to get that old Castlevania gameplay you’ve been missing since the handheld days.  It’s available on PSN and Xbox for $15.


Castlevania – Lord of Shadows 2


Plays like Lord of Shadows did, which was a good game.  Good story, good gameplay.  It plays a little like God of War, but with its own type of combat.  There were some stealth elements in the game that were just inserted in, to bring variety, but it could’ve done without it.  Story is taken in a different direction from other Castlevania games, so if your fan, you might like it.  Rent or buy in bargain bin.

Soul Calibur II HD


HD port of an oldie but goodie.  Plenty of modes and a large weapon master mode, which will take you some time to finish.  You won’t find any create a character like the later titles and visuals certainly show their age; but if you can get beyond that, try it out!  If you aren’t familiar with Soul Calibur, its a fighter, but with hand-to-hand weapon combat, and a good solid game.  Recommend buying online, which I believe is the only way its available.

Monkey Island: Special Edition


This game is a perfect example of a quality gaming experience.  If your used to fast paced and intense action, this game isn’t for you…or perhaps it is!  Slow yourself down, put your thinking cap on and get ready for an entertaining story that will make you laugh.  Besides, if you get stuck you can always just look at a FAQ to move you along.  Stupidity happens to all gamers, myself included.  Also, if you played this many years ago, you’ll be surprised to know that the graphics are updated with new artwork and you have the ability to play the original version, if you’d like.  It’s worth every penny!  Available on PSN or xbox live.


Boy!  The locals sure are nice here!

Kingdom Hearts 1.5


If you missed this back on Playstation 2, you have a chance to enjoy a phenomenal game.  This is a completely original story and RPG, that takes Disney and Final Fantasy characters and puts them in a merged world.  The combat does require a small learning curve and when you first start the game, you may be a little bit lost when you get to Traverse Town at first.  But the action quickly picks up and keeps it consistent and fresh throughout the game.  Story wise, I felt it was a little predictable and to be honest, I don’t know why they are so obsessed with this series’ story line. The story isn’t bad, it’s just not DAMN!, WOW! or New York Time’s bestseller material.


Whale penis…

Also, this game is a bundle of two other “games”.  The first is Chain of Memories, which was an okay title.

The other is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, which is a compilation of cut-scenes from the game, but doesn’t include the game itself…just movies.  Personally, I felt it was a waste of time, sitting through 80 cutscenes of three teens as they ate salted ice cream and whined about emo-bullshit.  (Salted ice cream?!?!)  Honestly, I felt like I’ll never get that time back, its gone and 358/2 days took it away.

Must play for the original Kingdom Hearts and the other stuff is just filler and not fan service.



Ducktales: Remastered


This game I loved back the original NES and this one is even better.  If you’re looking for a GOOD unconventional platformer, with a side of well written Disney humor, look no further.  Lots of good nostalgia for those whose played this way back when!  I’d buy it.


–Pain, from a cane, now IN HD!!!



It plays like Mortal Kombat for PS3, minus the fatalities.  Good story mode, with a lot of variety for DC fans to enjoy.  Fighting is good, giving the player to use environment items as attacks.  If you like a good fighter, a Mortal Kombat/DC/comic fan, you’ll like this.  Rent, if your not sure, but it’s worth it.


–This is what you get when you ask for more DLC characters!!



Overall a solid title.  The more powers you the more fun can have in the game.  My biggest bitch with the game was the overpowered minor enemies, which were able to kill you pretty quickly and at long distances.  Also, hitting said enemies with your powers was a pain in the ass.  A lock-on feature would’ve great for this game.  


The story was good, with a few unexpected twists, the game is worth the frustration, though.


FYI, Cole’s power is electricity, which means, DON’T GO SWIMMING!!

Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Black Flag


–Okay, 5 to 1 on the angry chick with the sugar cane knife!!

For those new to Assassin’s Creed, at least try one of these games, as you can jump into these games in particular as they are not continued stories, but separate experiences.

First is Liberation, which was good, but not great.  My complaints, were that it was too simple for veteran Assassin’s Creed players and missions seemed kind of flat when comparing them to previous games.  Eventually, you get access to an economy system, which wasn’t bad, but left you with a ton of money and not enough to do with it.  I’d rent or get it on sale.


–On the bright side, at least you’ll be able to eat some gata’ tnite!!

Black Flag is the opposite, if you love pirates, history, sailing in open waters, raiding ships and performing many fun missions, try this!  This one of those games that makes collecting items and exploring enjoyable, not a grind!  Hell, even your crew with sing sailing songs during voyages, seriously!  Worth a buy!


–True.  So true.