The the Line Drawn in the Sand

Recently, a few articles popped out at me.  One was briefly about the Steam network banning the title, “Rape Day”, which was a hit to their unstable company to customer relationship, in regards to censorship.  But I felt it was 100% RIGHT MOVE, on their part.  The game literally centralizes itself on gratuitous sexual violence.  So yeah, definitely not something we need as a game or really anything beyond what has been done already.

Personally, I think Rockstar crossed the line when they added a interactive torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V.  Sure, they weren’t doing it to push the boundaries, but maybe to see how a player would respond to torturing someone in-game.  It was sort like the Milgram Experiment, you didn’t necessarily have a choice unless you progressed.  Then again, maybe you did if you’d stopped playing.

GTA Torture

-Rockstar Games

GTA has always been the benchmark on how far games will go and I’ve yet to see the series or any other game (that wasn’t considered pornographic or hentai) add a rape as a gameplay element.  Why?!  Because that is where 99% of people will draw the “line in the sand.”  It’s one thing to have it portrayed as a negative point in a narrative, but a direct interaction is almost a perpetuation of the crime itself.

Now a couple days ago I read about Devil May Cry 5’s western censorship.


Courtesy of Dualshockers

All I can say is, WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM???  It’s just a woman’s bare ass!  Not only that, it’s more like a half-moon!  Go watch an episode of “The Simpsons” and you’ll see more nudity there, male and female.  For the longest time, nudity and sexual censorship has been a real head-scratching topic for me.  It’s probably because I was an amateur artist in my high school days.  Or maybe it’s the fact, that I learned about art from books about popular artists of the Italian Renaissance. (Like the painting by Rafael seen below)


Why is the human body, man or woman, so scary?!  Isn’t sex one of our many necessary functions as human beings?!

Now I understand that children are never to be associated with the coupling of two human beings, outside the subject of birth.  It is just something we don’t do, so we protect our children by parenting.  Which stems from the lessons of our history, that are projected through previous generations to keep us protected until we are ready.   However, parents and adults cannot protect their children forever, as the world has its ways of revealing the fact of life:  anatomy, death, sexuality and violence.  Which is why we should be there for them, to give them the proper guidance on the realities of life.

I was roughly 11 years old, when I had my first exposure to graphic violence.  It was a boring Saturday and I ended up crashing on my living room couch.  I’d slept a bit, to just about 9pm, when my brother and sister popped in the movie “Friday the 13th”.  (both were 15 and 19 at the time)  Before they’d started it, I was told to get out and that the movie was too scary for me.

However, I was a bit of a hard-head and thought that I was big enough to watch a scary film.  After all, I’d seen Poltergeist and The Ghostbusters, there couldn’t been anything scarier than that.  Clearly you know where this is going, right?

I spent the entire movie hiding underneath the pillow with occasional peaks at the screen.  But the pillow didn’t save me from the terrifying sound effects of Jason stalking the inhabitants of Camp Crystal Lake.  Which was further intensified by the screams that fell victim to him, until the inevitable conclusion of the film.  Hiding wasn’t an option, it was almost as if I was being stalked Jason himself.  Yet just when I was told “it was over”, but it wasn’t, as the final moments tell you – “he’s still out there”

How many of you are looking behind your shoulders right now?

It was a harrowing first experience to nothing I’d ever seen before and it left me with nightmares for a while.  That is until I had a talked with my mom and dad, which quickly resulted in my two siblings getting their ass chewed out.  But after that, I’d realized that the movie was only fiction, just like any other movie or show.

The same thing happened when my mom found some of my nude sketches in my early-teens.  We talked and she gave me the guidance I needed to fully understand my own sexuality.  Her words were of encouragement; more for my art, than the sexual interest towards the body of a woman.

Turning back to how we view violence and sexuality in the modern media.  It seems as though a naked body or sexual relations are considered shameful, almost like Queen Cersei’s “Walk of Shame”  Which is why, I absolutely love HBO, Showtime and many other networks remember that sex and nudity can be an integral part of the narrative and art itself.  As a matter of fact, sexuality and our own bodily experiences come much more naturally than events of rage, trauma and violence.

