Reality and then…Not so much.

I asked Louie, whom is my eternal love, if she’d been reading my entries recently.  Except, she told me that I’ve been only posting about gaming, which is mostly what this blog is a about!

Your Links taste a little too gamey for me.

Essentially, she sort of rolled her eyes and said, “that stuff doesn’t interest me”.  Then she compared gaming to some mundane topic of random knowledge, and that kind of made a little mad.  I know that gaming is not for everyone, but if its a major hobby of your significant one and they write about it on the internet…shouldn’t you at least show SOME interest?!


Not necessarily out of pity, but to bring you closer to each other.  Now, I’ll admit I’m not a big TV watcher (which she is), but at least I do sit down and watch them with her, despite many of them don’t interest me.  So, my question is.

Am I asking too much from her, in having her read my posts, even though they don’t truly interest her?  PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK, SHARE.  As always, thanks!


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Silent Hills?!?! P.T?!?! What’s going on?


Rumors were running rampant of a potential Silent Hill sequel, this came in a teaser known as P.T, which was actually released as a fully playable demo on PS4.  But before we knew it, it was pulled from the PSN store, which Silent Hill and horror fans were left hanging dry.  Just look at these creepy-ass photos!!

Say cheese!!!  Because I’m gonna steal you soul!!
OK……Officially creeped.  It’s the red light.




Credit to ODiN OnLiNe LeT’sPLaY

Scared….yeah, we all were when you went through this.  Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil 2 fame) swore that he would bring survival horror back to its roots.  But THIS is what was going to truly bring us back to the true fear and isolation that survival horror games used to give us.

BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED!!  Konami cancelled it!

Since the release of Metal Gear Solid V, we’ve been getting teasers on a potential Silent Hill sequel.  From the teaser videos, Norman Reedus, Benicio Del Toro and Konami/Kojima fallout to a new studio and whispers of a sequel in development.

YEAHHHHH…that Norman Reedus.  Hey Glen!

From the top, back last year, Hideo Kojima was mostly finished with MGSV and there were talks of Kojima signing on Del Toro and Reedus.  But about a month, news leaks were coming out about Kojima and his company Konami possibly being let go from his job.  As we know now, Konami parted ways because of their change in business, to pachinko, mobile gaming and gambling.

Yep, Konami…you know….

Kojima was let go and essentially shamed out of his respected position and treated like a turd by Konami executives.  Which never truly made sense unless you’ve played MGSV, which I hated since I beat it, until I’d compared it to the Kojima/Konami departure.

To simplify, Kojima was let go because he invested a TON of money into MGSV and the company didn’t like it.

Damorg92 made a deep analysis on Reddit’s r/metalgearsolid subreddit of the whole story caparison of MGSV and Hideo Kojima’s own real life clash with his former employer and IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED MGSV, READ IT!!!!!   HERE 

But it didn’t end there, instead it inspired not only Hideo Kojima and his new company to look into a potential spiritual successor, but other indie companies into Kickstarting their own inspired titles!

For those fans of Silent Hill, you know how amazing the atmosphere, story and intensity is put into each title.  I mean just look at the greatest title of the them all……The story is SERIOUSLY DEEP.  Here’s a synopsis of my favorite…Silent Hill 2.



And there was Silent Hill 4



……Yeah…not going down any holes!  NEVER AGAIN!

Best of all, Kojima is set to appear with Del Toro in an upcoming event.  So you never know, maybe the fans are starting to get what they want!  I’m hoping for a sequel, I mean

Just remember, if there is another Silent Hill…rest assured that this shit will NEVER CHANGE!!!  Silent Hill fans, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!


Tecmo! Where the hell did your sanity go?!?!

Dead or Alive 5/Ultimate/Last Round & Core Fighters


For about two years, I’ve been playing Dead or Alive 5 off and on.  At first, it was a solid fighter with a MUCH better effort into making a story mode, like many of the current fighting games are doing.  (Which was mostly non-existent before DOA 3)

Sadly, there is a very solid fighter here with so much more to it!

