How Valentine’s should be.

This evening many guys and gals are getting lucky because of this one special day. Many of us spent more money than we should’ve, thanks to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. To be honest, the holiday is really a good and bad thing. This is coming from a dude, I know…mind blown, right?!

After some deep thinking for a few days on what I was going to get my wife. I stopped myself before I made a decision to go to the store. I realized that Valentine’s Day is really about appreciating those that we love deepest. Maybe it can be through flowers, cards and candy; but I think that doesn’t quite scratch the itch.

Valentine’s should be what the true meaning Christmas is. Appreciating what is great in life. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a lover or companion in our life. This is a special time to let each other, I appreciate you being in life more than ever.

To be honest, I think we don’t stop to just truly LOVE AND APPRECIATE that man or woman in our lives.

So I came up with a better idea.

These are what I call Hot and Cold notes! The concept is super simple. Take two different color Post-It notes.

Make one color “sweet” and the other “sexy”.

For the “sweet” ones, I really took my time and thought about what makes my Louie, so wonderful. Some would be motivational, sweet and wholesome. While others would be about basic stuff, like about her smell, smile and what I thought was beautiful to me.

Now for the “sexy” notes, I got to have fun with them. Some of them would talk about the good things we did in bed, things that excited me and even new activities I’d like us to try. To make it work, I did avoid vulgarities. Let’s be honest, “I want to put my cock inside you.”, just doesn’t come off as romantic.

Instead, I would write “I miss feeling the heat from your mouth, as bodies move together!” Which sounds much sexier than the former.

For me, I did 91 Post-it notes. One for every month we’ve been together. Then for the “sweet” ones I placed them in “cool” areas in the house, like on fans or the refrigerator. The same is then done to the “sexy” ones, by placing them on the stove, a clothing iron or toaster.

To get creative, I used things like faucets to do BOTH on each knob or side.

Honestly, for me it took me a while to do. But was a very cheap way of reconnecting with what matters in your life.

Like the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts!”

March Madness! NES Style!

Just giving you guys a heads up!  I’ve decided to hold a “NCAA Final Four” inspired tournament featuring all of the well loved NES classics!  This will be a large project for me to undertake.  Which will involve quite a few elements, like brackets, actual revisited gameplay (possible videos and commentary) and even a poll section for you guys to participate!

Considering that this will a larger project, it may or may not span past March.  But I’m not too worried about it.  I’m VERY excited about doing this and I hope everyone will come over to make their comments!!

Already, I have the bracket established and HOW the tournament will proceed.  HOWEVER, I want you guys to make the FINAL decision!  Here is the breakdown!

Two THIRD PARTY (i.e. Capcom, Natsume, Squaresoft)  games will compete against each other using a weighted grading system, with a one-hour power hour gaming session for each title and a voting poll.  This will then happen for another two games.  The winners of those will be voted on BY YOU to compete against ONE NINTENDO made FIRST PARTY TITLE.  Which will compete in the same fashion as the first two matches play out!


Let me know WHAT YOU GUYS THINK??  Doesn’t that sound pretty cool?!



Title Image credit

Onto Something Else…

After being fairly disappointed with FFXV’S overall experience, I’ve decided to move on with things.  (From what I’ve been getting from other reviews and what you guys are saying.  It is a love or hate it title.  

As a recovery from this, I’d forgotten that I’d picked Final Fantasy XIV:The Realm Reborn, Watch Dogs, and Final Fantasy VII (PS4/PC Version)  All of which I’ve taken a look at over the week.  

FF14:TRR is for those unaware of it’s existence, is an MMORPG with deep influences from all of the series’ mythos. Many things are inclusive from its earlier predecessors.  Chocobos, Cactuars, Moogles, The Job System with amuch larger attention to story and questing.  

Playing through it so far, I gotta say it’s OVERWHELMING, as to how much content there is.  But after learning how to control, customize and “fix” my on-screen menus.  I’m lovin’ it like Mickey-D’s!!  Honestly, it’s hard to say how much I’ll put into this game.  I’ve never truly like MMOs, they’ve always seemed like a time sink and money pit.  

Yet after hearing all of the positivity from all the research I did beforehand; I think I could seriously get into this!!  

As for Watch Dogs, it’s been more of like an off-hand experience when I’ve gotten a little fatigued out from FFXIV. Surprisingly, the multi-player community was fairly active this morning and matches flow very well.  As for the single player, Watch Dogs gives you so much to do.  