Yet, I can play the remake of Resident Evil 2; where limbs are shot off, people are torn in half and crushed to death.  (Not saying the portrayal was a bad thing, the remake is PHENOMINAL!)  I’d say this game is, the 2nd most graphic depiction of violence I’ve ever seen in my 30 years of gaming.  (Whereas Mortal Kombat X is #1)  But the violence depicted really suits the game and truly amplified the horror experience.  Now God forbid that we see a bare-naked lady’s ass, genitalia or a full-on sex scene in an M-rated video game!  Because that is just too graphic for us compute.

The line in the sand is drawn only few meters when I step onto the beach in regards to sexual content, yet the other line is being washed away by the tide.




Where the hell did I go?

It’s been MIN-UTE!  Well, maybe like a year and well it’s been a pretty interesting year.

As are the years, of all regular oxygen breathing people besides me.  But my blog, so yeah.   The main reason I really left this Popsicle stand was that I felt everything I said was pointless, inconsequential and really didn’t matter to you…or anyone else.  I took a lot of time thinking about if writing was to even be a part of my life and had essentially quit doing it altogether.

How I felt then.

At the time, I’d been going through a difficult period in work and home life.  Then I applied to a gaming website, as a contributor.  Which was swiftly rejected, I distinctly remember the editor saying “my writing was unprofessional and not what they were looking for”, despite the posting for “amateur” work.  The more I wrote, the emptier I felt with each posting.  Other blogs or sites were thriving and well…I was nothing but a grain of sand in the Sahara.

Once my writing no longer gave me joy.  I left here.

I had life push me along like dust from a sandstorm.  I moved through my days doing the regular grind, mindlessly working, being the best dad and husband I could be.  Hell, I even went to Disney World for the first time!

Then the epiphany with a beating heart happened.  I found out I was having a son.  Forget the “mind blown” thought.  It was no longer going to be Three’s Company; my boy (his name is Max, BTW) was now going to be Mr Furley walking in during an awkward moment of eye-brow raising innuendos.  The first thing wasn’t “wow, that’s great!”  It was “OH SHIT!”

Honestly, we NEVER saw this coming.  BOTH Kat (my wife, if I’d never mentioned her name directly on here.) and I had not seen this coming.   Not because, that’s just what careless, albeit perfectly normal sex bring in, as a result.  But that we’d been trying for FOUR YEARS and almost TWO years after having a miscarriage.

Before, we’d had him, (FYI he’s a super cute, yet dribbling 3 month old) our chances of having him were pretty slim.  Me and Kat were seeing a fertility specialist, as we’d both been having issues conceiving.  Put simply, my flamethrower couldn’t light her newspaper-filled dumpster.

Best Weeaboo Meme world war 2 memes ww2 memes theww2memeforce

Around the third year, which was about the time I decided to hang my hat with you guys.  I became frustrated with my weight, eating habits and activity levels.  I stopped drinking sodas, laid off the sugar, took supplement stacks, chugged a gallon of water a day and kept to it for 4 months straight.  Also, I was on Clomid, AKA baby glue, so maybe that helped the football team make to the end-zone.

Once it happened, our total mood took a turn for the better.  Kat and my depressive state flipped faster than a Mickey Ds burger.  (Provided they are even flipped in the first place.)

She went from being in constant state of lull into a kid waiting for Christmas toys.  Losing a baby before birth, is very different from losing a person already here on this Earth.      Men can only sympathize, but never empathize with that sort of lost.  My advice to all those fellas out there that ever find themselves in this sort situation:  Comfort her, never counsel or coach.  Let time do the work and allow her to find peace in herself.

Thankfully, things have been much better for me.  I’ve reinvigorated my desire to write and share my thoughts with everyone!

Thank you for sticking around guys!

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Dabbling into Virtual Reality!

