She Netflix me. She Netflix me not!

Was just reading an article about Netflix finally implementing their price increase for their services.  You can read the article HERE

To save you guys the time, though.  The price increased to WHOLE DOLLAR!  Warning incoming mass rant from the internet masses!

This is kinda how I feel about all the ranting we do

I’m not one to side with large corporations and their legions of soulless white colored executives, but Netflix does put out some great original content.  For me its Daredevil and the Marvel series, as well as Stranger Things.  Also, there are a few on my list to watch:  House of Cards, Narcos, The Crown, Unbreakable Kimmie Schmit, Castlevania.  So that are a few things to catch up on.  Granted I still have cable, subscribe to Hulu, Amazon Prime and have a HBO subscription; so I may be wasting my money.  But it seems that the original content is what keeps me on Netflix.  Sure, I’ll watch a movie on there once IN A BLUE MOON.  But Is still enjoy just pulling it up and burning a flick.

Hell, I can’t even remember the last time really used any of my DVDs outside of gaming.  Even then, I’m still blowing dust off of them.  Speaking of that, there is still one major issue I’ve had with the service (as has everyone), which are the trash titles.  In terms of newer titles or the content library altogether, they either stink or all the other streaming networks have them up for view.

Hopefully with this jump in price, we’ll get a serious bump in quality movie content.  As a member for nearly a decade, this hasn’t changed in big strides.  NOW is that time for Netflix to give the subscribers what we want, BETTER MOVIES.

To market strategists:  BIG HINT

Honestly, the original content is great and want that production quality to be maintained and the good shows to keep running.  That and we don’t need anymore TV series added to the service, as there are clearly more than enough on there already.

Alternatively, there is HBO, which is way better at keeping their libraries current and content at a good quality.  But that comes at a cost of $15.  Yet, their movie and original content is VASTLY superior, as they keep their content gritty and very appealing.

I’m certainly not crying about a dollar.  But the company does need to put their big boy (or girl) pants on and improve that weak library going on.

What’s everyone’s take on how streaming services now?

Personal favorites?  Recommendations?