STEM, Matrix and VR

To accompany my previous post about The Evil Within 2.  I decided to delve deeper into the main theme of the game:  Virtual Reality.  Since the movie The Matrix, the thought of virtual world went mainstream.  To think that a person’s consciousness can be placed into a virtual world as real as the one you and I live in right now, truly gets us to think about our OWN reality.

The STEM system.

In The Evil Within series, that same idea of a virtual world is represented by a fictional machine known as STEM.  In short, the machine uses targeted areas of the brain in order to create a virtual world where all those participating will share a consciousness together.  Imagine a world that doesn’t have disease and that happiness can be made without even physically moving a muscle, this is STEM.  However, in the game’s story the virtual world that was viewed as a utopia, only ends up becoming a living nightmare.

But I’m not here to write about the plot of the game, but to further analyze the virtual world from the real and fictional perspective.  After watching an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” called “PTSDee”.  (Which was recommended from my wife, Louie.  See the 2 clips below.)  I began to think about what kind of true dangers lie in store for us, as virtual and alternate realities continue to advance in our everyday lives.

Lol, okay I know Always Sunny isn’t greatest example to bring up a serious discussion of the negative aspects of what can come from VR and AR.  But you have to admit, eventually the technology may get THAT GOOD!  (or BAD)  The Evil Within 2 addresses this in the worse case scenario.  Hundreds of people that are currently hooked up to the STEM system suddenly begin to die off and once the story goes into play; all hell breaks loose.  Everyone inside the STEM system either transforms, gets killed or hunted by their own shared virtual consciousness.

Knowing that a machine could either transport you into a paradise or a life as a vegetable, is horrifying.  Like this and The Matrix, if you die inside, you’re toast in the real world.  Add along the potential that any traumatic experience you see or experience in those worlds could affect you in the flesh.  Look at it this way, in games we die and retry until we overcome and succeed.  Now imagine yourself feeling REAL PAIN and DEATH.  Would we be the same?  If it got that bad, would we push on and continue using the technology?

Hell, there are a ton of questions that we can ask here.  That’s why I’ll leave it up for discussion.  Leave any comments below.

-Racoon Daddy


The Evil Within 2 – A Clearer Picture to an Already Cloudy Mirror

I should be saying “hey everyone, nice to see you!” But its been like 6 months since I last said anything on here. For now, I will save the summary and move onto my motivation to write today. I just finished The Evil Within 2; officially checking this off of my list.

Like everyone in the gaming universe, you’re going to here my muses and perspective. Hopefully you’ll choose to read further…most likely because that’s Metacritic is for! But if you do, there will a nice treat in it for you. (Actually, no there won’t) Okay, its safe to say I’m a little insane. But maybe that is because I’m still feeling a mild bit pseudo-PTSD from playing this game.

Starting off, I’m a vet of the series and survival horror since 1998, so I know my way around a hand crank, if you know what I mean. I play mine on hard and keep my eyes and ears trained, with the lights off! So you know, I like me some good scary shit!

Moving on!

The Evil Within 2 is a direct sequel in number and in story. (Which doesn’t always happen in TV, movies and games these days.) Following the events of the last game, Sebastian Castellanos is drowning himself on 1 bourbon, 1 scotch and…polishing off those bottles before he gets to that last beer and…


Its safe to say that this detective’s life is in the toilet. (Hah!) Thankfully, a familiar face comes back into his life and tells him that the worst parts in his life, didn’t really happen and just an elaborate lie. (Save for all of the murdering and havoc caused by Ruvik, AKA the cheapass teleporting monk, from the first game.) Enter the evil corporation and a motivation for Sebastian to go back into the hell that made him miserable in the first place! BAM!! There you go, EW2’s intro in a nutshell.

Thankfully, not everything is as cliche as you’d think. Sabastian goes in, with a mission to fix “The Matrix”-inspired virtual network and rescue some very important people. In exchange, all of Sebastian’s problems will go away. (FYI, I’m trying to be as vague as possible, because there is a pretty good story to this game!) Sounds easy right? NOPE!! THATS A BIG…

Right as I started playing it, the game thrusted me right into the main antagonist. A seriously F*CK’D UP psychopath who really should’ve been written for “True Detective” season 3. (Come on. HBO!! DO IT!) All I can say is, he reminded me of one part Joker, another part Ed Gein (real life murder who inspired half of horror’s household names.) and a dash of a creepy department store photographer. To be honest, IT WORKED and everything related to him was either terrifying, disturbing or unsettling.