It still retained many of its other features from the last 4 entries into the series. Which were: a basic Arcade mode, Versus, Survival Mode, Time Attack and Training. The system in Dead or Alive, if your not familiar with it is based on timing, juggling and countering; except it’s highly simplified as opposed to more technical fighters like Tekken, Street Fighter or Virtual Fighter.  Overall, Dead or Alive is a solid fighting game.


The online system is well implemented into ALL of the modes, which allow fight invites EVEN in practice mode!!  (Which can be turned off!)  Training is executed well and most of the most of the modes have remained the same.  (Which is a good thing!)  The story mode will actually last a couple days and about 4 hours of dedicated time, if you don’t skip the scenes!

DOA never really got over the whole clone fighter shtick! *cough* KASUMI! *cough*

However, there is something VERY different with Dead or Alive…which is the excessive emphasis on overly sexualized characters.  Which means that EVERY girl fighter is blessed large boobs, Playboy bunny bodies and skimpy outfits.  (Its been like this since DOA on the Playstation.)

The develops have known that “sex sells”, which went from having unrealistic breast physics that moonbounced as you played.  (seriously) To having them be more contoured to a female characters body and steadily as each title came in, the physics became more realistic.  To me, it seems like the developers are far too obsessed with Japanese swimsuit idols.

Ooooops!!  Did your fireworks go off, in your hand…to bad!  Don’t mind me while I kick your teeth in now, Tee Hee!
You’ve come to the right beach!!  Just so you know, I’M A CANNIBAL!!!!
Okay…OK. Repeat what you just said.  Uh huh…Uh huh.  I’m sorry, ONE MORE TIME!


Because people REALLY want to see a 14-year old girl in skimpy outfits! *obvious sarcasm*


Don’t FIGHT me…MOUNT me! 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, and all shapes and shades are always appreciated.  But it doesn’t make it sexy, only sleezy.  Which is what has bothered me in terms of Dead or Alive, they can’t get beyond their over-sexualized presentation.  Tecmo has a good fighter and fall back on the teen aged presentation of lady characters.  If your going to make them sexy, stop giving them one-dimensional personalities, better and realistic dialogue and give the ladies some real shapes and proportions.

This is actually a statement made by the Tecmo/Team Ninja Staff!


You know what I smell?!?!!?!


Courtesy of blackreverend

Also, a horrible practice of Tecmo/Team Ninja’s is how they release and price their DLC.  After you’ve purchased a game that around $33.  However, COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, there are costumes for all of the characters, that could’ve been priced or made available through a freemium money system.  But NO, you MUST lay down cold, hard, cash!!!  These are the numbers for DOA Last Round, which is most recent update.

“Actually if you didn’t buy anything previously there are:
3 season passes for $92.99 each
The Ultimate Content Set also for $92.99
The Honoka Debut set for $7.49
The Last Getaway set for $24.99
Ninja pack bundle for $5.99
The Premier Sexy Set $14.99
and finally the Showstoppers Encore for $11.99
That adds up to $437.41 .”

Thanks to user, Sky7176 for this post.  You can find the full discussion here:

For those interested in their DLC here is a few picks of the good and the bad from my opinion.


