BAD DADDY! – Heihachi

Heihachi Mishima, Tekken series.

When it comes to dear ol’ dads, Heihachi isn’t winning any annual awards. CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation, master martial artist, father to Kazuya Mishima and grandfather to Jin Kazama. (All of whom were taught in the same art as their father.)

When we first meet his son Kazuya, he’s fighting in the “King of the Iron Fist Tournament”, to remove his father from power in the company.
Defeated and powerless Heihachi exacts a vendetta on his own son in a second tournament and captures him.

As a way to ensure his position is never challenged again; Heihachi carries his unconscious son to the peak of an active volcano and drops him in. Yup…hot mag-ma, Dr Evil much?!



Needless to say, he’s made other attempts at being a better role model. He took in his grandson and raised his pet grizzly bear and trained it to fight like him. (I’m dead serious, his name’s Kuma.) Which he failed, because well…he’s evil. Badass, but evil.

That and everyone in the tournament hates him. Including a teenage school girl Ling, whom he promised to build an amusement park for her. Only to build in his image and likeness. What..A…d*ck!! (See video below)


I can answer ANY question except THIS one!

What are we having for dinner?!  Oddly enough, this seems to be the most difficult question for Louie and me.  Which also seems to be a common issue in families and couples.

This is how I feel about it some times…

Typically, I’m home from work by 9am-ish fall asleep by 1030 and wake up around 5pm.  She’ll get home by 530pm and we’re always asking that same question.  What are we having for dinner?!

Being the gentleman, I ask her what she’d like?  (which us odd because even after being married for 5 years, we still finish each other’s sentences)  Yet we can never come to solution before it ends up being a late dinner!

Now, we’re both accomplished cooks in the kitchen.  She still beats me by a mile, I’ll admit she can bake and do thing’s I have no idea how do.

But it does frustrate the shit out of me, that even with all that, we can’t come to a solid conclusion.  It usually ends up in my court to be the decisive one and dinner is made by 730pm at the earliest.

So this goes out to everyone.  Do any of you go through this phenomenon most nights?  If not, some solid suggestions would be nice!!

For now, I’ll let Sam Elliot decide..


Last month, I was coming home from work one morning and opened the front door. Normally, our 25lbs chubby brown puggle Daisy would come walking up to the door to greet me. Except I was greeted by her and a grey Yorkie about half her size, with beady brown eyes.  For a moment, I thought…I’m in the Twilight Zone, cuz we don’t have another dog and we never let one in recently.

This is the closest resemblance to Rosie, sorry I don’t have any available pictures to show, at the moment.

I called up Louie and it turns out, the dog was cowering in front of the doorstep as she was leaving for work that morning.  The poor dog was lost, with no tag or collar and simply walked and brushed up against her leg.  She felt that it had chosen her, and who wouldn’t, the dog was really friggin’ cute.

Once Louie got home, we started thinking of ways to find it’s owner.  First, it was the SPCA, which we found out that she didn’t have a chip.  Then we did flyers, social media and Craigslist ads (which were a waste of time, really).  Nothing…no one could either prove they owned her or wanted to take her in.

Maybe I should’ve put this up on Craigslist, as we kept getting emails about “owners” of Rosie.  None had ANY proof of ownership!

So we took her in, not knowing what to do next.  Mostly, she was a great dog around the house and warmed up to the family almost instantly!  Louie and Grace, loved her so much; Grace (our 4yr old) named her Rosie Cozy.

However, we noticed that Rosie had issues with fear and would tend to cower and hide.  This lead to difficuties having her go to the bathroom and ultimately accidents in the house.  Also, Daisy was not getting along with her and the two would fight over food and sometimes bed space.  These things were making her stay to be difficult but managable.  Until she ran into the busy street last week…

When bolted out into the road, she almost caused a multicar accident on a two-lane street. This led our neighbor (who is normally pretty friendly to us), to yell at my wife for almost causing that accident outside.  After a talk with the neighbor and with Louie, we decided it was time to give her up.

Luckily, we found a no-kill shelter that could take her in and help her find a new family.  Louie couldn’t bring herself to take her and Grace, had become so attached to her, that we had to tell her that we’d found her original family.  (Telling her that would’ve made it much easier for her to understand Rosie leaving)

When I got there, I was pretty much told to wait outside and was told to “wait until our dog person will see you”.  But it looked as though they weren’t going to be able to take her that day.  By sheer irony or just crazy good luck, the dog expert there said that she knew someone who wanted a Yorkie.  It turned out that the owner of the local bakery was the same that made our wedding cake almost 5 years ago!!

Talk about a crazy coincidence!!