Playing EW2 DOES FELT unsettling and remained so for about 75 percent of the game. As for the survival horror aspect, the game makes you feel like every item counts. Even on normal, I was always looking to scrounge up parts and supplies. Some areas it became a gamble because maybe I didn’t sneak around the enemies good enough or used up too much ammo. This added to the tension when I was exploring new places, along with: the jump scares, when the game screwed with me or mundane moments that turn into “OH SHIT!”

I say that, because there was a lot of that, said by me during my exploration of the town of Union. Searching the town really feels like you are looking for survivors or clues, literally every area will have you on your toes. Sadly, once those areas were explored, the spookiness faded near the end. At this point, the game focused on combat, wrapping the game up and getting me ready for the final push. Ultimately EW2 did redeem itself with huge nods to the previous game and a good finale.

The Evil Within 2 does not leave you hanging or have asking all kinds of questions when everything is said and done. But it did leave itself open for a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and will go back and finish it on Nightmare, in the future.

I really cannot recommend this game enough you are a survival horror fans. Although fans of Silent Hill and atmospheric horror games may not like for its heavy reliance on combat and stealth. Hardcore survival gamers may think the combat make it easier, but that is what Classic Mode is for! (unlocked after beating it) Rest assured, you’re in for a wild ride that is well worth a trip or two.

One last thing…you’ll never listen to this song the same way again! Enjoy the warm and fuzzies!

As always feel to COMMENT and DISCUSS below.

Prepping up for holidays! Part 1

Yeah, yeah, its not even past Halloween and I’m talkin’ Christmas right?!  No one wants to hear about the long-ass lines to see Santa/Black Friday/parking/food/decorations/slash (lol!), do Christmas cards or deal with the family events.  But if you’ve got little ones, getting your shopping (or a planned out lay-away) over time is the way to go.

Personally, Louie and I went to Toys R Us and got it locked down last week.  Frankly, its a good strategy if you haven’t done it before and really doesn’t cut a hole in your wallet/purse.  That and we dodge all of the BS, while still ACTUALLY DOING the shopping.  Sure, I could do everything online and get a sweet deal.  But it just doesn’t feel the same.  Actually doing the legwork for me, seems to have a weird sense of self accomplishment to it.  Go figure on that one.

I know, ZERO care factor from ya’ll!

Overall, Grace is getting a pretty nice haul for her presents from us.  Most notably, she’s getting a 2DS with a few Mario games.  (With me quietly getting Smash Bros for it!)  🙂  Right now, I do feel she’s pretty young for it, but it seems that she gets on the phone a bit and plays Mario Run too much, along with the usual My Little Pony and Learning games.  But that is where we’re putting a limit on our mobile/gaming time to rainy/cold days, when we need a break or half hour here or there.

As of now, we’ve been pretty light on enforcement with the rule.  But I’d rather she spend her childhood outside, doing activities and less gaming/phone time.  Hopefully it will turn out that way, as I’ve always been a good balance of outgoing and a homebody.

But I really didn’t get any inspiration to write anything down about making a list until I read about the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.  Which is one of my must-plays for the upcoming year.  For those that haven’t been following any of the upcoming titles, I’ll give a few bits about them.

1)      Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

If you grew up playing PC games, there is NO WAY you’ve never heard of Wolfenstein 3D.

It was the game that started the First Person Shooter (AKA FPS games) genre and got its reputation for its kill all Nazis gameplay.  The New Colossus is a direct sequel to both Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood.  (I know, confusing.  The latter is a DLC expansion that is just as good.)

What’s so special?    –  Well, The New Order is a phenomenal game that plays very simplistic.  With its single player only, story driven, shootfest that gives you the option to go stealth until the shit hits the fan.  Its gameplay barely penalizes you for just doing a kill em’ all type of run-through.  It plays just like it used to, when it came out way back in the 90s but runs smooth and combat is tense and satisfying.  That and the story is great take on an alternate-reality of the World War II.

The New Colossus is a clear continuation of that story and gameplay.

This isn’t Call of Duty, I assure of that!

Why am I excited?  –  The new setting and how the events changed things that happened from the previous entry.  It has a brand-new engine by Id Software, which is known for making some powerful engines that rival Unreal and Crytech.  (Which are what MANY of the games we play, run on.  In case you didn’t know.)

That and killing Nazis in Wolfenstein is way better than CoD:  Zombies, without question.

Also, I enjoy a truly mature gaming experience.  Which is where the title has no censorship, the violence, gore and nudity/sex is used correctly and not forced or thrown on a canvas like a trashy painting.  Wolfenstein did that.

Release Date October 27th

2)     The Evil Within 2

The sequel to the former director/creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami.  The Evil Within was a pretty frightening game to experience.  Although it seemed to rely way too much on the mechanics of one of his older titles:  Resident Evil 4.  Which is a classic survival horror game, but most people saw TEW as a clone.  In response to that, The Evil Within was a GOOD CLONE gameplay wise, that did have its moments where you had more bullets than the enemies you were fighting.  But had MANY twisted, tripy and frightening moments.  The first game made me feel tense and on edge throughout my first playthrough.

