She Netflix me. She Netflix me not!

Was just reading an article about Netflix finally implementing their price increase for their services.  You can read the article HERE

To save you guys the time, though.  The price increased to WHOLE DOLLAR!  Warning incoming mass rant from the internet masses!

This is kinda how I feel about all the ranting we do

I’m not one to side with large corporations and their legions of soulless white colored executives, but Netflix does put out some great original content.  For me its Daredevil and the Marvel series, as well as Stranger Things.  Also, there are a few on my list to watch:  House of Cards, Narcos, The Crown, Unbreakable Kimmie Schmit, Castlevania.  So that are a few things to catch up on.  Granted I still have cable, subscribe to Hulu, Amazon Prime and have a HBO subscription; so I may be wasting my money.  But it seems that the original content is what keeps me on Netflix.  Sure, I’ll watch a movie on there once IN A BLUE MOON.  But Is still enjoy just pulling it up and burning a flick.

Hell, I can’t even remember the last time really used any of my DVDs outside of gaming.  Even then, I’m still blowing dust off of them.  Speaking of that, there is still one major issue I’ve had with the service (as has everyone), which are the trash titles.  In terms of newer titles or the content library altogether, they either stink or all the other streaming networks have them up for view.

Hopefully with this jump in price, we’ll get a serious bump in quality movie content.  As a member for nearly a decade, this hasn’t changed in big strides.  NOW is that time for Netflix to give the subscribers what we want, BETTER MOVIES.

To market strategists:  BIG HINT

Honestly, the original content is great and want that production quality to be maintained and the good shows to keep running.  That and we don’t need anymore TV series added to the service, as there are clearly more than enough on there already.

Alternatively, there is HBO, which is way better at keeping their libraries current and content at a good quality.  But that comes at a cost of $15.  Yet, their movie and original content is VASTLY superior, as they keep their content gritty and very appealing.

I’m certainly not crying about a dollar.  But the company does need to put their big boy (or girl) pants on and improve that weak library going on.

What’s everyone’s take on how streaming services now?

Personal favorites?  Recommendations? 

Recipe Share : Chris’ Hot Chicken Salad

With a post drought well in effect here on my blog.  I figured I’d share a pretty good recipe I came up with.  (Not like it’s an earth shattering recipe in cooking)  

As a parent whose got the opposite work schedule as my wife and daughter, it’s pretty hard to balance chores family time and responsibilities.  (Which is ultimately where my lack of time for here comes in.)

So most of my work at home is done in the kitchen.  (Usually, she doesn’t get home until 6ish, so dinner has to be done!)  This has been like this for about 8 months.

Since then, I’ve gone from making boxed Hamburger Helper meals and Stuffed Peppers to entries featured at your local mom and pop diners.  Honestly, I’m kind of shocked on how I’ve grown as a cook since then!  

Anyhoo, I’ll stop rambling and get down to what may be my own creation!  Or at least my own take on a nice bowl of chicken salad!


(FYI, yeah this is my first name…so yeah SPOILER!)


1 Green Pepper

1  Zuccini

1-2 Dozen Cherry Tomatoes 

1 Yellow Onion

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (enough to generously coat 2 large skillets)

Dry Dill Weed (4 tsp)                          

Italian Seasoning (2 tsp)       

Poultry Seasoning (4 Tbl spoons)   

1.25 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

2 Tbl spoons Lemon Juice

4 tsp Kosher Salt

6 tsp Black Pepper

1/2 Bottle Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (or any ranch dressing)

1 box Stove Top stuffing (Chicken, Turkey or Savory Herb flavors)

4 Tbl spoons butter or margarine (for stuffing)


Dice all vegetables leaving them semi-thick, for the exception of the cherry tomatoes.  

Cut the chicken into quarters, lightly salt and pepper, generously coat with poultry seasoning.

Cook stuffing a medium sauce pan (Which can be done anytime really.) Just follow the directions on the box.

Begin heating two large skillets with Olive oil, making sure to coat the pans well.  Sprinkle in Italian Seasoning into the coated pans.  Heat them on medium heat to warm the oil.  

Add in chicken into one pan, then use the other for the veggies.

Cook chicken 2 mins on medium, turn and repeat until turned 5 times.  (Obviously until there is NO PINK)

Cook veggies until they soften, but DO NOT sautee and make them mushy. Lower heat for veggies and turn off heat for the chicken.  

ADD 2 tsp of black pepper and 2 Tbl spoons of lemon juice to VEGGIES.

Drizzle ranch dressing onto the vegetables the same way you would a normal salad.  

Plate the cooked ingredients veggies, chicken and a 3/4-1 cup of stuffing on top.

Rest assured, this is a delicious and health conscious dish even a 4yr old would like.  And here the proof!!


Anyways, hope you enjoy this as much as we did!!  

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Before I go, I’d like to thank you guys for all of the comments, follow, shares, etc throughout the year and a half I’ve been writing.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!


Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble on this…but I have to postpone my NES Madness entries and blogging as whole for a little while.  I’ve realized over the past few months, my personal time has been getting less and less.   It has been a constant balancing act with spending time with my family, doing overtime shifts or writing to you guys.

Recently, my content has been thinning out more and more.  So I figured that this NES Madness would’ve been a great way to give you guys some fun things to read AND watch.  However, time has not been on my side and I’ve decided to SLOWLY trickle out my entries, from now on.  

For those who don’t know, I work 48-54 hour work weeks, so when I finally get a break to do some writing.  It either comes to me or not.  Recently, I’ve had the inspiration.  But my body doesn’t quite agree with my mind and I’m left tired most nights.

I know, it’s wonderful when I finally get the sparks to write, yet everything else in life is playing against that.  Although, so I’m very fortunate; I have a beautiful and supportive family, in good health and have a warm home to rest in.  For now, I’m going to use time as an advantage with my writing.  Maybe that will work better.

