The the Line Drawn in the Sand

Recently, a few articles popped out at me.  One was briefly about the Steam network banning the title, “Rape Day”, which was a hit to their unstable company to customer relationship, in regards to censorship.  But I felt it was 100% RIGHT MOVE, on their part.  The game literally centralizes itself on gratuitous sexual violence.  So yeah, definitely not something we need as a game or really anything beyond what has been done already.

Personally, I think Rockstar crossed the line when they added a interactive torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V.  Sure, they weren’t doing it to push the boundaries, but maybe to see how a player would respond to torturing someone in-game.  It was sort like the Milgram Experiment, you didn’t necessarily have a choice unless you progressed.  Then again, maybe you did if you’d stopped playing.

GTA Torture

-Rockstar Games

GTA has always been the benchmark on how far games will go and I’ve yet to see the series or any other game (that wasn’t considered pornographic or hentai) add a rape as a gameplay element.  Why?!  Because that is where 99% of people will draw the “line in the sand.”  It’s one thing to have it portrayed as a negative point in a narrative, but a direct interaction is almost a perpetuation of the crime itself.

Now a couple days ago I read about Devil May Cry 5’s western censorship.


Courtesy of Dualshockers

All I can say is, WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM???  It’s just a woman’s bare ass!  Not only that, it’s more like a half-moon!  Go watch an episode of “The Simpsons” and you’ll see more nudity there, male and female.  For the longest time, nudity and sexual censorship has been a real head-scratching topic for me.  It’s probably because I was an amateur artist in my high school days.  Or maybe it’s the fact, that I learned about art from books about popular artists of the Italian Renaissance. (Like the painting by Rafael seen below)


Why is the human body, man or woman, so scary?!  Isn’t sex one of our many necessary functions as human beings?!

Now I understand that children are never to be associated with the coupling of two human beings, outside the subject of birth.  It is just something we don’t do, so we protect our children by parenting.  Which stems from the lessons of our history, that are projected through previous generations to keep us protected until we are ready.   However, parents and adults cannot protect their children forever, as the world has its ways of revealing the fact of life:  anatomy, death, sexuality and violence.  Which is why we should be there for them, to give them the proper guidance on the realities of life.

I was roughly 11 years old, when I had my first exposure to graphic violence.  It was a boring Saturday and I ended up crashing on my living room couch.  I’d slept a bit, to just about 9pm, when my brother and sister popped in the movie “Friday the 13th”.  (both were 15 and 19 at the time)  Before they’d started it, I was told to get out and that the movie was too scary for me.

However, I was a bit of a hard-head and thought that I was big enough to watch a scary film.  After all, I’d seen Poltergeist and The Ghostbusters, there couldn’t been anything scarier than that.  Clearly you know where this is going, right?

I spent the entire movie hiding underneath the pillow with occasional peaks at the screen.  But the pillow didn’t save me from the terrifying sound effects of Jason stalking the inhabitants of Camp Crystal Lake.  Which was further intensified by the screams that fell victim to him, until the inevitable conclusion of the film.  Hiding wasn’t an option, it was almost as if I was being stalked Jason himself.  Yet just when I was told “it was over”, but it wasn’t, as the final moments tell you – “he’s still out there”

How many of you are looking behind your shoulders right now?

It was a harrowing first experience to nothing I’d ever seen before and it left me with nightmares for a while.  That is until I had a talked with my mom and dad, which quickly resulted in my two siblings getting their ass chewed out.  But after that, I’d realized that the movie was only fiction, just like any other movie or show.

The same thing happened when my mom found some of my nude sketches in my early-teens.  We talked and she gave me the guidance I needed to fully understand my own sexuality.  Her words were of encouragement; more for my art, than the sexual interest towards the body of a woman.

Turning back to how we view violence and sexuality in the modern media.  It seems as though a naked body or sexual relations are considered shameful, almost like Queen Cersei’s “Walk of Shame”  Which is why, I absolutely love HBO, Showtime and many other networks remember that sex and nudity can be an integral part of the narrative and art itself.  As a matter of fact, sexuality and our own bodily experiences come much more naturally than events of rage, trauma and violence.