A couple hours later, we met up with the baker’s family.  Rosie warmed up to them almost instantly; which is pretty much what happened with us.  I really didn’t need to ask, “Do you want to have as part of your family?!”  Everything seemed to come together that evening and it only got better.

As we waited for Rosie to get her inoculations and paperwork to be finished, her husband Rob, began talking about work and what do as our daily.  He and I ended up having a ton in common and we ended up doing some business networking and it looks like I may have a new job opportunity with his company!

Fingers are crossed like you cannot believe and with how everything went from one month ago to today, seems more than coincidental.  Capitalizing on this, I made a stop into the their bakery and bought a birthday cake for my wife.  (Who had her’s the next day) and took Grace and Louie out to Don Pablo’s.  Overall, a phenomenal night and can’t remember one day that went so smoothly.

Back in Action!

Well everyone, I’m back at it!

With plenty of pent-up energy from taking a much needed vacation. (Which was a serious need!) Expect a lot of the great content you remember and more!
First on my agenda is the decision to change the title of the blog to “1st-hand accounts in Fatherhood and Gaming!”
After all, what I play and experience is my first-hand account! NOT a review, NOT a news bulletin and the same shit you read somewhere else two minutes ago! NOTHING has changed about the content, its simply a better way for readers to understand WHAT IT IS I WRITE!

Say whattt??? – SOURCE

Yup, always was that way and always will!

Second, I’ve decided to keep a schedule on posting material. I’ll try to keep the entries fairly consistent, but I make no promises.  Also, be mindful that my reblogs are not intended to be just fillers between content.


Lastly, you can look forward to seeing some slides of my PS4 gaming exploits, in the near future!  This will be my way of abridging stories on those longer sandbox and RPGs.  They will be much more entertaining than your family reunions, sitting on the sofa watching slideshows.

ONE LAST THING!!!  Just wanted to give a belated Happy Father’s Day word to all you dads out there!!

We are far too underappreciated!!  Just because we didn’t carry them into this world, doesn’t mean we don’t carry them THROUGH this world!  We work hard to make sure our sons and daughters are the best reflection of who we are and hopefully greater!.

With that said, I’m back in action!

Like Action Jackson! – SOURCE

Not Good with my Hands

Following a couple days off, I finally up and decided to assemble our grill for the back porch.  Figuring this was going to be 2-hour assembly, at best, turned out to be a 4 hour hassle.

This was mainly because the instructions carried no instructions, words wise and when strictly off of pictures.  Sounds easy, huh?  Not so much, when you have 6 different types of screws, washers, wingnut, etc., etc.  It also didn’t help that it was damn near 90 degrees today, which just made me grab for water every hour or so.

Once the second hour had passed, Louie and Grace came home.  (which I already felt disappointed because I wanted it done, so we could make dinner with it.)  Regardless, it turned out to be not as frustrating for the rest of the time.    Grace got plenty of time outside, and ended up getting Louie soaked with the garden hose, while she was tending to her new garden.  They ended up playing, getting each other wet, while I watched from the porch.  (Diligently working on getting the grill done.)  By sundown, I had to quit, leaving the grill 3/4 done.  I’d wish this would’ve taken less time to finish.

Oddly enough, an episode of The Simpsons was playing.  Homer was getting doted on by Marge, about him not being a handyman.  (For those that don’t know, Homer’s projects just end up falling apart.)  To remedy this, Homer ends up watching YouTube tutorials to fix things around the house.  The rest of the episode is just pure comedy, as are most of the shows, considering they been on since 1989!

But got me thinking, I need to start assembling a better tool kit and start learning how fix things myself.  I won’t be able to do a lot in regards to home improvement, as we still rent, but at least I could start getting the right tools ready.

So the day went to shit….

Yesterday, I made my best effort to surprise Louie with a trip to one of her favorite gardens for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, the whole day went to shit, as Grace (being the “strong-willed” or as I tend to look at it undisciplined) 3 1/2-year old decided to do whatever she wanted.  Any other way; then she didn’t have, leading to fits and tons of frustration.  This went on from 12:30pm until about 4:30pm.

Don’t get us wrong, we tried, truly we tried EVERYTHING in our power to work things out as best as you can with a 3-year old.  Now, we know that there are some things that are not strong-willed behavior, like expecting things by demand or doing things on her terms.  (Which she does tend to do.)  Yet, there is no room for compromise with her, and if it’s met, it only delays the issue until later.