Hey buddy!  You spotted me!  I know I know, that makes me a shit ninja!  But if you don’t run, I have a some ninja magic that will make you crap your pants!!  YOUR CHOICE!
Honestly, if I were to see a hipster on the street with a fashionable eye-patch.  It’s not going to be fashionable anymore. 😉
Hey Kokoro, you might want to stop posing and start RUNNING!!!
OK OK, I got a thing for this whole outfit!
Oh yeah, Ayane!  You can swallow my………fist, ANY DAY!                                          (Swallowing fists are a turn-on for me, DON’T YOU JUDGE!!!!)
NOW THIS IS SEXY…Just DON’T take off the trench coat!  Yep, that’s it…………………. OWWWW!! WTF, THAT’S MY EYE!!!
At least she getting a nice tan, while she’s breaking your FACE!
RYU!  This isn’t even FAIR!  I’m not a demon, YOU ALREADY KILLED THEM ALL!              Ryu?!….RYU????!!!
If you’re going to dress like a goddess, the rule is, THE LESS, THE BETTER!
Hell!!!!  You win dude, I’m officially fuckin’ scared!  No…Really you win!  Go fight Scorpion or Liu Kang or some shit!!
Elvishly Sexy!!
OK OK!  It would just be SOOOO awesome if Leon could put people in sleeper holds!


I’m gonna give you a clothesline, you can’t refuse, capiche?!

You’ve got to admit, IT’S BADASS!!
This one gives the lady fans some justice!  The tats are kinda nice!


OK, seriously?!?!  We may as just wrestle it out like the Greeks did and get naked.  Just remember nothing below the belt!!
I wore this as a special occasion, do you like it!!!  *Fighter gets a boner/ladyboner* *SMASH!!!!*  Opponent gets his/her teeth KNOCKED OUT!!!
You think THIS oufit is KINKY?!?!  You should see what the guys who made this game are wearing!!!!
I’m going to kick yer ass, WHILE sticking my breasts back in this every 10-15 seconds!  Booyah!
Doa5_81 (1)
Be VEWRY VEWRY quiet, I’m honking wabbits!
THIS LEAVES SOOOOOOO MUCH TO THE IMAGINATION!!  It must be the mask!                     (So…mysterious!)

I’d gonna let this out now, DoA 5 is the best example of a game milking players out of their hard earned cash out of the gamers…  When it was first released, it already had enough content, but Team Ninja/Tecmo kept churning out costume DLC for this game and setting Apple-like prices for the content.  To be honest, I shouldn’t support their game, NOT because of the over-sexualized costume design and unrealistic boob physics it has.  But because of the way market their product.  My opinion; don’t buy this game, avoid the trap of getting ANY DLC for this and play the FREE core fighters version.  (but don’t rope yourself into buying the characters, they change them around every week for FREE!)  IF you like it, buy the full game at Amazon/Newegg/etc for a THIRD of the price it’s listed on PSN.    


Question to All: Is there a time limit on letting out spoilers?!




It’s official I’m finally caught up on Game of Thrones!!  However, one of the major cliffhangers was already spoiled to me…hell, it was spoiled to almost all of the American viewers on ABC during their New Year’s Eve in Times Square special!  Overall the impact may have been softened, but it still remained to be a major shocker with EVERYTHING that happened near the end of the season, including the spoiled scene.  But was seriously pissed by them releasing such a huge spoiler!

With that said, I have a question, and I’m dying to hear feedback from you!

  • Is there a time limit on releasing spoilers on any video games?!  
  • Movies, TV shows or any major books?  
  • If so, why do you feel people should spill the beans without making a good “SPOILER WARNING”?

Also, so you know, I’m a person who tries to avoid looking at major release trailers, teasers and anything that goes too in-depth about movies, TV or videogames without actually completing them.

Once I complete a game, I go looking for the boards and the articles that do spill the beans and discuss the unfolded events.  You would think most people would do this and keep things quiet to those who haven’t experienced it.

HERE —>> On my blog, this is my golden rule.

ZERO SPOILERS!!!! (For the exception of the RARE tongue-in-cheek jokes)



Mini Reviews for You: 2015

Last year I went through quite a few games and felt like I’d share a mini review of each one I’d played, so you could have a snapshot on it.  I’m not including the ones I played during the period when I had my Playstation Now subscription.  (If you like, feel free to look at those previous posts, of which gave a fairly good description of each game I played on the subscription.)