Yet, I can play the remake of Resident Evil 2; where limbs are shot off, people are torn in half and crushed to death.  (Not saying the portrayal was a bad thing, the remake is PHENOMINAL!)  I’d say this game is, the 2nd most graphic depiction of violence I’ve ever seen in my 30 years of gaming.  (Whereas Mortal Kombat X is #1)  But the violence depicted really suits the game and truly amplified the horror experience.  Now God forbid that we see a bare-naked lady’s ass, genitalia or a full-on sex scene in an M-rated video game!  Because that is just too graphic for us compute.

The line in the sand is drawn only few meters when I step onto the beach in regards to sexual content, yet the other line is being washed away by the tide.



STEM, Matrix and VR

To accompany my previous post about The Evil Within 2.  I decided to delve deeper into the main theme of the game:  Virtual Reality.  Since the movie The Matrix, the thought of virtual world went mainstream.  To think that a person’s consciousness can be placed into a virtual world as real as the one you and I live in right now, truly gets us to think about our OWN reality.

The STEM system.

In The Evil Within series, that same idea of a virtual world is represented by a fictional machine known as STEM.  In short, the machine uses targeted areas of the brain in order to create a virtual world where all those participating will share a consciousness together.  Imagine a world that doesn’t have disease and that happiness can be made without even physically moving a muscle, this is STEM.  However, in the game’s story the virtual world that was viewed as a utopia, only ends up becoming a living nightmare.

But I’m not here to write about the plot of the game, but to further analyze the virtual world from the real and fictional perspective.  After watching an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” called “PTSDee”.  (Which was recommended from my wife, Louie.  See the 2 clips below.)  I began to think about what kind of true dangers lie in store for us, as virtual and alternate realities continue to advance in our everyday lives.

Lol, okay I know Always Sunny isn’t greatest example to bring up a serious discussion of the negative aspects of what can come from VR and AR.  But you have to admit, eventually the technology may get THAT GOOD!  (or BAD)  The Evil Within 2 addresses this in the worse case scenario.  Hundreds of people that are currently hooked up to the STEM system suddenly begin to die off and once the story goes into play; all hell breaks loose.  Everyone inside the STEM system either transforms, gets killed or hunted by their own shared virtual consciousness.

Knowing that a machine could either transport you into a paradise or a life as a vegetable, is horrifying.  Like this and The Matrix, if you die inside, you’re toast in the real world.  Add along the potential that any traumatic experience you see or experience in those worlds could affect you in the flesh.  Look at it this way, in games we die and retry until we overcome and succeed.  Now imagine yourself feeling REAL PAIN and DEATH.  Would we be the same?  If it got that bad, would we push on and continue using the technology?

Hell, there are a ton of questions that we can ask here.  That’s why I’ll leave it up for discussion.  Leave any comments below.

-Racoon Daddy


What the F*ck, Chuck!!

Mild Spoilers for the game Dead Rising 2

For now, I put a temporary halt on finishing that Zombie Genocider Master achievement in lieu of just playing the damn game.  I did need to go through and complete the survivor notebook, so I made another save and ran through the game, saving survivors and such.

While doing so, I got a chance to re-experience the Dead Rising 2 story.  It made me think of how I am as a father and how Chuck is to his daughter Katie.  This got me thinking, “what would it be like if I was in his situation”.  Take note, that there are HOARDS of zombies infesting Fortune City and quite a few dozen psychopaths running mad killing people.

Chuck has a lot of stones for doing what he has to do for his lil’ baby girl.  I’d do the same and I share that same feeling, that I’d do anything by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, to make sure she survives.  After all, it’s our natural instincts to ensure our offspring survive us.

But to make sure that happens, Chuck has to cut, shoot and bash his way through the gauntlet in order to give his girl her dosage of Zombrex. (Medicine she needs to survive)

My conflict is, should I somehow end up surviving that madness, would I be the same?!  All the killing, the rotting stench burned into my brain, the brutality of everything that occurs during the course of the game; would I be ANY different than the psychopaths I killed in self defense.  Probably not and I’d imagine ending as zombie food eventually; I feel bad for my daughter if we ended up like that.

