Good share, this is a grear discussion topic!!  Diversity is a double-edged subject. As the message of acceptance is a necessity and we should all view everyone as LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS who are UNIQUE regardless of race, gender or difference.

Yet the message of intolerance screams that diversity is taking advantage of the system and hindering true fairness.

It ultimately boils down to this. Government and private industries should police the fairness and equality. But it SHOULD NOT make laws to balance those principles.

The same premise should be for media and the arts. Companies and artists should express, WHAT THEY THINK AND FEEL!

Regardless of who or how things are portrayed, in reference to differences.

Suitably Bored

Melanie Ehrenkranz: What happens when developer X releases their “diversity” report and they don’t meet your or any other social justice or feminists criteria? Do they get a scarlet mark next to their names? Do they get named and shamed? Or boycotted?  Who decides on what the benchmark should be? My second question would be:  Does a diverse development company really correlate with better sales at the end of the day? If so some data to back it up would be really nice.  Here is the issue I have with your comment, does adding more woman, POC or any other sexual orientation add value to the company or game design when it is being pushed or forced onto developers and publishers? I would say no, pushing our medium to make better games won’t happen when you are forcing these companies to tick invisible diversity boxes.

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