Who we play as cuts deeper than we think!

Why is there such a deep connection with us and the characters we play as?

Every time we sit down and load up a title on our weekly play.  Many of us really don’t stop to realize.  Why are we fascinated with an Italian plumber in a red cap and suspenders or an over-muscled Greek demi-god.  Sure, it may go back to what we learned in high school English class about, “the hero’s journey” and how we all wished we could experience such feats.  In a way, that’s clear and present in our minds as we infiltrate an enemy base or raid a building for supplies.  We experience the journey first-hand, albeit in success and failure.  Yet there are underlying reasons as to why these avatars of our digital are so identifiable with us.  Like Spike Lee once said, “It must be the shoes!”  In reality, it isn’t just the badass war paint or double barrel shotgun.  Let’s take a look at some of the more memorable characters throughout our not-so daily grind.

Doomguy (Doom)

Credit – Id Software

This unfortunate Marine, is thrown into the bowels of hell right from the start, with only 10 unbloodied knuckles, a full magazine of ammo and one serious case of paranoia.  We all know where this goes; all of his war buddies draw their guns in the wrong direction (his).  This only leads to their last gasp and post-mortem gurgles.  By the first level’s end, he’s armed with a shotgun and chainsaw in hand –   From there, it’s all on us to do the rest.


Doomguy is in a situation we’d never want to be in, where it’s everyone against us.  Yet it’s a first-hand account on how we’d survive it.  Laying down buckshot into a cacodemon’s face and watching tumble with on three percent health hits home with us.  Because it was at that moment, we’d that could been the end and it wasn’t.

All of us experience this at some time in our lives, where death comes close in the flesh and almost taps our shoulder.  Be it, by narrowing being hit in a pedestrian crosswalk while the light was clearly red or accidentally cutting your hand pretty bad while dicing onions.  That impeding sense of Doom that is right around each of life’s corners.

Sure, we’d continue to get that same adrenaline kick with each Team Deathmatch session or CoD/FPS game.  But the feeling you’d get, is irreplaceable to that of the dark and bloodied corridors of hell itself.



Credit – Nintendo

He’s our favorite red and blue plumber, whose on-call for all the wrong reasons.  (Seriously, have we ever seen him really fix a sink or toilet?)  Mario has more skill with eating mushroom and jumping to Shaun White distances.  With a smile that never drops and the nerves of diamond, he stomps Bowser and his crew every time.  (Provided we succeed!)   As a reward, he gets the girl and simple peck on the cheek, as gratitude.


Doing what Mario does and how we get him to the nice green and white flag, takes a lot resolve.  Avoiding the turtle shells, bullet bills, bomb-oms and flames pits can seem like an impossible task.  Eventually, we make it through and the success doesn’t seem any sweeter.

Mario is our perseverance, the will to adapt and overcome through the chaos and dangers very similar to us.  Some challenges are greater than others and vary to our own lifestyles.  Tight deadlines, balancing the household checkbook, being a good parent, taking extra classes; can seem like those same impossible feats.  Still, we move forward, try our best and make it work, even if we fully succeed or not.  In our later years, that perseverance pays off, with less or no debt, a home that is ours and the true reward for all of our hard labor.

Sheperd (Mass Effect 1-3)

Credit – Gamespot

Three epic chapters of space exploration weren’t enough for many of us.  The recent entry Mass Effect: Andromeda left deep yearns of space exploration and saving the universe from rapture.  Regardless of how well your experience was with that title, there was one big thing that wasn’t the same – Ryder.  As a replacement, to the neutral character of the original trilogy, Shepard became Ryder.  Both were open to be either a male or female option, with each having their own personalities depending on the choices you made.  Shepherd had options that could lead you into firefights, a resolution of a conflict or even convince someone to commit suicide.  Sadly, Andromeda’s Ryder was never given the same sort of ability of true conflict resolution.

Like the Star Trek multiverse, Mass Effect focused on the fragile relations of the intergalactic races of The Milky Way and beyond.  Many instances Commander Sheperd ends up being right in the middle of a bog of diplomacy.  Depending on how the Commander responded, the end result could be successful or disastrous.  Ultimately, it could always be finished with good firepower and biotics (space magic), though.

Sheperd is our free will, the choice is unique only to the player and leaves permanent results, much like you and I.  Our real lives have confrontations and disagreements where an outcome is dependent on what comes out of our mouths.  Very much like Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Natural Law, “for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.”  Our free will to speak holds the gravity of infinite possibilities of our own future.  (Pun intended)

Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

Known as the 80s anti-hero and narco druglord in the fictional metropolitan, Vice City.  Tommy was given the short end of the stick, even when he became a made-man in the Forelli crime family.  From the moment he stepped out of the taxi cab, Tommy was bound to end up as a chalk trace on the hot pavement.  Guided by his own actions and rage, Tommy took Vice City for himself, piece by piece.

Almost everyone that booted up Vice City, knows that you really didn’t play for the missions or story.  It was great excuse just drive around like crazy, solicit a prostitute then get a “return” of service, blow up the cops and beat down pedestrians.   Causing this sort of havoc is what really coined the term “sandbox” in gaming and we loved every minute of.  At least until our parents found out after hearing hours of police sirens coming from the bedroom.

