Double Dragon 2: The Revenge. Technōs Japan. (1988) Nintendo.

Unless you didn’t notice by now, I don’t do reviews on here.  At least, not the usual one, with number scales or letter grades.  (Let’s face it, I’m done school, no more letter grading for me)   As a nod to another blog I like A LOT, I’m going to submit a few of their works when they come up.

Recently, Double Dragon II got RE-released on PSN.  I haven’t tried it since the SNES days, but I imagine its just a direct port with trophies/achievements stuffed in.

Got this off of Gamesrevisited! Check these guys out, if you want a REAL review of a game that’s gonna have you laughing hard! Fair warning some do have MILD SPOILERS, but unless your really paying attention, you’ll won’t notice.  Also, they make reviews based on the fact that you don’t narrow band your attention on the number they give at the end! Good times!

Special Thanks to Game Art-HQ for the title pic.  Which is a MUST if you love cosplay, fanart or concept art!

Games Revisited

Double Dragon 2 Cover

I was surprised about this one, as a kid it was a frustrating ballache, with many a tantrums thrown at its behest. So is it a good game? Has father/mother time been fair to it?

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