Just Cause 2


This was a fun experience and reminded me a lot of Bionic Commando but with big explosions.  Plenty to do in the game, it’s a sandbox where just about everything can be destroyed.  Definitely a buy, considering it’s bargain bin price now.  The new sequel is out now, but if your waiting  for the price to lower or not sure, give this a try first.


–Now THAT, is a jumbo jet!

Duke Nukem Forever


Not the best quality game for as long of a wait many fans had to put up with.  Beyond that it was a solid shooter that wasn’t a waste of time, if you like lowbrow humor and don’t mind a story that was written by monkeys. Rent it if you like, but you can usually get it for around $5.


Sorry Duke, maybe I’ll have $59.99, next time…But here’s a dollar!

Castlevania – Lord of Shadows: Mirror of Fate


Solid platformer that tries to go back to the Metroidvania days.  Combat was fun, boss battles were great and challenging.  You take control of three characters in the game that are supposed to have unique abilities.  The story was pointless and I would get this just to get that old Castlevania gameplay you’ve been missing since the handheld days.  It’s available on PSN and Xbox for $15.


Castlevania – Lord of Shadows 2


Plays like Lord of Shadows did, which was a good game.  Good story, good gameplay.  It plays a little like God of War, but with its own type of combat.  There were some stealth elements in the game that were just inserted in, to bring variety, but it could’ve done without it.  Story is taken in a different direction from other Castlevania games, so if your fan, you might like it.  Rent or buy in bargain bin.

Soul Calibur II HD


HD port of an oldie but goodie.  Plenty of modes and a large weapon master mode, which will take you some time to finish.  You won’t find any create a character like the later titles and visuals certainly show their age; but if you can get beyond that, try it out!  If you aren’t familiar with Soul Calibur, its a fighter, but with hand-to-hand weapon combat, and a good solid game.  Recommend buying online, which I believe is the only way its available.

Monkey Island: Special Edition


This game is a perfect example of a quality gaming experience.  If your used to fast paced and intense action, this game isn’t for you…or perhaps it is!  Slow yourself down, put your thinking cap on and get ready for an entertaining story that will make you laugh.  Besides, if you get stuck you can always just look at a FAQ to move you along.  Stupidity happens to all gamers, myself included.  Also, if you played this many years ago, you’ll be surprised to know that the graphics are updated with new artwork and you have the ability to play the original version, if you’d like.  It’s worth every penny!  Available on PSN or xbox live.


Boy!  The locals sure are nice here!

Kingdom Hearts 1.5


If you missed this back on Playstation 2, you have a chance to enjoy a phenomenal game.  This is a completely original story and RPG, that takes Disney and Final Fantasy characters and puts them in a merged world.  The combat does require a small learning curve and when you first start the game, you may be a little bit lost when you get to Traverse Town at first.  But the action quickly picks up and keeps it consistent and fresh throughout the game.  Story wise, I felt it was a little predictable and to be honest, I don’t know why they are so obsessed with this series’ story line. The story isn’t bad, it’s just not DAMN!, WOW! or New York Time’s bestseller material.


Whale penis…

Also, this game is a bundle of two other “games”.  The first is Chain of Memories, which was an okay title.

The other is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, which is a compilation of cut-scenes from the game, but doesn’t include the game itself…just movies.  Personally, I felt it was a waste of time, sitting through 80 cutscenes of three teens as they ate salted ice cream and whined about emo-bullshit.  (Salted ice cream?!?!)  Honestly, I felt like I’ll never get that time back, its gone and 358/2 days took it away.

Must play for the original Kingdom Hearts and the other stuff is just filler and not fan service.



Ducktales: Remastered


This game I loved back the original NES and this one is even better.  If you’re looking for a GOOD unconventional platformer, with a side of well written Disney humor, look no further.  Lots of good nostalgia for those whose played this way back when!  I’d buy it.


–Pain, from a cane, now IN HD!!!