Not only does your player do things your standard fair sandbox game does.  You know; guns, nice cars, side mission, activities, collectibles, etc.  But it throws in a twist; which is the hacking mechanic.  

Honestly it’s a lot of fun seeing it in action.  Watch Dogs seems like a fun blend of all of Ubisoft’s hits all rolled into one.  Honestly, it feels like…just good plain fun. 

All in all, I’m happy with both of my experiences with these games so far.  More to come at a later time!!

“When the Lights Go Down in the City!” – Dying Light

Ripped right from the development phase of Dead Island 2, Techland decided to part ways and make a 1st person zombie apocalypse game.  It’s called Dying Light and you know what, it’s better A LOT better!

I started off, by dropping into a zombie infested city a-la Solid Snake, parachuting in.  To this guy’s chagrin, he ends up getting ambushed by looters and zombies bite him during the fight.  Fortunately, a group of survivors save his ass and he’s pretty much obligated to help them out for saving his ass!


To do this, your character Kyle Crane (who, by the way, is the same guy who voiced Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5 and 6), has to learn how to vault and climb on the rooftops to avoid the hordes of zombies.  After a few missions, you get the hang of it and BAM!  you know parkour!

Dying Light surrounds itself around the whole crisis of finding an anti-zombie serum and helping the guys that saved you.  It may seem like a simple plot, but it’s not.  Dying Light goes that extra mile with an excellent and different performance by Crane’s voice actor.  There were some real tense and harse moments and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  (Although I haven’t finished “The Following” expansion.)  Be prepared for a wild ride, fairly similar to how Farcry 3 and 4 play.

Fighting the horde is solid, but that isn’t the purpose in Dying Light, it’s all about moving and avoiding the numbers of hordes you encounter while scavving for supplies or trying to complete an objective.  Along with the combat, you’ll expand your abilities and increase the amount of combat moves, but how to craft new weapons and handy parkour moves that help you scale tall buildings and avoid being bitten.  Here is an example of the parkour in the game!

The whole fight or flight combat system works well especially when night comes in the game.  Night time takes an entirely different element of gameplay, where Crane be the hunted instead of the hunter.  I’m not going to go deep into and let you find out yourself, but needless to say; it’s fun and frustrating at the same time.  Here is a good example of fight or flight!


Also, like Dead Island, there is an on-the-fly co-op system where you can trade gear and money.  There is a multiplayer option, which lets you become an infected character that is more than capable of killing another player and pretty much ruining player’s game.  The whole idea of sabotaging someone’s game is cool and felt kind of underplayed, yet fun as well.

As for all the goodies you get with the Definitive Edition, which is what I have, you’ll unlock all of the DLC skins and three expansions.  Two are smaller, while the last, “The Following” is a continuation of the main story.

All in all it packs up pretty well!  Dying Light was a fun and frantic experience that had some decent jump scares, good dramatic story, interesting zombie types and fight or flight mechanic; that changes up the monotonous zombie gameplay we’re all bored of, in titles like Dead Island.

Pick it up, it’s definitely worth your time!

Quota quib 11/13

There days ago, I joined, which is a site where you answer questions.  This can range from, “What’s the best way to bake a apple pie?” to “Why does Donald Trump’s face look he’s been holding in a really good fart?”

It’s safe to say, I’m addicted to it.  It’s a good break when, I’m short on inspiration and ideas.  Here is a funny answer I made for one of them.

“What’s a great way to end a love poem?”

“Just don’t end it on a period…women don’t like periods.”

Retro Review: Super Mario 64

Back then, it would’ve easily been a ten. In terms of today’s standard, it’s just a bit lower due to the aging visuals.

If I reviewed it for modern times, here’s how I would take it.

Musically Super Mario 64 is still a wonder to listen to with the Sliders, Water Level and 1st Stage’s music. The echos that Mario makes during jump and movement is still very cool to this day.

This a remix done by DelRey.  Enjoy!

Visually, the game hasn’t aged well, but then again it doesn’t need those deep detailed textures as the world still remains full of life and activity. The visuals in a Mario game are always supposed to be complimentary to the activity that is going on, so it still does its job well, for the age of the game.

In terms of a story, it’s still Mario’s standard fare, save the princess and Mushroom Kingdom. Yet this game was a trailblazer for almost every game out there now, as it had side quests and diversions that most folks take for granted. Sure, RPGs on the SNES had them, but platformers never did until this game!