Three weeks ago, I got a gift card to Target and I intended to use it to buy some new clothes.  But the inner geek inside me couldn’t help to avoid the oncoming VR (virtual reality craze!  Once I finished doing some research, I’d realized that Google had released some cheap-ass vr headsets call Cardboard.  Which are literally……


Which is NOT what I wanted.  So I looked up Target’s page and they had a pair that were sturdier.

This is an example of the one I bought, which ended up being 50 bucks.

When I got it, it seemed pretty simple, open up the front once I found a supported VR game, app or video and pop my phone in!  It was, but after about a few hours playing with the apps, the charm of 360 immersion wore off.

Videos were cool, as many of the good ones feature a 360 view where you can feel like you’re actually there.  This was especially cool using Google’s Street View, which lets you explore anywhere on the globe in full view.  But that gets old after a while.  Viewing was also bothersome after a half hour and many times I HAD TO TAKE BREAKS!!  


The games and apps seemed SUPER COOL, but my headset had fairly limited functionality, unlike the fancier Samsung, HTC, Oculous and Sony versions.  Having a controller was pretty mandatory, which I kind of wish VR breaks AWAY from the controller.  (I mean, isn’t that kind of the point of the virtual experience?!)

JUST NOT LIKE THIS!  (Wow!  I can’t believe I remember this movie!) – Stephen King’s Lawnmower Man

I know I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but I have a feeling that VR STILL HAS A LONG WAY TO GO!  The more expensive rigs will give users a WAYYY better experience than I had and I’m in no way trying to discourage you guys to try out the headsets for yourself.   As a matter of fact, dip your toes in the pool and test the waters yourself and I hope you enjoy the swim

Just bring along a spear gun, just in case!




Title Image Credit


Since the introduction of the Xbox 360 (maybe earlier?), gamers and players alike were treated with little bite sized snack add-ons, we call DLC or downloadable content (for those who’ve been living in a bunker for the last decade) At first, it started as an avatar picture for your profile, a new weapon skin or an new character to play with.

Then came major add-ons from games like The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, which added totally new areas to explore, which was pretty cool, but most of it was just REALLY short.   The Shivering Isles expansion was a MUCH larger world that took the same game and placed into an “Alice in Wonderland” kind of world.  Fans LOVED it and companies steadily picked up on the fact that additional content AFTER a retail release was a GOOD thing!


Mass Effect, Gears of War, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and many others began launch their own content MANY months following the release of a successful title.  (BIG HINT:  SUCCESSFUL TITLE!  More on that, later.) Fans that bought the add-ons were left salivating for another release or add-on.  Some were given what they wanted, others sorely disappointed by stale sequels and poor expansions.

Currently, the market is FLOODED with DLC content!!

Okay everyone!  Put on your rose-tinted glasses!  – link


Most releases are GUARENTEED to have expansions, regardless if the game is successful or not!  Games are given shorter production windows and made smaller in value.  It seems like we’re getting the short of the stick with many of our games.  (At least, the Playstation and Xbox owners are, not sure about the Nintendo crowd.)  Recent releases such as Destiny, carry a heavy price tag for players that just want the FULL experience RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!  Will this ever be the same?!   No, probably not.  Unless community mods become a welcomed staple on console games, it’s not going to.

Which brings me to whole purpose of writing this shit today, I’ve decided to weigh what’s truly good about DLC and what isn’t.  Maybe this will encourage you and others to be more mindful DLC purchases or just plunge into a really great add-on!


BAD – IT COSTS TOO MUCH!!  A prime example, is the expansion for Fallout 4: Far Harbor.  Following a price increase on their “season pass” from $29.99 to $49.99 Bethesda (Fallout 4’s developer) released Far Harbor with a $25 price tag!  (WTF right?!)  Many fans believed this was due to it being a massive addition to the game, extending play for many hours.  What most people got was an add-on that was short, but sweet, lasting up to 10 to 12 hours.  It left many fans with a sour taste in their mouths, if they ended up paying the full price for that DLC.  (Opinions may vary)

THIS!!!  (Points finger at picture and circles picture)  I don’t want… THIS!   (P.S. THIS only happens by buying DLC, Guns, LOTS of booze, and “tips”)

On a note with season passes, many of these are going for the price of FULL RETAIL purchase!  Many of which, are being announced at PRE-RELEASE/PRE-ORDER times.  (Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch!)