What’s so special?  –  The first game left a lot more questions than answers, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It just left everyone that enjoyed or cared about the story, with a big fat, SO WHAT’S NEXT?!  Most likely, survival horror fans will pick this up, especially if Resident Evil 7’s move to 1st person didn’t sit well with you.  Which was a solid and well executed move for that series.  The Evil Within plays like Resident Evil 4, except on acid.  So you’re in for a wild ride!  It’s release is THIS FRIDAY THE 13th, so it’ll be a no-brainer for a great Halloween title.

Why am I excited?  – Years back, Shinji Mikami made a claim, that he was, “going to bring survival horror, back to its roots”.  Personally, he didn’t really do that in the first game.  Hopefully, he pulls this off and the second one is a phenomenal experience and succeeds on the market!

3)  Star Wars Battlefront II 

Two years ago, DICE released the first Battlefront and the gaming community went apeshit in the WRONG WAY!  Sure, it was DICE’s Battlefield sort of gameplay with everything done up in a beautiful Star Wars fashion.  But a large majority of its gameplay was focused on the multiplayer aspect.  Which is great and all for a military shooter, but this is STAR WARS we’re talking about here!

Seriously, where the HELL was this in the game?! Oh wait, it wasn’t.

The fan base for the series is MASSIVE with only Trekkies and comic fans being the only groups to rival that demand!  So they completely failed in catering to casual gamers that just wanted to boot it up and play a story/reenactment of the series.  That, and it lacked in content or was paid DLC.  (Albiet pretty good DLC)

I’ll admit, there was a lot that was done right about the game, too.  Walker Assualt was pretty cool and the Death Star DLC is pretty badass.  All of the content that was present was faithful and true to the series.  Space and X-Wing/Tie Fighter dogfights were a blast! (Pun intented.)  Battlefront II is set to surpass this in spades and remain true to fans of both shooters and the Star Wars series.

What’s so special?  –  Well it’s Star Wars, with plenty of vehicles, blasters and gadgets to use.  Also, it’s going to be a clear improvement over its predecessor.  Not only will it cover ALL three Star Wars generations, (prequel, original and sequel) it will feature a new story campaign that will cover the period between Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) and VII (The Force Awakens) using an original character.

Yesterday, I sunk my teeth into the Multiplayer Beta.  From what I saw, it looks to be a solid improvement.  The content has been TRIPLED and it seems that EA/DICE is doing away with paid DLC for this.  (SOURCE)  All of this covered by a teaser video featuring John Boyega (AKA Finn)

Why am I excited?  –  The beta is kinda making me a Day 1, which is NEVER what I do.  But this may be the Star Wars/Battlefield experience I was looking for in the first!  I’ve been a Battlefield veteran since Bad Company and Battlefront 1 was the only DICE title to let me down.  (But the DLC did make the game better!)  It comes out November 17th

  • That and well THIS!




Resident Evil 7 – Welcome?! My Ass!!

The time has come…Resident Evil 7 in all of its 1st person goodness, is here! If you’re a fan of the series like me, you’ve run to the toilet bowl to go throw up a few times because of its move into 1st person. (Trust me, I NEVER wanted this and somehow Capcom has gone and done something that may ruin the series.) But after putting 4 hours into the game. I’ve gotta say, Resident Evil 7 is a GOOD GAME!! It plays well, it’s a fun and enjoyable experience. Still I’m not convinced yet, being a purist fan of the series. Let me explain.

First off, in regards to the story canon of the series being blended into the game, I’m not seeing it. Save for a few familiar names mentioned in files, it’s just not there yet. I know, I know, it gets better as I move along, but for now…nothin.

Cutting to the chase, combat is smooth and tense, but movement and reaction is paced in order to balance the tight quarters you fight in. All of the Resident Evil elements are here to accompany the game: blind corners, well-placed scare moments, old-school RE item management (limited inventory with a storage box), very limited ammo with more baddies than you can unload on.

So far…Resident Evil 7 is disturbing is a good way. Scenes are so vivid in their portrayal, I kinda of feel It’ll be hard trying to forget them. Encounters are designed to make you feel uneasy, keeping you on your toes and never leaving you comfortable in your surroundings. It’s kind of like a bloody glove that fits you, it feels nice but the
blood on your hands isn’t getting off by itself. Lucky for you the cops are banging at the what do you do?!  That’s what it feels like!