So, here are some questions for you guys.  (Answer ANY ones you like)

  1.  If you were in Fortune City, knowing how and where everything is.  How would go about surviving the incident?
  2. Knee deep into the 72 hours in Fortune City, you’ve saved quite a few survivors. (we’ll say 30)  How do you feel?
  3. The 72 hours is up, the military ISN’T coming and there will not be AN ATTACK TO STERILIZE the city.  What’s your next step?
  4. What’s your weapon(s) of choice?!
  5. You’re exploring Fortune City, you want to have a good time, where to?!  (Zombies included or NOT)
  6. You’ve gone crazy!!!  How are you today? And what are you wearing to dinner??

For anyone that cares! – Raccoon Daddy Reddit GO!!!

Letting everyone know that my Reddit page is UP AND RUNNING!  Feel free to drop by say hi!/FU/wassup or just talk about a story or two.

Much of what goes on there is for whatevers and I’ll moderate things only if it involves illegal behavior.  Words of warning!!  Prostitutes NOT ALLOWED!  Unless I get 65% (face it, your a prostitute, it’s how it works baby!)

Seriously, I don’t want this dude breaking down my door!!

I em’ dah lawww!!!




Getting down to the wire!!! – Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Play by Play

We have LESS THAN ONE HOUR until The Walking Dead Season Finale!  I can’t wait!!


Going to put Grace down for bed now!

I’ll  be doing play by play during the commercial breaks, so I’ll be updating this post during the show

0912 PM EST – The preacher is holding down the fort. Rick trusts him, so trust him. I didn’t before, but he’s become someone else. Practically everyone is going in this episode, does this mean anything?

0922 PM EST – An interesting standoff with an unknown Neagan member and each of their crews. (Was that guy the same dude who voices Trevor on GTA V)

0946 PM EST – Lots of roadblocks and not enough movement in the story. Where are Rick’s crew even headed?!

1007 PM EST – Okay, maybe a play by play wasn’t needed because the episodes just isn’t there. Morgan broke his code without a flinch which shocked me.

1015 PM EST – Everyone’s on their knees and there is NO WAY OUT. No stupid moves team Rick, your not getting out of this one.

1034 PM EST – Shows over and we are left IN THE DARK!!!
THE WAS BULLSHIT! I’m still a fan, but we got jerked!! Someone’s dead, but now we won’t find out until OCTOBER!!

I’d chime in more on it here, but that just defeats the purpose, as this was mostly about the episode itself!

Check out my previous post about the last episode HERE!!  Discuss any theories on how this is going to go down!

The Walking Dead: Whose gonna die?!?!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 6 UP TO  EPISODE 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also note:  Please be advised I have not read the comics in depth and will not refer them.  No spoilers for the comics, but you can key in on details of the characters from the books.

Holy shit!  Looks like Dwight got the jump on Daryl!  WHAT THE HELL?!  At the moment, fans are looking at Daryl to get nixed from the show on the finale, considering he was shot at not even a meter’s distance.

A few things before I get to the meat and potatoes of the article.  First, is the realism of what was happening in the final minute of episode fifteen.  Realistically, if your hit at close range, there is world of places he could’ve hit him, so possibilities are grim to survivable.   Daryl has survived much worse, but considering that Dwight is known to be a sadist, there is probably far worse pain he can experience.  My thoughts, he’s probably mortally wounded and will live this out ONLY if his neck is saved somehow.  If the moment arises, he will take the opportunity, but then again, he and the team are getting sloppy.  Hell, what I want to know is, why is it that Dwight was able to sneak up on the team, best tracker?!  This happened to Carol a few episodes back and now Daryl, either he’s one hell of a tracker or Daryl was never that great!  They’re letting this group eat at them and they can’t focus.  Either that, or their bodies are no longer starved and they are no longer the hunted, which would explain the overall carelessness.

Second, he isn’t an invulnerable character, NOR IS RICK!  But the guys working on the TV show, are going to be looking for shock value and that is going to keep us wanting more.  As to how they will do that, is to be seen.  But let’s be honest, no real heavy hitters have died yet…so whose it going to be?!