The Age Old Question: How Do I Avoid Burnt Out!

I was burnt out by December and I found that just taking a break and walking away from blogging worked. Perseverance might work for some, I just ended up losing more interest in what I was writing about.

After I moved my focus away from the site, spent more time for myself, wife and daughter; I regained my desire to write and so forth.

Maybe it just depends on why you were being burnt out.

-Raccoon Daddy


Yeah…so this what sound my family wakes up to yesterday.  Wonderful!

This is why people gotta keep their eyes on the road and get your sleep.

Everyone was okay and nobody got hurt.  (Including the incompetent driver)  Although Grace, Louie and my neighbor were all within 5ft of being killed by the truck.  

Getting a little hung up!


I’ve got a little extra money on my PSN account and noticed that both The Division and Dying Light: Definitive edition are on sale for $29.99.  I’m torn on which to get.  If anybody would like to chime in and tip the scales for me.

(Also note, my brother who doesn’t live with me, but has both on Xbox One, but I may be able to borrow it in the near future.  So the possibility to just save the money for another release is available.)

What should I do?!

Blog Challenge!! ONE WORD!


I’m welcoming any of those to challenge me to a ONE WORD write off!  All you have to do is comment ONE WORD and I write two paragraphs.

THEN, I pass that challenge onto the the person challenging and ONE other blogger!!!  

Once that is done I’ll take up ANOTHER WORD!

REBLOG this link on your page with the challenged word so they know the rules, if you intend to challenge others.

The challenger must give the word of his or her choice, that is all.

-Raccondaddy, original author.

Pass me the g’damn controller, man!

Last night, Louie FINALLY threw down the gauntlet and offered to play few games with me.  Which was complete shock, as that was one of the reasons I started blogging.  It REALLY caught me off guard, as I’m used to being silly, cracking jokes at the dialogue in whatever I’m playing.  Clearly, there I wasn’t gonna say no!

Sadly, we only had like an hour at most before I had to get ready for work.  The Xbox 360 was a no go, as my 2nd controller needed to have it’s batteries recharged.  (Note to self, do that.)  So the PS3 was my only option. (My PS4 only has one controller.  Note to self, get a second one.)

With what little time we had, I skimmed through my digital library in hopes of finding a game she’d like.  First up was Jet Set Radio (one player), which she just thought it was weird, calling them creepy; which I had to laugh at.  We played with three retries, in order to keep us engaged.  Louie complained about the movement and how it was kinda difficult to handle.  Obviously, I told her with every time she said “I can’t do this!” to just remember that games are all about trial/error, learning and improving.  (I gave her a lot of credit, as she hasn’t played a video game since, Guitar Hero.)  When it was my turn, I kinda agreed with her about the wonky controls.  Playing it seems like your character has a Low-G effect.  Considering that the game was eating up our time, we tried something else.

Little Big Planet 2 seemed like a good idea, to our luck, I hadn’t played it in a while and had 2 hours in updates pending.  Our last game for the night was Virtua Fighter 5, which was fun to play a local fighter with someone.  (Most of the time, I’m going online or playing solo.)

I remember her complaining about why all of the women were portrayed as puny and always pretty.  (Clearly, she hasn’t played as Vanessa!)

We ended up tied with a few wins between each other and then we called it quits for the night.  I liked this…ya know, the whole sharing activities, I wanna do more!  I’ll have to go through my library and see what we can do as 2-player and what has to be one player experiences.

Hell, eventually I ought to let play a few titles and have me watch her play.  She always liked to watch me play Uncharted, maybe I’ll get her into that or the new Tomb Raider.

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I’m giving up the numbers!!!!

I’ve decided to give up on the numbers…that how many come here.  For such a long time, I’d narrow band my thoughts into, how many visited me today, who’s liked my stuff and what page was reblogged.   While many of these things are beneficial to a page’s growth; it’s also a microcosm of BULLSHIT!!

Would I like to have my own site, with a name, personalized URL, eventual beneficial properties and finally jump-starting a writing career?  I would… But I’m missing the point here.  I have my frequent readers and some returning visitors, my family and friends.  THAT IS WHAT SHOULD MATTER!!!!

It’s great to advertise, but with the way things are today…fuck it all to hell.  Marketing is a commodity owned by those with “coin in their purse”, not by social abilities of human communication.  There are some out there, but for the most part…Good luck.

Honestly, I’m a numbers kind of man; I tunnel vision on it and think of strategy of improvement and NEVER about being content.  I’m going to try to change that, I have to.  The numbers will consume my passion for writing, which is the true HEART and SOUL here, not the prosperity of my E-Penis, I mean webpage.  I’ve noticed that you guys really liking the content out there; no just thumbs up click icon, but the genuine feeling!!  This reflects back to me, more than you know.  So, I’m gonna steadily be more real with you.

The thoughts I had before were poisonous, ebbing away my will to create.  I know MANY of you writers out there that put thoughts onto paper or keyboard knows; that it hurts to the core.

However, you’ll still see the reblogs, music and artist shares; which are really my way of sharing the things I enjoy with you guys.

My community and my family are the most important thing to me.


Gamerdad’s Reddit : A Lost Cause!

Recently, I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any participation on the r/dadsthatgame subreddit.  This is mainly because, I feel I’m not giving it the love it needs and THAT THERE ISN’T ANY SERIOUS TRAFFIC HERE!

It ultimately boils down to money, NO MONEY NO TRAFFIC!  I’m looking to eventually migrate this into a big boy site, in the near future.  For now, I’m going to stay hands-off of the subreddit and just start my own, once I get a real site up and running.

Be sure to LIKE, SHARE and REBLOG!  Thanks everyone!

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