Gameplay wise, this reminds me a little of Clock Tower, which was a game that kept the player running and hiding. Except here, you can fight back most of the time, even if you’re in a losing situation; which is essentially WHAT survival horror is. That is why RE7 hits its mark so well, as it goes back to it’s core purpose.

A few months back, I read an article about how The Evil Within was nothing but a Resident Evil 4 sequel under a different name. At that time, I’d disagreed with the author’s stance and believed that The Evil Within was it’s own experience despite it’s similar gameplay. As you played it, the game did play and feel like Capcom’s Resident
Evil 4. (After all, the director of the Resident Evil 1-4, Shinji Mikami helmed the production.)

The story had an overall feel that was grander than anything Resident Evil 4 had been. Sure, the similarities were there, but it was it’s own game. What struck me the wrong way, was how the company and Mikami were trying to sell the game. He and the company tried to say that it would bring survival horror, “back to it’s roots.” Now looking at Resident Evil 7, I truly believe that The Evil Within failed in doing that. Resident Evil 7 feels like Survival Horror’s return to form. 1st person view or not, this feeling different, a good different. As a fan, I’m not welcoming it into what I consider a true continuation of the series or a respectful sequel, UNTIL I’VE FINISHED IT!
But for now, it’s good, tense and frightening; which is GREAT!!

I’ll keep you posted!


Here is a share of a recent IGN article, which I thought, really communicated what the fans want.  (It did for me, and I’m an OG in regards to Resident Evil)

How to return Resident Evil to its roots.

Resident Evil 7 is just a few months away, and we still don’t know what it actually looks like.

Capcom says the Beginning Hour demo is a “tone piece” designed to match the final “feel” of Resident Evil 7, and not an actual gameplay preview. The recent Lantern demo, available exclusively at conventions and private press appointments, is a section straight out of the game, but rather than give us a look at the “core” gameplay of Resident Evil 7, it pulls from one of the found footage sequences that Capcom has confirmed will be a recurring element.
None of these things, save maybe a brief glimpse of gunplay in the most recent Texas Chainsaw-inspired trailer, have told us much about how Resident Evil 7 is actually going to play. As a long-time Resident Evil fan with high hopes for the franchise’s revival, I have mixed feelings about what we’ve seen so far.

Below are seven things Resident Evil 7 needs to do to win me over and return the franchise to survival horror greatness.

1. Put horror first, but do it right.
Resident Evil has always had jump scares, from its infamous window-bursting dogs to its shadiest interrogation rooms. But the Resident Evil brand of slow-burning tension and quiet survival horror — punctuated by these memorable moments of climactic terror — doesn’t really align with the run-and-hide panic of a game like Outlast, which the most recent Lantern demo noticeably pulls from. I want Resident Evil to be scary again, but not in the way we’ve been shown so far.

Resident Evil 7: Lantern Gameplay Trailer – Gamescom 2016

Horror in Resident Evil is that mounting panic when you realize you didn’t conserve enough ammo to deal with an unexpected encounter — it’s the regret, anxiety, and quick-thinking demanded when you find yourself face-to-face with a boss after ditching your only green herb so you could have room in your inventory for a new key. It’s a horde of zombies suddenly breaking through the windows of a room you’ve passed through without incident dozens of times before now. It’s your safety net being broken, coupled with a growing distrust of your environment and its capacity for unexpected change. (Which is part of why the fixed-cameras of its early installments worked so well.)

Resident Evil isn’t cowering defenseless in a corner from an angry hillbilly, and it definitely isn’t ghosts, as seen in the Beginning Hour.

Give me horror in Resident Evil again, but do it the Resident Evil way.

2. Return the focus to survival horror-style puzzles.
The demand for a more puzzle-heavy horror game is popular among fans of the early Resident Evil titles, but a lot of people seem to groan at the thought of piecing together odd items, extracting keys from emblems, and constantly swapping out ammo and herbs for important puzzle pieces — but I love it.

I want Resident Evil 7 to return to the series’ statue-pushing, crest-embedding, gem-collecting, key-hunting roots. The teasers so far seem to indicate that it will: the Beginning Hour was full of adventure game-style problem solving and the Lantern demo contains a brief segment where you hold a strangely-shaped statuette up to a light, rotating it to cast a shadow in the shape of a spider over a painting in order to open a passage in the wall. At the end of the Lantern demo, you can even see a discarded crank beneath the Baker’s home — what feels like a deliberate nod to a classic Resident Evil puzzle.

“I want to see puzzles at the core of Resident Evil again.  The puzzles in Resident Evil are good because they force you to always be planning and strategizing, making your journey more stressful, and consequently, more uncertain and scary. Finding out the most efficient path through the Spencer Estate was part of the fun and tension of the original Resident Evil and its 2002 remake.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the obstacles adjusted to accommodate a new generation of players who might not see the appeal in early survival horror / adventure game-style puzzles — maybe a larger inventory for players with limited patience, or more of an internal logic to the objects you’re collecting — but I do want to see puzzles at the core of Resident Evil 7.

