Getting prepped for Fallout 4 mods!!

Following the release of the most recent Fallout 4 DLC, Besthesda released the new mod creation kit or GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit).  Which means almost EVERYTHING can be modified.  From new weapons, locations, quests, animations, creatures; YOU NAME IT!  This time around, consoles will be getting access to mods, but they will only be available through Bethesda’s screening process.  Which means, no ADULT CONTENT, which is kind of obvious.  (But it might mean, that they will filter out the more unstable mods).

Regardless, are undergoing beta phase for XBox One and will be available in June for PS4.  I’M SUPER EXCITED and CANNOT WAIT!  For the time being, CHECK OUT THE LINK!!!

This is a taste of what Fallout mods are like!

fallout mods we want on consoles

If you want to mod Fallout 4 for Xbox, you can browse the mods catalog HERE!!!!!

Nuka Goodness!

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Wanderer’s Entry 1

Occassionally, during my playthroughs of Fallout 4, I’m going to post diary entries on little discoveries I found fun during the game.  I hope you enjoy a bit of creative writing that I’ve made of these experiences.


THERE WILL BE MILD SPOILERS!  But expect it to more for your enjoyment.  I wont give away any details about the main storyline or side quests, do you are safe on that.

ENTRY ONE, The Sewer Reaper

7 February 2288, After receiving word about a nearby settlement getting unusual amounts of feral ghouls attacking their farm.  I set out to determine the origin of the ghoul’s nest.  It wasn’t long before I came across the smell of rotting carcasses, both living and dismembered.

Fortunately, I’d that rusty piece of shit
.38 caliber pipe pistol into true killing machine.  So I’d been leaving a trail of those pungiant bastards as I continued my search.  Four days later, a hundred rounds down and not a lot sleep, I’d tracked them to a sewer in The Fens.

Opening the manhole cover, I’m overwhelmed with reek stench beyond comprehension.  I wiped the tears from my face and regained my composure from nearly vomiting on the street.  This wasn’t my first time in a subway with ghouls, but the was the place all right.

Inside, all I could see was red; the dim lighting system down there was painted red, not paint…blood.  I needed to be silent if were to take on these feral zombies.  They were fast and ravenous, but dumb as fuck.  As moved into further in, I’d seen something I’d never seen before.

Two corpses…old and decomposed.  The first was strung…NO, pinned upside down.  The second was sitting on top of the revine, positioned as if he was fishing in it.  But he wasn’t…because he head was lobbed off of his shoulders and had been juryrigged onto the fishing pole he was holding.  As if, whomever killed them, toyed with them even after they died.  What..the…fuck?!

An answer was here, or at least a message.  The sick bastard that did this recorded on a holotape addressed to, “Detective”.  In a voice as deep as the bowels of hell; the murderer bragged of his power over his victims and that he was waiting for the “detective”.

Detective?!  Valentine?  Last I’d heard, he was missing or dead.  Perhaps this was my lead to his trail.

I moved on, fording through the vile sewer water.  The silent approach I had before was gone, plans change.  It was two ferals that quickly moved towards me.  Two permimantly dead corpses, which nearly reached me before I gave them four holes each in their chest.

Beyond the stench of rot, I pushed on through the flooded reservoir, into a labryinth of tunnels.  My God, whomever designed these tunnels must’ve wanted
people to get lost down here.

Came to a dead end, where I found a severed head with an old cigarette in its mouth, placed into a baby carraige.  This guy had to pay…for his sake, he’s going to meet a worse fate than those he killed.  Mr Killer, I have a plasma grenade with your name on it!

Another recording was on the ground.  He was gloating, that the detective was in his home and that the killer would me him the prey.  The tape ended with a sinister laugh, as I ejected it out of my wrist computer.  That laugh echoed from the computer through the tunnels and let every resident know I was here.

Rigging a few frag mines, and readying my combat shotgun, I prepared for whatever came down those tunnels.
Like a fly to shit, seven sprinted around the corner.  It was a shame I didn’t bring a faceshield and apron, what was left I ended up wearing on me.

Oddly enough, the noises diminished to snarls and the clicking of teeth.  They weren’t gone but something different.  The scent of ghoul remains reminded me, that anything that smelled of them, they ignored.

For the moment, I had the advantage and I made it through the tunnel.  An into the main reservior.  There had to be 30 or 40 of these bastards in here.  I was careful, one wrong step and I’m dead.  I was determined to just blow this place to hell, but I had another
reason to be here.

Valentine, the detective I’d been looking for, might be here.  I HAD TO FIND HIM.

There appeared to be an alcove nearby, I snuck into it.  Except it was another dead end.  Two more of the murderer’s victims were here, a couple laying next to each, brutally hacked up with a machette.  This last one seemed rushed.

I searched around for a way through and noticed a green flourescent light glowing.  It was 35 meters ahead of me.  I hastely moved towards it.  The light noticed me.

The green source was ALIVE, a ghoul like them.  Just being in my presence drove my geiger counter apeshit.  I didn’t waste any time; I unsheated my combat and drove the blade through the lower jaw.

