Go Home, Video Games! Go Home!

LOl, yeah!! Thats an internal battle all of us serious gamers have. (Myself included) I think it really comes down, to just scheduling your gaming time and filling in more time for exercise, activities outside, writing, etc. I think we all need to kind of find some way to hold ourselves to a fixed schedule, if we are gaming too much.
I ALWAYS find myself frustrated when I get sucked into a good game. Sure it’s almost the same way, as if you’re reading a great book. But the overall time consumption is greater than reading. (At least for me, it is.) Mind you, I don’t lose track of my priorities or I’d have a serious problem. But there are a ton of people that do. So, be careful and find you “slot and spot” for gaming and the other things you really want to do.

Video Games Nebula

Go home, video games!

Go back to the black bunker-like box you call a home.

Go spin around in there until you’re dizzy.

You’ve overstayed your welcome, and I need some “me time.”

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