GOOD- YOU GET MORE STUFF FROM THE GAME YOU LOVE!  Many will complain about the price of DLC.  But in all honesty, IF YOU LOVED PLAYING THAT GAME, wouldn’t you want more content when everything is all said and done?!  SURE!!  DLC does this, with it, you’ve got new modes, weapons, skins, customization options, stories, areas, maps, etc.  For example, I love playing Mortal Kombat X (or XL as it’s described with all of the content added), the new characters like Jason Vorhees, the Predator and other classic characters folks asked for and got.  DLC works out great when it works for you!  Hell, I’ll even admit, Call of Duty’s zombie maps ARE creative, with their easter eggs, new weapons and guest characters with one liners tossed in for good humor.

BAD-LACK OF CREATIVE CONTENT!   Sadly, when we get a fantastic game, that universally, fans love.  We find a yearning for some extra continuation of that same gameplay and feel.  But the expectation is pretty much a letdown once the real content arrives.  Borderlands 2 did this with its second season, which seemed to have its team already exhausted from ideas on expanding the current game as is.  Most likely, a lot of the material was more director’s cut, stuff that really didn’t need to be resold to us.  (They were bit sized add-on that were cheap, admittedly and were SORT OF fun, if you weren’t already bored with the game.)

GOOD- ADD-ONS BREATH NEW LIFE INTO MULTIPLAYER SESSIONS.  Electronic Arts and Activision have always been pretty good at putting out map packs.  Premium members on both tend to get an expansion once every three months, which is clearly intended to EXTEND its server life.  This usually keeps its loyal fans in sessions and constantly in competition.

BAD – ONLINE GOES DEAD WITH EXCLUSIVED SESSIONS.  Battlefield Hardline and Arkham Origins were perfect examples of this.  One or two months after an expansion was released, the exclusive servers focused on that particular expansion were GHOST TOWNS.  Think about how many times, you’ve seen a session like that!!!  IT HAPPENS A LOT!!  Fortunately, EA has been catching onto that with Hardline and has been gradually been offering their DLC free during certain weeks.  Does it change anything???  Not that I’ve noticed, as too many players have moved away from the game.  (Battlefield with less vehicles and small maps, makes for a less interesting game!)

Go on Hardline’s “Betrayal” maps and this what you get…forget having 64 players.

BAD – DEVELOPERS ARE FORCED TO MAKE DLC!  Street Fighter V is the prime suspect with this crime!  The title was marketed out as a retail release with the competitive players in mind.  BULLSHIT!!  Capcom, you shortened the window because you thought that making a earlier release would boost sales.  Well, they were right!  But the barebones presentation burned a HELLUVA LOT OF BRIDGES with the fans.   The ONLY thing that might have saved SFV was that the eventual content was made free.  Personally, I passed on this version, as there WILL be another version released at one point.  Put simply, give us a finished product, THEN release new content.  That seems fair.

YEAH! This is what I wanted to see…oh wait, this never happened.

GOOD – IT TIDES US OVER UNTIL SOMETHING BETTER COMES ALONG.  You’ve got the content and DLC and you’re loving it more than Mickey D’s.  Then, BAM!  The game you’ve been waiting for has been released.  Hardcore gamers can identify with this, yet that’s what a game backlog is for!  Either way, you’re good to go.  (Personally, I don’t fall into this category and just play my older games in my spare time.)

GOOD – FANSERVICE IN A GOOD WAY!  An honorable mention is Batman: Arkham Knight.  As much as people bitched and hollered about the season pass for that game.  If you got the discount, you ended up with a SHIT TON of bat goodies:    6 playable short stories w/characters to use in the challenges, 50+ outfits and vehicle skins and 1 major story add-on.  I was lucky and paid $20 bones for it, but I admit it would’ve been a value at full price!  DLC does this really well most of the times; sure it should be stuff they add as unlockables from the retail game.  But sometimes, you wouldn’t get to see that content without DLC, after release.