3. Let us explore a memorable location.
The Spencer Estate is one of the most memorable and masterfully-designed spaces in video game history. Some games can take you on a journey across a vast open-world that took ten years to create, filled to the brim with things to do and see, and yet it’s this one, dimly-lit mansion in the middle of the forest that I remember most.

Resident Evil Remastered Trailer


Maybe Resident Evil 7 doesn’t need to give us a setting as iconic and near-perfect as The Spencer Estate — I don’t know if it’s possible to top. But Capcom does need to create something distinct and finely-tuned for the kind of puzzle-solving and smart backtracking that Resident Evil is famous for. Part of what made that sinister old mansion in Resident Evil so distinct was the many layers of circumstances it built up over the course of Chris and Jill’s time there. It made it possible (and required you) to revisit old locations with interesting new stakes in mind, find new shortcuts and treat old ones with caution, and uncover new secrets in the places you’ve passed by again and again and again.

If Resident Evil 7’s singular location can capture half the magic of the Spencer Estate, I’ll be happy.

4. Give us firepower, but not too much.
Resident Evil 4 is a fun game, but it’s also the game that doomed the franchise. The switch from slow, third-person survival horror with fixed camera angles to an over-the-shoulder, third-person action game reintroduced the series to a new audience who came to expect the larger arsenals and quick-time events that more recent installments in the franchise are known for.

The switch to first-person in Resident Evil 7 is meant as a way to return the series to its horror roots, according to the game’s director Koshi Nakanishi. While the change could end up working for it, it would be a mistake for this perspective shift, combined with zombie-shooting gameplay, to turn the franchise into a horror-flavored first-person shooter. Early Resident Evil games had bursts of action and boss fights, but their tank controls, claustrophobic environments, limited ammo, and other factors made sure you still felt helpless even as you were laying incendiary grenade rounds into genetically-modified bioweapons.

I want Resident Evil 7 to embrace combat, as long as it doesn’t become an action-packed FPS where mowing down enemies is a quick and easy option rather than a desperate effort to escape danger.

5. Connect to the old games in a meaningful way.

We know Resident Evil 7 is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 6, rather than a vaguely-related spin-off or complete reboot, but the question of how things all fit together is still up in the air.

I have my own theory, based on the Lantern demo, that Resident Evil 7 could have ties to the Las Plagas parasite in Resident Evil 4. In the demo, Marguerite Baker makes frequent mention of “accepting a gift.” The family’s apparent resistance to pain, sickly pallor, and instability remind me a lot of the Las Plagas-infected villagers from Resident Evil 4. The Los Illuminados cult those villagers worshipped also viewed the parasite as a kind of spiritual “gift,” which could be what Marguerite is referring to.

This is all speculation, though — I desperately want Resident Evil 7 to connect to past games in some meaningful way. With the drastic changes to style and structure we’ve seen so far, what would be the point of calling it a Resident Evil game without some ties to the events that shaped the series’ story? This is a good opportunity to bring in new fans, and I’m not against that, but seeing some beloved characters return in a way that makes sense would be an easy way to get existing fans emotionally invested in this new installment.

6. Subvert stereotypes instead of embracing them.

Resident Evil is no stranger to controversy, coming under fire in 2009 for what some fans viewed as an insensitive portrayal of black villagers and tribespeople in Resident Evil 5’s fictional African region of Kijuju. Meanwhile, we know Resident Evil 7 is set on an old plantation in modern-day Louisiana. The eerie backwaters of the Deep South are a highly-romanticized setting in a lot of fiction thanks to its striking imagery and dark, sometimes shameful past. I’m a big fan of Southern Gothic myself, but I also acknowledge that its locales are too often the subject of bland, easy, and exploitative horror. If Capcom can handle this setting well without resorting to shock value, or cringe-inducing stereotypes like “incestuous hillbilly family,” the game will be better for it.

I’m not concerned with Resident Evil 7 telling a smart story about American history — level design has always been more important to Resident Evil than locational accuracy. It just needs to do something interesting with its rural setting that goes beyond tired stereotypes about the American South.

7. Do something cool with the found footage.

There’s plenty of potential here for more complicated puzzles.

I’m a sucker for found footage. I’ll watch any found footage movie that comes out, good or bad, though most of it is pretty bad — but still, I watch. But found footage in video games is a little different. It loses magic without the live action element, but there are still neat ways to include it. Resident Evil 7’s incorporation of playable found footage sequences in particular has a lot of potential that I hope Capcom fully explores.