It plays like Mortal Kombat for PS3, minus the fatalities.  Good story mode, with a lot of variety for DC fans to enjoy.  Fighting is good, giving the player to use environment items as attacks.  If you like a good fighter, a Mortal Kombat/DC/comic fan, you’ll like this.  Rent, if your not sure, but it’s worth it.


–This is what you get when you ask for more DLC characters!!



Overall a solid title.  The more powers you the more fun can have in the game.  My biggest bitch with the game was the overpowered minor enemies, which were able to kill you pretty quickly and at long distances.  Also, hitting said enemies with your powers was a pain in the ass.  A lock-on feature would’ve great for this game.  


The story was good, with a few unexpected twists, the game is worth the frustration, though.


FYI, Cole’s power is electricity, which means, DON’T GO SWIMMING!!

Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Black Flag


–Okay, 5 to 1 on the angry chick with the sugar cane knife!!

For those new to Assassin’s Creed, at least try one of these games, as you can jump into these games in particular as they are not continued stories, but separate experiences.

First is Liberation, which was good, but not great.  My complaints, were that it was too simple for veteran Assassin’s Creed players and missions seemed kind of flat when comparing them to previous games.  Eventually, you get access to an economy system, which wasn’t bad, but left you with a ton of money and not enough to do with it.  I’d rent or get it on sale.


–On the bright side, at least you’ll be able to eat some gata’ tnite!!

Black Flag is the opposite, if you love pirates, history, sailing in open waters, raiding ships and performing many fun missions, try this!  This one of those games that makes collecting items and exploring enjoyable, not a grind!  Hell, even your crew with sing sailing songs during voyages, seriously!  Worth a buy!


–True.  So true.


Tis’ the seasonings

Twas the night before Christmas, and most people were stuck in their beds.  Some had to work overtime or their regular shift before midnight.

All through the house, parents and families were wrapping gift fairly late and family pets were constantly scratching the fleas off their body.


Plenty of creatures were stirring, because the temperature was a balmy 60 degrees.  All children did rest snugly in their beds, yet it was hordes of zombies and candies arranged in neatly placed rows dancing in their heads.


Still, throughout it all, down came the chimney; good ol’ Saint Nick, who was oddly confused as to why he still does this every year; as he’s not quite PC, considered real, or even the legitimate reason for bringing joy to the world’s heart.

Yet somehow, it works out.  No matter how wonderful, magical, bad…or just plain shitty the holiday season is for you.  Always realize we must stop and utilize this time to love and appreciate WHAT WE HAVE and NOT WHAT WE DON’T.

Life is too confusing overall and we mustn’t become frustrated with what happens to us and comtinue to constantly worry about what we don’t know about yet.

Appreciate the small things and bring joy to whomever you can, so I want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!








(for those who don’t practice religion and respect to the faiths that don’t observe the day) and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS CHRIST…because your a good dude and the REAL for this day.

P2D2 – Submarine Lookout Droid

Gaming for those in real relationships!

Okay, so initially I was going to wait until Christmas to pick up my Playstation 4.   But the impulses got the better of me and I went and bought a Star Wars Battlefront bundle.  (along with Fallout 4; currently 30+ hours in)

I’ll admit, it was a gamble getting it before the holidays.  My wife was fairly pissed for about a week.


But, to be honest, I felt that it was clearly known that I wanted it and had earned the money out of my own paycheck; that as an adult, I can buy it whenever I liked.  Christmas can be magical for my lady and my daughter, honestly I could’ve cared less when it came to being such a large and obvious gift.

Simply put, no matter how I word this, it will come out wrong for many others, so what is done, is done.

I’d love to elaborate on my overall experience, but this time, I have a much more serious message to get across.  Which is, to discuss gaming in serious relationships, where your other half doesn’t play games.  How to handle serious relationships when you; the hardcore gamer is having conflicts with your significant other about your habits.


After reading quite a posts of Facebook, Twitter and many other social media hubs about how Fallout 4 is seriously messing up good relationships.  Some are going to the extent of breaking ups to straight up just breaking the game disc itself.