BAD – MOST DLC IS EITHER FUN OR A CHORE – I can’t count how many times, I’ve played DLC that was poorly injected into the game or story of something I was playing.  This just SHOWS the developers laziness and poor efforts in planning the additional content.  It bothers me knowing that have to expect this when I get DLC for a game.  It shouldn’t be that way.


Thanks for reading this lengthy rant on how DLC MAKES or BREAKS a purchase.  I may be preaching to the choir with some of you guys, but maybe some of you were stuck on being indecisive about it.  Hopefully, I helped today!



Alright everyone, from suggestions of changing my blog to be easier to find.  The new page site is Raccoon Daddy!!  Why the hell would name the new page that?!  Because I’M F*CK’N CRAZY!!!

Prove me wrong, GO ON! – SOURCE

Nah, actually there are a few things to why.  One, raccoons are AWESOME!!  Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of having one for a pet.  (Just with rabies shot, I’m not trying to go down like Edgar Alan Poe!!)

Second, how many of you remember the raccoon leaf from Mario and the Tanooki suit, it was BADASS!


Third, I’m an uber fan of Resident Evil (Racoon City and Forest are the main settings for most of the series)

Last, raccoons are cooler than you, me and well everybody!  Provided they’re not rummaging through the garbage!


Be sure to change your links to (Formally P2D2721)



The easiest way to get hit by a bus! – Pokemon GO!!

Hey everyone, long time no see!  I’m not going to go into how back to my normal activity, as its been a long recovery these last few weeks.  Honestly, it was the first surgeory I’ve had ever and it sucked!  But I’m doing much better and probably feeling about 80% back to normal.

Yesterday, Louie surpised me with a fairly awesome birthday party with a taco bar and margaritas!!  It was pretty nice to have family over and not feel like absolute shit for once!

During the party, a few of my family members kept going on about Pokemon GO!  Which I knew was coming out and was supposed to be a HUGE release…BUT HOLY HELL!!  If you haven’t heard about it yet, or played it, ya might want to pick your head outta the sand, Mr/Ms Ostrich.

From what I got from the conversation and watching them walking around aimlessly on occassion to find new Pokemon, I realized that Mr Miyamoto and the guys at Nintendo, are beyond genius!  Combining the addictive nature of Pokemon and actual geocaching is AMAZING!!  (This coming from the guy whom hasn’t even played it YET!)

Personally, I love the fact that Nintendo is getting people OUTSIDE to experience not only their product but the REAL world!!

Yep, TOTALLY WORTH catching him!  SOURCE

Recently, I read an article that had to do with Nintendo’s reluctance to merge into the virtual reality market due to being a possible hazards to children.  Not only did this reaffirm to me that Nintendo RESPECTS its fans and families BEYOND profits and marketing; it hinted to me that they had something better in mind!  I got this from a statement, in the article that was released from Nintendo which mentioned that they were more interested in alternate reality THAN virtual reality.  At first, I was wondering what the hell Nintendo was smoking, but NOW we know!


Pokemon Go! has to be the first taste we have at ALTERNATE REALITY!!




Back in Action!

Well everyone, I’m back at it!

With plenty of pent-up energy from taking a much needed vacation. (Which was a serious need!) Expect a lot of the great content you remember and more!
First on my agenda is the decision to change the title of the blog to “1st-hand accounts in Fatherhood and Gaming!”
After all, what I play and experience is my first-hand account! NOT a review, NOT a news bulletin and the same shit you read somewhere else two minutes ago! NOTHING has changed about the content, its simply a better way for readers to understand WHAT IT IS I WRITE!

Say whattt??? – SOURCE

Yup, always was that way and always will!

Second, I’ve decided to keep a schedule on posting material. I’ll try to keep the entries fairly consistent, but I make no promises.  Also, be mindful that my reblogs are not intended to be just fillers between content.


Lastly, you can look forward to seeing some slides of my PS4 gaming exploits, in the near future!  This will be my way of abridging stories on those longer sandbox and RPGs.  They will be much more entertaining than your family reunions, sitting on the sofa watching slideshows.