To say the least, it lead to me nearly blowing my cool and almost leading to laying a serious spanking.   I was furious, almost enraged beyond the point of cooling down.  Long story short, Grace ruined the day for us and someone was on a good punishment.  (No TV/phone/games/toys, just books in her room)

The moral of that day was, that I need to take a minute to cool down sometimes.  It’s such a pain in the ass to work with her sometimes.  We are trying almost everything, for the exception of corporal punishment and just TIRED of it.  (Louie is too, especially, because she is with her much more often than I.)  It was so bad, that when I was carrying Grace out to the car while I was pissed, she wanted a hug to try make up for it.  I told her no and that I didn’t want to give her one.  (Which was a first.  We shower our child with affection!)

I’m just hoping that much of these behaviors are a phase and can be corrected, to a point.

Any words of advice from more of the seasoned parents out there would be great! PLEASE!

Reddit update! r/dadsthatgame 4/20/16

R/dadsthatgame is the little engine that could!  Activity has been slow, but I’ve been seeing plenty of participation!  If you any topics you wanna throw out there, frustrated about something, talk about things other than gaming, put it out there!

There are rules there, just follow them and you’re good!


Feature image – CREDIT

My Heart is Melting!!! MELTINGGGGG!!!

Louie shared this link with me last night and I liked it so, I figured I share it with everyone.

Dads, parents and anyone else who wants to have their hearts warmed, melted down and re-shaped into a glass decoration of, DAAAAAWWWW!  Please check out the nice lil share!


It’s sooooo damn cute!!  I know, I’m trying too hard.

Gamerdads Assemble!!

OK clearly, I’m not broadcasting to a large audience.  But I just wanted find some way, to start getting the dads out there, to come together!

Currently there is a GAMERDAD subreddit on Reddit right now that has a good subscriber base, but looks like its been pretty slow.  It’s my hope we can jump start the community, get something going and have a place, to rant, BS, discuss shit and maybe set up gaming sessions.  LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES!

I’m trying to build bridges and make this a big community!!!



The Math Think Tank

Today, I finally got to see my best Erik, whom I haven’t seen since his wedding in a couple years.  Which was mainly because he and his lady moved out of state, so it kind of sucked, not being about to hang out.

It was good to have a few laughs, get some GOOD eats, with some great low keyed time talking about; things that have happened to us, stuff about work and well most of all….MATH!    Which I was following along with relatively, but was mostly just actively listening.

(UGGGHHHH MATHH!!!  BTW Louie-6.02 x 10^23 is a real equation-It’s the Avacodo’s rule or something, GOOGLE IT!!!)

Shuddup Vader!!

Most of the stuff they were going over was well beyond what I learned in college and high school.  So it was a little hard to follow along with, which I don’t despise, but it’s difficult to really engage with that kind of talks.

Honestly, Algebra II and anything related to Number Muncher, was the highest I went.  I feel old……………….

Best game EVER, back in 5th grade.

Eventually, a conversation was started talking about the math symbol  π  or “Pi”.  Which they mentioned that it’s not pronounced “Pie”, which makes it sound yummy, but “Pee”.  Which is NOT so yummy.  They confused about why people don’t pronounce it that way, which ultimately leading that this is ‘Merica and do it our way.  I just think that Americans are so IRRATIONAL.

The number that is so hard to recite from memory regardless if it tastes good in your mouth or not!!!

But overall, it was good to see an old friend and spend some time with Louie sans our little girl Grace for once.  After that, we spent a nice little car ride enjoying some music and talking about random things, which we haven’t been doing recently.  Recently, it’s almost felt like we hadn’t talked in forever.  But I had an amazing time with her today and she really she is my joy.  (which felt really nice)

Later, we stopped by her parents and went to a spaghetti diner together, which was fun.  Grace, was really klingy and kept on hugging me, telling me she loved me and had my melted like an ice cube thrown into a volcano.

This was EXACTLY how I felt!!

Seeing her parents is always a great experience, as her dad is pretty much the best father-in-law a man could have.  Personally, I kind of view him as my father, in a lot of ways.  First, both of my parents are gone, which is pretty sad as I’m 33 years old, it is, but I manage.  Second, I feel he and his family were a blessing to me, as it gave me the grounded guidance I needed when my mom died and many other things.  Third, he has welcomed me into his family in the most amazing way.  Last, he’s got a true heart of gold and only gets on my nerves when he plays pranks on me.

Her mom has also been there, whenever I needed somebody to give the right advise when I needed a second opinion.  She’s been patient with many of the ups and downs that come with getting into a house, finding a new career and supporting Louie and Grace.  So, I couldn’t have asked for more.

OK OK, enough sappiness for one day!!

MMMMMMMmmmmMMM…sappiness.  🙂

Overall a great day!!  –  Be sure to LIKE, SHARE and REBLOG if you want.  Til’ next time!