What many gamers don’t realize is… that YOU CAN PUT A GAME DOWN AT ANYTIME.  (yes, even online)


Which brings me to rule # 1

FAMILY COMES FIRST!-The excitement and need to tear into a new game or to play are being deprived of any games in days or hours, is a tough urge to fight.  It’s easy to pull yourself away from the temptation to play before you start.

But like the mafia…once your in, your in.  We get engrossed in the gameplay, the experience and the interactions from online parties and hate being interrupted when shit is getting good.


Honestly, though it doesn’t replace the memories we have in real life.  Going out, sharing quality time with those we care for… IS PRECIOUS!

These times will go away, if ignored.  Games can be replayed endlessly and so long as you continue to own your games, they will be there.  It will save you a headache and maybe an unwanted talk about how you spend too much time playing games.

The online community can wait, IF THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS they will understand, when your going to spend time with the people you love most.


Rule # 2  PLAY SMART, SPACE IT OUT!  Those of us, that are married or have kids know, that a binge gaming session just doesn’t happen.  Sometimes, you may get the family out of the house for some odd reason.  Only then, do you get an opportunity to play an 8-hour session in a t-shirt and pajama pants.  In remedy to this, I recommend playing in hourly or less sessions.   Sure it will keep you less interested in the story, especially if its an RPG.

KEEP NOTES OF THE STORY!  What I do is, I use Google Docs and make a word document and jot down the story and where I left off from, so I don’t get lost.  Fortunately, some games do this for you in some fashion, so you don’t have to; if not, you’ve got this.  Overall, just remember pick your times wisely.



This is fairly simple, as it covers some real common sense things, such as housework, bills and daily bullshit.  If you said your going to do something, get that shit done and out of the way.  Bills, pay em and get it over with.  Keep the house tidy, make sure you feed your pets.  Change your oil and fill up your gas tank.  SOME PRETTY COMMON SENSE SHIT!  But you would be surprised, when you get sucked into a game and time flies, then DAMN…you may have a problem.

Rule #4  TALK IT OUT!!

We all should know by now, that communication is GOLDEN in family and relationships.  If you have someone that you love that isn’t into gaming, perhaps you may want to talk about sharing activities.  Obviously, you may have to be the one who has to put the first step forward.  Talk about getting engaged in the activities they like to do.  Once that is communicated and established for a fair amount of time, you may be able to promote the idea of sharing your gaming experiences.

You may not get a second player, but you may get someone who will watch the game with you or something to that extent.  In my case, my lady will sit on the couch and will watch and make funny comments or observations about a game.  As they say in the fine print on those infomercials, “Results may vary”


The person you care about may be tolerant of how much you game, but most likely your gonna butt heads on how much time is spent.  Which is where this final rule comes in.

Let’s be real, GAMING IS A HOBBY, and it should be treated that way. Express to him or her that it’s YOUR HOBBY and that you would like to have some time to spend on it, while they are home or in the room your playing in.  If they don’t at least respect or acknowledge that, they aren’t respecting you.

Never justify yourself when you’ve spending way too much time in your gaming sessions with them.  Stop playing… and listen to their concerns too.  They may be valid; just remember to communicate and work something out that works for both of you and the family.

With that, I wish everyone the best of results, play smart and have fun!!


Next on the list

Continuing were I left off yesterday, I will go over the games I played during the last month on Playstation Now.  There are general snapshots with my overall experience coupled with them.

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland


Like the title says, its about alchemy; which is kind of ironic as this game is a fuse of various genres.  One, it’s a turn-based JRPG, focusing on the combat element.  Second, it’s a visual novel, similar to many popular Japanese video games, which drives the plot forward.  Third, is the alchemy aspect, which is it’s own unique twist on game progression of building your character up.