Daryl – Likely, but I don’t think so, because it was presented that the very end of the episode, which means,  THERE’S MUCH MORE TO IT!  But I have to admit, as badass as Daryl is, Carol and his personal vendetta against Dwight, are the only things left in his story at this point.  I’m feeling he will fulfill this purpose for the story.  In my opinion, he could continue on or go out in a blaze of glory.  Doing the latter, would be more suiting to his character and having him just get killed off or bleed out just won’t do Daryl justice.


Abraham & Sasha – He’s the most reckless of the bunch and I feel Eugene put some foreshadowing on how he’s served his purpose in the narrative.  Having Sasha captured or worse, which it’s possible that Sasha from collateral for the shot fired from Dwight.  Abraham is known to be willing to sacrifice himself for his cause, and right now it’s Sasha.  So, he may go down or they may both go together in some dramatic fashion.


Glen – Glen is trapped, but he’s been this way before and at this point he is more of an escape artist than Jesus.  I’m familiar of his fate in the books, so I’m talking about it.  Dwight is in his captivity, so it’s not looking good for him.


Morgan – Something about Morgan’s extreme respect to how all life is sacred, could lead to his ultimate end, especially if he yields to somebody like Dwight or worse.  Although, I have a feeling the gun Rick gave him in the end of the episode, may play a key role in the finale.  It’s a strong hunch, but somehow it’s connected into how the finale will play out!


Rosita – Sadly, I don’t know where her character development could go at this point. Tara is gone for the remainder of the season (due to real-life baby), Abraham doesn’t want her anymore and Denice is dead and there to give her moral support.  I see her being as self destructive as Abraham, at this point.  Should she get free from Dwight’s grip, I’d imagine she’d impulsively retaliate and essentially get herself killed.


Carol – She’s cursed to kill anything that gets in her way.  How, when and if she’s to be redeemed is to be seen.  But I have a feeling Carol’s story has a long way to go.

Michonne – I feel Michonne and Rick, have left each other exposed which is going to be left off until later on.  If anyone is still on their toes, it’s Michonne, but ANYTHING can happen and NO ONE IS SAFE!


Michonne (Danai Gurira) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Carl and Rick – There isn’t a chance in hell in them killing them off anytime soon, as there they are just too deeply rooted into the narrative, but you never know.


Judith and the Alexandrians – With the direction that Dwight and crew are heading, chances are that they take them hostage or nearly wipe out the community. Enid may end up hiding Judith, and she’s got that JSS (Just Survive Somehow) mentality which could ensure the baby’s safety. The Alexandrians are far more vulnerable than than the assault on the prison made by the Governor.


Maggie – It seemed as though she is having complications with baby since we last saw her. Which could be a real danger or just a false alarm for her unborn child.

Please comment and discuss all of your theories, just free of any material related to the comics.







Question to All: Is there a time limit on letting out spoilers?!




It’s official I’m finally caught up on Game of Thrones!!  However, one of the major cliffhangers was already spoiled to me…hell, it was spoiled to almost all of the American viewers on ABC during their New Year’s Eve in Times Square special!  Overall the impact may have been softened, but it still remained to be a major shocker with EVERYTHING that happened near the end of the season, including the spoiled scene.  But was seriously pissed by them releasing such a huge spoiler!

With that said, I have a question, and I’m dying to hear feedback from you!

  • Is there a time limit on releasing spoilers on any video games?!  
  • Movies, TV shows or any major books?  
  • If so, why do you feel people should spill the beans without making a good “SPOILER WARNING”?

Also, so you know, I’m a person who tries to avoid looking at major release trailers, teasers and anything that goes too in-depth about movies, TV or videogames without actually completing them.

Once I complete a game, I go looking for the boards and the articles that do spill the beans and discuss the unfolded events.  You would think most people would do this and keep things quiet to those who haven’t experienced it.

HERE —>> On my blog, this is my golden rule.

ZERO SPOILERS!!!! (For the exception of the RARE tongue-in-cheek jokes)