Tommy is the underlying rage and frustration we have inside us.  Much like Fight Club’s Tyler Durden, no one wants to admit they have an animalistic urge to channel their aggression.  Grand Theft Auto was one of our first real punching bags to the stresses of teen adolescence, work and life as a whole.  Gaming is hobby and an escape for many of us, regardless if you want to believe it or not.  Perhaps we aren’t bound by our desires and impulses, like Mr Vercetti.  But we all know that you cannot keep it all bottled up inside.

Sometimes it’s just best to seek help…right Michael?


So you’re scared?! You should be! (Spoiler Free for Season 7 premiere)


Starting off, the premiere was worth the wait and doesn’t dissappoint! But I’m not going to get into the show, as everyone in the stadium is already talking about the grand slam that was just hit out of the park. (Pun intended, Lucille!)


This is more about Negan and how I perceive him so far! Sure plenty of folks have been talking about him since the finale last season. But I’d like to kind of share my take on him. (As far as the comics go, I never finished past the season 6 finale point, so have a little restraint with what happens later.)

Negan always seemed to remind me of that feeling you get when; you have that boss at work, that is by the book, pretends to be on your side, but ultimately wants to answer every question in a black or white definition. Now I realize, most of those guys are as bland as eating a lemon rine. Which is clearly the opposite. But it’s feeling of that same kind of person being in the room. You become tense, alert and your stomach drops to the floor.


So far, I believe he’s someone whose achieved everything through fear, intimidation by using other’s pain as a way to indoctrinate others.

Control seems to be his strength and weakness, as talking doesn’t do shit and actions have to be made to appease him. Using fear as his angle to holding his thumb down on people is what he does best, but I also feel after a while he can’t keep everyone in the corner. This is where I feel he’s going to show weakness.

Unlike The Governor, whom had serious daddy-daughter issues, we probably won’t see that with this guy.  C’mon he f*ucking names his weapon of choice and seriously likes killing shit…period! It’s different when someone is using a gun. There’s less thought to pulling a trigger, vice swinging a Louisville Slugger with barbed wire, which seems to be a different kind of twisted thought in itself. He doesn’t bat an eye when taking someone’s life.

I’ve got a feeling that everytime Neagan is going to be on the screen, nothing but bad shit is going to happen!

Hope everyone enjoys the premiere and the rest of the season!

Also as a side note, Steven Ogg, the guy who plays Trevor on GTA V IS Negan’s right-hand man!! I pretty much had my fingers crossed and called it on him staying as a major role on The Walking Dead, this season. Hopefully, we’ll see that same kind of twisted character come from Ogg, as this seems like his kind of element!

Feel the burn!!! – Walking Dead Season Six Reddit Highlights

I’m so beyond pissed at this point, I figured I would share the out of control blaze happening now….at The Walking Dead Reddit

BTW, on a positive note,  IT IS Steve Ogg, the guy who voiced Trevor on GTA V who was in the finale!!!!  I knew I recognized his voice and demeanor right away!  He’s listed on the cast on IMDB  for the episode and currently doesn’t have a name for the role.  His role does seem high up on Negan’s chain, so expect him to have a role on the next season!!  Also props go to the actor who got Negan’s role…Exceptional work on his part!

[–]Valley_Style 16 points an hour ago

“I can see it now.. The last scene is a funeral and Rick says the name in a eulogy right before the screen goes black to credits.”

[–]AidenJerrick 523 points an hour ago

“Somebody needs to jerk Scott Gimple off for 90 minutes and then not let him finish.”

[–]Morally_Inept 966 points 2 hours ago

This entire episode dragged out for 75 minutes then shit started happening. Then they didn’t even show the end. FUCK!

[–]JM_Actual 121 points 2 hours ago

The real victim is JDM’s great performance wasted on that bullshit ending


                   [–]maryssmith 17 points an hour ago

                              My God, he was tremendous. I felt like you could probably hear a pin                                     drop in every house that had TWD on.

[–]Ey-b0ss 70 points 2 hours ago

Another Motherfucking Cliffhanger

[–]ilikepialot 193 points 2 hours ago

“Bitchnuts” – Abraham

                     [–]Hazard_Zone 63 points 2 hours ago*

                      Also ” What the bitch?”

[–]abaiz 124 points 2 hours ago*

Their medieval armor looked sweet as fuck and pretty original.

[–]Killtrend 326 points 2 hours ago*

That’s such a fucking cop out.

800 minutes of commercials for a cliff hanger.

[–]train31 22 points an hour ago

Roadblock—>roadblock—>trap—>roadblock—> trap—>cliffhanger. There. That’s it. That’s the episode. And they needed 93 minutes to tell it. I feel insulted. You should all feel insulted.

[–]gerdataro 21 points 2 hours ago

Be sure to…drink…your…Ovaltine. Ovaltine?! Son of a bitch, that’s how I feel. A billion commercials and a crummy ending. How boring.

         [–]matttrick 21 points 2 hours ago

         It’s not Carl or Rick. Sturdiness implies Abraham

                   [–]Frankocean2 9 points 2 hours ago

                  My gut says Eugene.


                         [–]matttrick 7 points 2 hours ago

                              I was kind of thinking that also. Abe would be obvious but maybe it’s                                   Eugene completing his ascent to manhood.

                                [–]ava_ati 5 points an hour ago

                                Yea especially with the hugging and music when he left in the RV,                                         giving the plans to rick to make bullets. My guess is definitely Eugene