The idea isn’t entirely new — in the 2002 remake of the first Resident Evil, for instance, you can find a tape that reveals the final moments of a fellow S.T.A.R.S. member. But scenes like this served as supplemental story bits and weren’t playable. The Beginning Hour demo showed an interesting new way it could be used to change your current environment. As you may know, there’s a locked drawer in the kitchen of the Beginning Hour’s farmhouse, but once you pop in the video tape and explore the house in the flashback, found footage scene, you can locate a lockpick in the kitchen, open up the drawer, and then return there in real-life to search its contents.

There’s plenty of potential here for more complicated puzzles, non-linear storytelling, and even some sinister foreshadowing that I hope doesn’t get squandered on cheap scares or simple run-and-hide sequences.

Resident Evil 7 is looking a lot different from the Resident Evil a lot of us know and love, but even with the changes, I can detect shades of the classic games channeling through. But will the vague hints and teases here and there actually add up to a worthy sequel?

We’ll just have to wait and see.


The original article can be found here!

The Diary of Chris Redfield (Part 1) by Racoon Daddy



This is a fictional diary that wrote that is based off of Resident Evil.  It follows directly after the first entry.  For a synopsis of Resident Evil look HERE   




All rights to the original source material is owned by Capcom.


Diary of Chris Redfield

July 31st 1998


Today was a pretty shit day. Our S.T.A.R.S comrades were given a full ceremony in order to honor their deaths.  Bullshit…among those honored was Albert Wesker, the former leader of the group. That bastard betrayed us!! Yet we honor yet him?! The only thing that kept me was losing my cool was Barry.

He told me, “This is only beginning. Keep calm, you know damn well they’re watching us and we have to be careful with our moves. Losing your cool is the last thing we need.”

Normally, most folks would go grab a meal, coffee or find some place to talk. We all quietly went our separate ways.


August 7th 1998

It’s been two weeks since the Arkley Forest went up in smoke. Both the explosion from the mansion outbreak and murders that resulted from the mutated animals are being told another way. They’ve panned it off as wildfire and the deaths as wolf overpopulation in the wilderness. Jill went over yesterday to talk to the victims’ families and give them the truth, some were unmoved and seemed to have been “coached” by someone.  Most likely it somebody with deep pockets and plenty to hide.

It’s clear that Umbrella is covering their tracks well and aren’t sparing the expenses. It’s odd that neither Jill, Barry, Becky have said anything about any suits approaching them. Maybe they know we won’t stay quiet and are one step ahead of us.


We’ve gotta be on alert, but I don’t think any of us can even keep our eyes open. I’m always on edge; paranoia isn’t even the word to describe it. A couple days ago, I tried to talk with Brad, but he said, “to leave me alone, you wouldn’t understand!” I’m not sure if that’s the guilt or Umbrella talking.

June 28 1998

My vacation started yesterday, I almost collapsed on the floor from the lack of sleep. Insomnia set in the moment I stepped off of that chopper. All I would remember was the ear-bleeding screams those lizard-men monsters would make.  They were so goddamn fast!!

I did everything to fight them from taking my head off my shoulders, I remember with EXACT detail. From the dinosaur-like talons, their towering height, blood drissling from their teeth the way they’d leap at you was…something that just doesn’t fucking exist!!

One got me pretty bad on my left bicep when my revolver went dry, had I not forced my knife into its skull, I’d not be here. Fortunately, Becky took care of it and I was left using my right hand only for about an hour until the drugs kicked in.



June 29 1998



Jill gave me a call around 1 A.M., saying she needed a ride back to her place. Some of the girls at the station took her out to drink, she ended up staying after they’d left and had too much. When I got there, she was shit-faced.

Jack, the owner of the bar was pretty cool about keeping her there and had her lay down in the lounge. She was trying to hide how drunk she really was. But it didn’t take long, as when we got to her place, that she left her house keys at the bar.

Helping into my apartment she stumbled and continued to ramble about how the men at the bar only looked at her as “only sweet piece of ass” and the rest as “some pariah”. The pungent smell of tequila on her breath was more or less encouraging me to make sure she got to either a toilet or the bed ASAP. Fortunately, we got there with her popping in the apartment. It looked as though everything would be fine, but she asked me to help her with her shoes. When I tried to unbuckle foot, wrapped her legs around my and forced my face right into her panties. I panicked!

Her legs became a vice trapping my face into her soaked crotch. Her scent was the direct opposite of the tequila affecting her, but had the same intoxicating effect. She told me,

“Chris, I never had a problem with you fucking my brains out! If anything is going to make me forget all of this, it’s you.”

Everything she said forced the man outside of my mind to take control and give what her drunken urges wanted. I felt so fucking wrong and everything…went black.

