Artist Showcase – CaptainBerunov

Today’s showcase is something of a treat for me, as I’m an affectionato historical fiction and American westerns.  CaptainBerunov takes the same things I love and turns them into a well-weaved tapestry of color and brings life into his works.  Many of the effects he creates, seem to make you feel that fire which emanates from the skeletal creations.  (which he clearly has an appreciation for Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s series)

Take the time to appreciate this artist’s work, have a few chuckles at my commentary and enjoy the show.

Artist Feature!!!: Apterus


Today, I have APTERUS, whose an Acyan_by_apterus-d7a478cMAZING painter!!  As you can tell, much of his work is either inspired by the undead, mechs and Evangelion!  Which I’m a fan of all three, so this one was a no brainer!!  (get it, NO….BRAINER. I know, but I think it’s funny)  His colors truly to come out, and look so nice against the dark, earthly backgrounds.  Anyhow, enjoy the colorful, yet lifeless art I have on display for you today!


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Video Game Music??? Wow….NERD!! – Final Fantasy VI

For many years, I’ve been an avid fan of video game music (or VGM).   To be precise, my love started with Square’s Final Fantasy VI, back when it first came out.  During my experiences as a young boy, wandering through the enchanted forest, interrupting a live performance and saving the world from a psychopath.  I steadily grew to appreciate the various synthesized sounds; how well they matched the classical music I’d been learning, as a musician in middle school.  I loved it so much, that I recorded it and using a Playschool audio recorder.  (C’mon, I was 11 years old and on a budget!!)



But I didn’t record any old songs.  I recorded “Dancing Mad” and “Balance is Resored” which I recorded for a 32-minute track on a cassette tape.  What’s that?!  Look it up, in the dictionary!  What’s THAT?!?!  Oh FML!  Google it!!

Regardless, I was so excited, that I took the cassette to my music teacher.  Whom at the time, was very influential on my expansion into bolder and lesser known music.  Eventually, he did listen to it and gave the music compliments, despite it being from a video game.  Which was considered mostly laughable by adults and parents.  At that time, I thought he really liked it; but now that I look back he may have been doing it to be nice to me.  Who knows.  Despite that, I continue to be a fan of video game music.

So guess what?!

giphy (1)

I’m going to share with you!

Here is Nobuo Uematsu‘s Dancing Mad and Balance is Restored.  Both redone in a full symphony orchestra!  From me, you’re only going to get the best!  ENJOY!

From Distant Worlds II

From Distant Worlds III

Title image  – by Yoshitaka Amano (A nice gallery of his works)

More of Mr Uematsu’s works are HERE


Fan Art Features!! – Jiggah

As a regular post, I’ll be featuring video game fan artists, as well as other artists I find that are pretty awesome out there.  A distinct selection of their works are featured for your enjoyment, please know that all of these works were allowed to be posted, with their consent.

Please take the time, to enjoy their works; be sure to stop by their page if you’re interested and show your support for their talents.

Today, we have Jiggah, who focuses on fighting games and anything Capcom related.  From what you can see, there is an homage to many arcade games and just about every fighter known to man.

He’s so badass!  Shame he doesn’t realize, that the moon is about crash into the Earth! – SOURCE


(Frank on Day 7 in overtime) – I’ve over 53,5oo zombies!      Only 94 to go!  *Looks at you*  Hey, you okay buddy?!        Looks like your coming down with something!!    SOURCE 
Arther: I HAVE THE POW- *ahem* sword Excalibur.  – SOURCE
Foot beats shield!  So?!  Sword beat FACE!  *Batman dies*  SOURCE
Bet you can’t figure out what game he’s from!  *HINT* Sega CD – SOURCE