Honestly, it was a great experience for me.  That is, if I can get through a JRPG without it having a million obscure anime cliches or Japanese culture references.  But I got beyond that and just continued playing it.  This game was more like a lite-JRPG, that was enjoyable when I got beyond the simplified storyline.


The alchemy part was pretty addictive, and gives plenty of room for experimentation.  Overall, a solid experience; if you like it, there are 3 or more sequels of the game available on the subscription.   I didn’t get that in depth with it, but maybe you might.


Blazblue Chronophantasma  


I’d played Blazblue before, so I knew what to expect; a solid fighter with a deep storyline.  Which is what makes Blazblue unique.  Unlike, The King of Fighters, Tekken, Street Fighter and many others.  It presents a very deep storyline right on its front doorstep, that will take just as long a standard action game.  I kind of wished there was more visual presentation of story progression and found myself getting bored reading and reading in order to better understand what was going on.  (Reading in videogames is good and all, but there comes a point when you have to throw in some visuals.)


In terms of its ability as a fighting game, it wasn’t a pick up and play fighter like Marvel Vs Capcom  or Tekken and had a bit of a learning curve to it.  Also, this is the second game in the series, which means it features a much bigger character roster than it predecessor.  Also, I loved how flashy the moves in the game are how the character designs are very unique.


Along with this, I played Guilty Gear Xrd, which was the first series was created by the company XSEED.  (Who makes Guilty Gear and Blazblue)  This one actually does the opposite with its story mode, it does away with fighting matches and plays an animated movie of the story.  (which is actually a story set after the events of Arcade mode, which has its own story to it)


Much like Blazblue, this title features the unique character designs and flashy movesets, but with a Heavy Metal-like musical twist.  Both titles are highly recommended, if your a fighter fan.  I know I’ll be diving back into these before my subscription ends.


Last on the fighter list, was Arcana Hearts 3.  Which features an all girl cast with a large inspiration from Japanese animation.  Which also boasts the same gameplay style.  However, I didn’t like because it was a very striped-down game with only a basic arcade mode and I think a survival mode.  (Which reminds me of Skullgirls, which is love letter to all fighting games.  But left me wanting more from both of these titles.)  So I didn’t much time on this one.



Last on my list, was Deception IV.  Which was a very unique title, that may have you loving it or just putting it down.


Basically, it’s a strategy game that has you playing a woman who is the demon-lord of a huge castle, and you must defend it from invaders.  Funny thing is, your the bad guy and all of society is trying to put a stop to you and your minions.


In order to prevent this, instead of just hacking or blasting the shit out of the wannabe heroes; you must set-up traps that will brutalize and ultimately kill them.  (So expect some gore)   Where it gets cheesy is through its overall presentation.  The AI is friggin retarded and will clearly just run into your traps.  Yet, if you can get over that, its not hard to enjoy this game.


I have to admit, I wasn’t sure as to if I liked it or hated it.  But I’ll leave that up to you.


Now that I’ve finished going over my list; I have one major gripe over this Playstation Now subscription.


You will find some, but most are very dated and with end of the PS3’s life coming soon, now would be the time to start putting some major titles, that have been out for about six months.  It wouldn’t hurt, I mean its not like people will stop spending money on games.


Down, but NOT OUT!

For about a month, I’d found myself working very long hours, with rotating shifts and schedules.  (Sometimes, working 7-day work weeks)


With this, I made my best attempts to spend as much time, as I could with my wife and daughter.  Couple that, with a persistent case of Bronchitis, which left me debilitated on several days, thus siphoning away any motivation to commit my fingers to a keyboard.   But I recovered.


However, that does not mean I didn’t get any gaming sessions in.  As I mentioned in my previous post about Playstation Now, this  month was spent going over the many titles that I chose.  These were primarily games I’d wanted to play before, that I either, did not own or was interested in getting them from a bargain bin; at a later point.  So, I urge you to make your own conclusions about the service.

Each title, I’ll go over a brief first impression and what I got from the experience.  That way, I save you the time of just reading, yet another damn game review.