Then she popped…all on the carpet, the sheets and night stand.  Most guys would’ve felt robbed at this point. Jill threw up everywhere and the lust left the room. Honestly though, Jill getting sick was probably for the better.

After spending about an hour cleaning up, I crashed on the couch and cleaned up the best I could. I didn’t want to move her and pretty much made sure she was sipping water to ease the nausea.



“No! Don’t go!!” – Resident Evil


Many gamers have heard the phrase, Jill sandwich. Even if Barry Burton meant to be literal or was just trying to be perverted is beyond me. One thing’s for sure, when you go back and look at the original Resident Evil, that’s what it feels like, a good corny joke. Back in 1995, this bad boy was state of the art and put Survival Horror into the video game dictionary.

What makes this so substantial, even though there is a vastly superior REMAKE. (A true remake, not a fucking reimagining, flashback/forward/sideways or a fresh coat of paint) It’s because there is more to the corniness that makes the Playstation 1 version STILL playable.

Before I begin, I want to say that Resident Evil 1 got me into gaming for the stay. I played it so much, that I re-drew the maps on paper, made maps of where certain things happened and where monsters were and even pieced together possible stories that occurred in the mansion during the viral outbreak. This got me so inspired that I hand wrote 70 pages of storyline…okay fan fiction which gave me a deeper understanding of how to take something and build upon it. Put simply, I loved Resident Evil and still do to this day, despite mutations in later sequels.

Following a poorly scripted B-movie intro video, the mansion doors close on the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team’s survivors. The team gets their bearing and checks out a mysterious gun shot, only to find that someone who A) likes to chomp on people B) Needs a fucking napkin C) related to Powder and D) wants some more food…meaning you. After unloading an entire 15-round Beretta mag into him, that pasty zombie goes down. (Or you could’ve had Ed McMann…ahem I mean Barry Burton plug 3 .357 rounds into HIS FACE)

Once Jill/Chris and Barry have done and left a mess for the maid to clean up, they begin searching for their poor bastard friends, the Bravo Team. Let’s just say, they got the short end of the stick…sans Becky. Who seems awefully puny and helpless for someone who just took out a LEECH QUEEN! After some puzzles and dealing with Indiana Jones’ bane of existence, you get to thinking, what kind of drugs was the architect on when he made this place…hrmm interesting…very interesting.

Despite that, the team heads out to cross into other buildings and have to fight a wild pack of zombie dogs all while not stepping in dog shit. (C’mon, don’t tell me zombie dogs don’t shit, cuz they do, because it’s funny)

Luckily, they come across a dormitory that has a big ass plant that LOVES to choke motherfuckers and get a lil’ grab ass on the side. (Okay, maybe not the grab ass part, unless that’s ya know..your thing) Fortunately, Chris brought his Rambo knife and pruned that overgrown weed.  (That’s cuz Bat

(Of course, not without the help of the 18 year old expert killer, paramedic, swat team member and holder of a biochem degree – Rebecca Chambers. Seriously, it says that in her dossier in the user manual)

Once they get to the lab, they fight the thing that the bad guy has cooked up in a crock pot, that clearly is a failure in the eyes of the “master of unlocking” Jill Valentine and the guy “most likely to punch boulders” Chris Redfield. Much later, and one empty Rocket Launcher on the ground, the team makes it out and the mansion becomes matchsticks.

So why would I still love this game, because it really did have that feeling of possible death. Run out bullets, run or not, your gonna die eventually. Swim to long in a pool full of sharks, ya gonna die. Use a 9mm on a Hunter, ya gonna die.

Visually, there was so much that made the original great. Couple that with the Directors Cut, which gave you access to an arranged newer version with totally new music, item locations and different things to find AND the original version of the game.

My suggestion, go play RE1 and let me know if you regretted doing that.



BTW, I’m feelin’ an itch to make a fiction on this.  I’ll probably start working on it, to give myself some good practice.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a narrative.

Till then, here something for a good laugh. (Credit to Legendary Frog )

Silent Hills?!?! P.T?!?! What’s going on?


Rumors were running rampant of a potential Silent Hill sequel, this came in a teaser known as P.T, which was actually released as a fully playable demo on PS4.  But before we knew it, it was pulled from the PSN store, which Silent Hill and horror fans were left hanging dry.  Just look at these creepy-ass photos!!

Say cheese!!!  Because I’m gonna steal you soul!!
OK……Officially creeped.  It’s the red light.




Credit to ODiN OnLiNe LeT’sPLaY

Scared….yeah, we all were when you went through this.  Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil 2 fame) swore that he would bring survival horror back to its roots.  But THIS is what was going to truly bring us back to the true fear and isolation that survival horror games used to give us.

BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED!!  Konami cancelled it!

Since the release of Metal Gear Solid V, we’ve been getting teasers on a potential Silent Hill sequel.  From the teaser videos, Norman Reedus, Benicio Del Toro and Konami/Kojima fallout to a new studio and whispers of a sequel in development.

YEAHHHHH…that Norman Reedus.  Hey Glen!

From the top, back last year, Hideo Kojima was mostly finished with MGSV and there were talks of Kojima signing on Del Toro and Reedus.  But about a month, news leaks were coming out about Kojima and his company Konami possibly being let go from his job.  As we know now, Konami parted ways because of their change in business, to pachinko, mobile gaming and gambling.

Yep, Konami…you know….

Kojima was let go and essentially shamed out of his respected position and treated like a turd by Konami executives.  Which never truly made sense unless you’ve played MGSV, which I hated since I beat it, until I’d compared it to the Kojima/Konami departure.

To simplify, Kojima was let go because he invested a TON of money into MGSV and the company didn’t like it.

Damorg92 made a deep analysis on Reddit’s r/metalgearsolid subreddit of the whole story caparison of MGSV and Hideo Kojima’s own real life clash with his former employer and IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED MGSV, READ IT!!!!!   HERE 

But it didn’t end there, instead it inspired not only Hideo Kojima and his new company to look into a potential spiritual successor, but other indie companies into Kickstarting their own inspired titles!

For those fans of Silent Hill, you know how amazing the atmosphere, story and intensity is put into each title.  I mean just look at the greatest title of the them all……The story is SERIOUSLY DEEP.  Here’s a synopsis of my favorite…Silent Hill 2.



And there was Silent Hill 4



……Yeah…not going down any holes!  NEVER AGAIN!

Best of all, Kojima is set to appear with Del Toro in an upcoming event.  So you never know, maybe the fans are starting to get what they want!  I’m hoping for a sequel, I mean

Just remember, if there is another Silent Hill…rest assured that this shit will NEVER CHANGE!!!  Silent Hill fans, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!


Commece your nerdgasms Evil Dead fans, ASH IS BACK!!!



Since the cliffhanger ending in the movie, “Army of Darkness”.   Evil Dead fans have been demanding more Ash, his chainsaw and his double barreled shotgun like your hungry dog underneath the dinner table.  From dedicated websites to petitions, Evil Dead fans were the guys that started


If your new to Evil Dead, I’ll summarize.
The first, was a very low budget horror flick created by Sam Raimi.  It was made so poorly that it was laughably entertaining and ended up with a solid cult following. 


Evil Dead 2, decided to take the same exact plot from the first movie; adding a more serious tone combined with slapstick comedy.  (When I said exactly, I mean EXACTLY.  Seriously, watch them both and compare. )


Before Facebook and social media, it was BBS, chat rooms and forums.  (Yes, I know, forums are still alive and well.)
Fans would think tank, dream and pray in their own way; in hopes for a movie sequel.

It eventually did happen, DECADES later.  The movie did somewhat well and was a love/hate movie with mixed opinions. But it missed something it should’ve never been without…Bruce Campbell.  The main character was replaced with a female lead and given a darker tone.


After Army of Darkness, Bruce had a steady career in Hollywood…as a “B” movie star.  So much so, that he’s been dubbed the “King of B-movies”.  It wasnt until the TV show, Burn Notice, did he finally return to a major role.  After that, fans of both Campbell and Evil Dead, were hoping they would get their wish.

Evil Dead: The Series will be airing on Starz on October 31st, which will be a great Halloween treat.  This simply happening is great in itself, but not without a few ups and downs. 

First, it’s on Starz, which is not currently well known for is television series.  Exposure of the show is going to be seriously limited and a possibilty of it comtinuing into other seasons may not happen.  Unless, one of two things happens.  Its cult following catches on,  like the same fashion as the Game of Thrones book fans did with that series. 
(Most likely on a much smaller scale.)
And the second way, would that it finds a second viewer exposure through Netflix after cancellation. 
(The second being a more likely positive outcome)

As for the positive aspects of it being on Starz.  You can expect no shortage of gore and profanity.  So expect a great show, as this show doesnt have to worry about censorship. 
Its time is also placed fairly well, being that it sits on a Saturday, and not Sunday.

Because if your a horror fan at 9pm on Sunday, you’re watching the The Walking Dead.  Let’s face it, that is essentially a slot right now that will be dominated year-round by TWD, with the recent announcement of a 2nd season of Fear the Walking Dead, in February next year.

What I’ve seen in the trailer for Evil Dead is FANTASTIC!!!!  I cannot wait and wish nothing but success for this show.  Hope you tune in and thank you Starz for making this happen.