ONE LAST THING!!!  Just wanted to give a belated Happy Father’s Day word to all you dads out there!!

We are far too underappreciated!!  Just because we didn’t carry them into this world, doesn’t mean we don’t carry them THROUGH this world!  We work hard to make sure our sons and daughters are the best reflection of who we are and hopefully greater!.

With that said, I’m back in action!

Like Action Jackson! – SOURCE

Birthday Shoutout

For my brother Jon’s 24th birthday, I made a shoutout, that made us bust out laughing.  If you don’t laugh or play air guitar mid song, I won’t judge you…

Epic???  Right?!?!?!  Ok, ya’ll don’t know funny.

Hi! My name’s Chucky playyyy…Nope! Too Tired…

Just so you know, because of this asshole, Grace will never have a porcelain or any talking doll.  Last night Louie was watching the X-Files (which I used to watch with her and REALLY need to get back into watching it together at night.) and there was this episode that had to deal with child possession.  All I remember was, walking in seeing the kid screaming, then watching this old-ass porcelain doll turn its head and blink!!!

I stormed out of the bedroom yelling, “I can’t stand fucking dolls!”

Thanks Phil, thanks….

This week hasn’t very stressful, but for some damn reason, I’ve felt sooooo damn tired! Everytime, I wanted to fire up the game, my body kicked in and said, “NOPE, not gonna happen”!!  So, my usual hour or so I take to play has been spent napping, catching up on some much needed rest.

So WHAT, if I stay up ALL NIGHT!  At least I’m cute as fuck!

Louie literally told me, I had raccoon eyes and looked like I’d not slept in days.  Which wasn’t totally false.  During the weekend, I’d only gotten about 4.5 -5 hours and up to today, maybe around 6 to 7, if you included the nap times.  By technical standards, I’m sleep deprived, so it’s understandable.

I get it, sleep is more important!

What happens in the Broforce stays in the Broforce!

After finishing Saints Row 4, I figured I’d try out the March PSN free game, Broforce!

I’d been hearing a lot of the communities ranting about how they wanted this to be a free title and well…they got their wish!

So, what do we have here?


First, I went on this one flying blind, not know ANYTHING about this game.  Except that it was 8-bit and looked like a Contra knock-off.

I started out with a character that was taken as a direct homage to Rambo, that gets his own vignette of a roided Sly Stallone.  Progressing, I noticed that I unlocked another “bro” for my broforce, Brommando, which is another nod to Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Commando.  COOL!


This continued on as I made many attempts to kill or be killed on each side scrolling level. Which I encountered a LOT of dying in this game!

This is what dying a lot in videogames feels like!!          (Cred – Gary Woosley)

Progression led me into getting more and more movie homage-themed “bros” to add to my ranks.  What I was loving so much about this was that, all of my team members were incorporated into my life count randomly.  For example, if I 2 lives, my “bro” would be picked for me randomly and I had to adapt the character’s playstyle getting through an area.  I loved the fact that it changed up how I had to think on attacking certain spots differently.  This blew my mind, for such a simple side-scroller concept.  Certain spots loaded with explosives, others with guard dogs, some with mines.  This requires you to take a minute to figure out what to do.  For the most part, THIS IS NOT A MINDLESS SIDESCROLLER, and can be a pain in the ass!

One last thing I’d like to mention, is that all of the “bro” members are nods to fans to almost all popular action movies.  But what makes it great is that it’s fan service right from the gate and the developers truly to show a love of games like Metal Slug, Contra, Dig Dug and Bomberman.

Dead or alive, your’re coming with me!

THIS GAME IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO SOME FAN SERVICE!!  Saints Row 4 seemed to be trying too hard to be a fanboy in how it made its references to comics, games, pro wrestling and movies.  It was TOO MUCH, whereas Broforce, does it JUST RIGHT!

I had a lot of fun with this one and found pretty easy to pick up and play, when I only had an hour or less of time to game!!

Cred – The Hoff