Playing through the world are still insanely fun, frustrating and very challenging! I don’t care who you are, there is no way you can’t Mario 64 isn’t fun to play or at least watch. Imagine yourself watching someone going through one of the Bowser stages; they’re REAL NAIL-BITERS for the player and viewer.  JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Super Mario 64 is amazing to this day, regardless of its age. It’s really a fine wine, which just stays great regardless of when you open it up to enjoy it!!  I’ve got Grace home with me today, maybe she’ll enjoy watching me play it!

Courtesy to Brandon3DS for title image

Softening the Stone


Today I concluded Hearts of Stone and walked away more than satisfied.  Sure, all if the content takes place in Velen.  However, everything you experience is new and undiscovered.

Geralt finds himself taking the usual simple contract, which ultimately leads to him slaying a giant frog.  As he stands over the dead creature, he discovers a trail that leads to the greatest curse; immortality.  This curse finds a way to absorb the Witcher into a contract, which places his very soul on the line.

Bound by contract, Geralt undergoes multiple trails in order to satisfy the man who binds him.  These trails led him into strange altered worlds that defy death and try mend the past.  Moved by Geralt’s success, the man praises him yet feels no true happiness.  He is the man with the stone heart, undying and unfeeling.

As with all of Geralt’s journeys, a curse must be either ended by silver or ceremony.  To free both himself and the man of stone, he undertakes a challenge from the devil himself.  Should he not solve the worlds greatest riddle, by the last grain in the hourglass, Geralt dies.
Going beyond all of his abilities, the Witcher emerges victorious with both his soul and stone man’s life freed.

This adventure really does go beyond from what I expected from the normal downloadable content.  

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and it inspires you to check this out.  It’s by far my favorite DLC and will stay with me.  

There’s a whole lot in here, with just the right amount of mystery, intrigue and little bit of horror thrown in.

What the F*ck, Chuck!!

Mild Spoilers for the game Dead Rising 2

For now, I put a temporary halt on finishing that Zombie Genocider Master achievement in lieu of just playing the damn game.  I did need to go through and complete the survivor notebook, so I made another save and ran through the game, saving survivors and such.

While doing so, I got a chance to re-experience the Dead Rising 2 story.  It made me think of how I am as a father and how Chuck is to his daughter Katie.  This got me thinking, “what would it be like if I was in his situation”.  Take note, that there are HOARDS of zombies infesting Fortune City and quite a few dozen psychopaths running mad killing people.

Chuck has a lot of stones for doing what he has to do for his lil’ baby girl.  I’d do the same and I share that same feeling, that I’d do anything by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, to make sure she survives.  After all, it’s our natural instincts to ensure our offspring survive us.

But to make sure that happens, Chuck has to cut, shoot and bash his way through the gauntlet in order to give his girl her dosage of Zombrex. (Medicine she needs to survive)

My conflict is, should I somehow end up surviving that madness, would I be the same?!  All the killing, the rotting stench burned into my brain, the brutality of everything that occurs during the course of the game; would I be ANY different than the psychopaths I killed in self defense.  Probably not and I’d imagine ending as zombie food eventually; I feel bad for my daughter if we ended up like that.

So, here are some questions for you guys.  (Answer ANY ones you like)

  1.  If you were in Fortune City, knowing how and where everything is.  How would go about surviving the incident?
  2. Knee deep into the 72 hours in Fortune City, you’ve saved quite a few survivors. (we’ll say 30)  How do you feel?
  3. The 72 hours is up, the military ISN’T coming and there will not be AN ATTACK TO STERILIZE the city.  What’s your next step?
  4. What’s your weapon(s) of choice?!
  5. You’re exploring Fortune City, you want to have a good time, where to?!  (Zombies included or NOT)
  6. You’ve gone crazy!!!  How are you today? And what are you wearing to dinner??

Stuck…for now.

Pissed at Dead Rising 2 right now, I’m stuck on the Tape it or Die section and can’t manage to access the door.  Gonna have rely on a guide this time.
For now, here’s some highlights of all the fun!

Artist Showcase – CaptainBerunov

Today’s showcase is something of a treat for me, as I’m an affectionato historical fiction and American westerns.  CaptainBerunov takes the same things I love and turns them into a well-weaved tapestry of color and brings life into his works.  Many of the effects he creates, seem to make you feel that fire which emanates from the skeletal creations.  (which he clearly has an appreciation for Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s series)

Take the time to appreciate this artist’s work, have a few chuckles at my commentary and enjoy the show.