I’ve finished my Biohazard: Resident Evil 7 experience. Gotta admit, this was a GREAT game! Sadly, this is NOT a Resident Evil game. (Yeah…yeah, I know we’ve heard this before from SOOOOOO many haters/fanboys/political lobbyists/fake news.)

This is NOT Resident Evil!!!     (NERD SAIYAN 3!!)

I’m gonna be straight with you. Like I said in my previous entry, ALL of the elements of a Resident Evil game is here…save for one exception.


That’s right RE fans, all of your beloved characters are practically non-existant. Resident Evil has always been known for it’s misguided story and convoluted characters. Yet those characters are LIKEABLE!! So where are they?!?! They’re not here whatsoever. So how Biohazard: RE7 connect to the series?! As far as the base retail game goes, you pretty much get name drops and 30 seconds of “Ooooooh!! Look who it is?!”

Gotta admit, I’m a little mad AND disappointed in regards to the game getting the Resident Evil title. I can live with that, but I love my Resident Evil characters and many of the little stories they get involved in. It’s really a shame that we didn’t have any familiar faces involved in Ethan’s horror story

WITH THAT SAID!!!! RE:7 looked, felt and moved like a Resident Evil game. Hell, if you had VR goggles, probably smelled like Resident Evil. Playing through the game was tense at time, requiring that all too familiar tight item management. This balanced the combat well and in some cases could have made Ethan a little heavily armed for survival horror vets. Fortunately, there is a “Madhouse” setting, which is really where the challenge is at, if you’re up for it. Personally, I used Gamefly (I’m on a budget!), so doing another playthrough isn’t going to happen.


Chainsaw, do you take this Shotgun to be your lawfully wedded….NOOOO!    (BOOM!)              –SOURCE


Throughout the first half, the mood sets in with well placed audio and visuals cue to bring the tension up. Then as the first bits of action sets in and Ethan fights a losing battle against his soon to be nemesis, the Baker family.  All I can say, is that it’s one HELL of a ride!  Almost the same way Shinji Mikami became inspired by many of the 80s horror films to create the original games; the creators of RE7 took a page from films like The Ring, Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fortunately, it works and plays well with how the Baker family interacts (or terrorize, toy, beat or cut) with Ethan. (the player character)

What makes RE7 soo enjoyable is that twisted characterization of the family and the story’s simplicity. Granted there are a few things aren’t explained and they leave a few questions left. To be honest, it’s a Biohazard/Resident Evil game; which pretty much entitles all the unexplained parts to be explained somewhere in the optional text files.

Sometimes, simplicity works and here survival horror fans are treated with an excellent title, despite it leaving the fans of the series wanting a continuation of the regular series.

Just so you know, there are subtle mentions of the Raccoon City incident occurring and a teaser of ONE character from the main series… This means only one thing, the RE main story will continue, just not while wading through the Louisiana bayou.


Hey buddy!!!  I think your marshmallow is a little too TOASTED!!!           –SOURCE