Game Smarter, Part II: Pimp Your Life

Brilliant article! A hefty but very useful read especially for those who are unmotivated, many times during the day!


Welcome back to our mini-series on gamification and how it can enhance task and job performance, when used effectively. Last time, we defined gamification, and discussed what differentiates it from “gaming” and “playing.” Additionally, we briefly talked about what is so motivating about gamification, and some specific motivating elements that must be present for it to work. If you haven’t read that article, I do suggest checking it out because the following information will build on that.

Without further ado, though, let’s get into how to utilize game design (gamification) in a meaningful and non-intrusive way.


In a perfect scenario, the event or task must have some sort of intrinsic value within it already, otherwise the gamified enforcer/reward is the only thing keeping the person doing it. To put that another way, that would be showing up to work only because it pays you, and not because you…

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