Lone Survivor


This indie title, was designed for true survival horror fans.  A very difficult experience that requires you to think, on your feet and to resolve problems that come along in your progress.


Personally, I’m a Silent Hill fan, and I was hooked…and a bit stumped.  Currently, still playing this one and now own it.  This one was a keeper for me; as it the first true SURVIVAL HORROR, in a LONG time.  Word of advise, this game is HARD



Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge


Started this one up, because I’d played the other previous titles.  From the get-go, I’d known that this installment was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.  Think DOOM, on it’s hardest settings, except that’s how NG3’s NORMAL is.


Yeah, its like THAT!

With this in mind, I set this one on EASY.  So you know, true gamers can put a g’damn game on EASY, if you just want to progress through the pain and suffering, in order to save time.  We don’t do it to avoid the headaches of repetition.  Hence, the reason why Demon’s Soul/Dark Soul games are very popular; the player suffers lost after lost, only to be rewarded once you finally progress.

But, if you know Ninja Gaiden…there is no reward, unless your can skill your way out of it.  The previous titles had balance, this one doesn’t.  So, for time’s sake, I went with it.


I digress.  Overall, it’s retains the same feel as all other Ninja Gaiden’s and I enjoyed, while playing it.  On Hero, (which is the game’s easy setting, I couldn’t comment on the challenge-wise)  but it was good experience playing it, save for the fact that it felt exactly like playing NG1 and NG2.  Which was both good….well…meh!



Earth Defense Force 2025


I got into this game, because:

A) I like Dynasty Warrior-like games as a guilty pleasure.


B) I like mech games.


C) I hate bugs…they just creep me out.



D) I like games where I can blow shit up!



With that said, I’d NEVER got into this series and had heard it was good.  In response to that, I have no idea what the fans of this series are smoking.  First off, I saw where people could’ve liked this…I mean it has that whole Godzilla-like, “we’re all gonna die” feel to it.  Corny, isn’t even the word for it.



But for me, the charm left the building after the 10th mission of killing giant spiders and ants.  Which mind you, was already making my skin crawl as it was… and just thinking about it makes me shudder right now.


(Let’s just say, the Fallout 3 sidequest, “Those!” was far from likable, but was very enjoyable…simply because giant mutant bugs are just….CREEPY!  But that didn’t stop me from liking it.)


I’ll admit, that the weapon variety was nice and did make a solid attempt to satisfy my want to blow stuff up.  As you given four different play styles to work with as you go through the game.  (All of which, have unique play-styles to them)  Which I did like, but couldn’t get beyond the fact that the game felt like playing a bad Sega Saturn game!!  (Mind you, this came out in 2014)



This was not one of those “it’s so bad, it’s good!” games for me.  Now Deadly Premonition…that’s a very different story.

I flushed this one, despite giving it a fair chance.



God of War: Ascension


This was good!  Short, but sweet.  Although the story really didn’t flesh out anything new for Kratos.  Like all God of War games, it was a wild ride!


Gameplay was simplified a bit on this title and wasn’t very challenging until the very end.  (Kinda wished I played this one on HARD)  Loved the whole new gadgets featured in the game.  Which were seriously some of most creative ways to apply a tool in a game…period.  Not only, could you use them in the field to progress, they were integrated into the combat seamlessly.  Will admit that I did miss having different weapons except the chain swords.  (which has been replaced with other combat items)


Also, this time around, don’t expect any foreplay QTEs.  Which were already fairly awkward and just a bit silly.  (Besides, sex and videogames have yet to captured correctly, tastefully or expressed freely.  Let’s face it, it hasn’t happened yet because developers cannot bring their maturity level up their age.)


Perhaps, I’ll go over this some other time, cause I do have to get this off my chest about adult content and games, eventually!  For another time, of course!

With that said, I’ll continue to go over my list of games, I played on the Playstation Now subcription next time!