It was  DEAD, and where I stood, my answers were given.  A dead husk laid on a gurney, with ripped up clothes and bones shredded open.  On the floor, an ID, a police officer’s.  Looks like we found our detective, but wasn’t my detective.  Looks like good doesnt always prevail.  At least I might’ve ended the sick bastard for him.

Throughtout this, my geiger counter continued to go nuts.  It seems these glowing ghouls are loaded with all kinds of zoomies.  The horde caught on to the geiger counter’s.  I had move out, and FAST!  I rigged a timer, a frag grenade and a mini nuke.  I ran like hell!

The geiger counter finally shut up after  I’d gotten above ground and the explosion subsided.  That was over…but I had a long road ahead.  Nick Valentine was still out there; alive or dead I had to find him.

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Crawl out into the Fallout


For about two weeks, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 throughout this duration.  Thus far, the experience has been overwhelming and underwhelming, with most of the former than the latter.

What makes my perspective a bit more appealing than the hordes of Vault 111 scouring the Boston Commonwealth.  Let’s just say, I’ve traversed the Capital Wasteland and surroundings four times over.  One with a platinum trophy on Ps3 and three more on PC using various Fallout mod overhauls.


This was done three more times in the Sierra Nevada in Fallout New Vegas with a completed game on Xbox 360 and two more trips with its heavily modded world.  Now I don’t know where every Mini Nuke is, but I now my Bethesda Fallout worlds.


With all of that said…and when I look back up at the last two paragraphs I just had you thinking that A) I’m a gloating asshole B) I just had a nerdgasm.  I apologize, for that, as I felt it was necessary that you get a real perspective from someone who has played through these titles enough to know what Fallout 4 is to those fans that haven’t gotten to playing it yet.  With that, I announce that….



Throughout these two weeks, I’ve going through quest after quest, searching sheds to hospitals and beyond.  I’ll admit, when you look at the size of the map, you feel like you got cheaped out.  But it fooled me and it will to you, too.  There is soooooo much going on in the game, IT IS OVERWHELMING!!!  (But in a GOOD way!)

With that said, the world this time around will get you killed far easier than previous Fallout games.  Which is also good, because this game was never to be designed casual gamers in mind.

It kind of reminds me of how the originals were.  (You know, Interplay’s Fallout 1 and 2?)

If you went wandering in the wrong spot, you were dead meat.  Now it was set-up so that you were to avoid the hot zones until a much later time.  Then there were the spots you just got unlucky and got your ass handed to you.  Fallout 4 does this fairly well.

Scavenging is now bigger than ever in this game, as they added settlements, Skyrim-like crafting benches and a new resources system.  (You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you get about 10 hours in)  This gave me a continuous motivation to search even deeper for materials and things may have needed.

Coupled along with the vast numbers of areas they’ve added for you to scour, I’d found that the interior level designs have made each area unique.  Now, I’m not talking about completely different environmental settings, but the little signs that show the level designers were having fun with quite a few of the areas.  (For example, I came across a bathroom stall that had a stuffed teddy bear sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper.)  This made me feel like there was more of a personal touch done to each area.

Going on quests in Fallout 4 is wayyyy better than before.  Not just in shear volume, but in content quality.  As a comparison, Fallout 3 had some pretty great quests, with a few peppered in that were filler.  But in terms of over numbers, there weren’t many.  Then Fallout New Vegas changed that, but they went with the more the better route.  But most of those quests go here, get this, end quest and get bottle caps routine.  (Aside from the main story and some side quests)

Fallout 4 took the best of both worlds and fit it nicely, so that even the misc quests are worth the experience doing, vice a mindless grind.

Later on, you gonna start finding companions.  In Fallout, you always do get companions and it seems like you get a very diverse and interesting cast of partners, much like Fallout New Vegas did.

Last, is the graphics.  Yes, I know that everyone is bitching about the graphics.   But people don’t room to talk…I mean there is just soooo much content and layers to every environment.  In terms of how this title looks like compared to the last two titles, IT IS IN LEAPS AHEAD FROM THEM.


Crafting in this title is great, but what bothered me, is the fact of how limiting the modding of weapons and apparel is.  Trust me, it MUCH better than before, but I was hoping for more.  (Perhaps Bethesda is leaving creative room for modders, which BTW both consoles and PC will have mods accessable to them EVENTUALLY.)

A big one I will have to agree on is…the bugs.  And HOLY SHIT is there a lot of them.  From the poor companion AI (which has improved), to the eyebots and character getting stuck in the damn walls and floors.  UGH!!  (At least they are patching rather quickly this time around!!)

Another was the character models, sounds and animations.  Which were improved, but not enough to truly show off some skill.  Many of the animations just look like improvements from previous games, with the weapon sounds barely changing at all.  (Hopefully, mods fix that too!)

One last thing that bothered me, and I think this is for everyone.  Was how monotonous scavenging became after a while.  Which I will fully admit is probably from playing too much.  (Perhaps this isn’t a valid complaint but an excuse to say, “Okay, time to put the controller down and do something else.”)

All in all, the experience so far has been GREAT and I look forward to finishing this and exploring as much as possible.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up Fallout 4, it is worth every penny.  Be forewarned the Commonwealth is a difficult place to survive…so only the strongest will overcome it.