After being fairly disappointed with FFXV’S overall experience, I’ve decided to move on with things.  (From what I’ve been getting from other reviews and what you guys are saying.  It is a love or hate it title.  

As a recovery from this, I’d forgotten that I’d picked Final Fantasy XIV:The Realm Reborn, Watch Dogs, and Final Fantasy VII (PS4/PC Version)  All of which I’ve taken a look at over the week.  

FF14:TRR is for those unaware of it’s existence, is an MMORPG with deep influences from all of the series’ mythos. Many things are inclusive from its earlier predecessors.  Chocobos, Cactuars, Moogles, The Job System with amuch larger attention to story and questing.  

Playing through it so far, I gotta say it’s OVERWHELMING, as to how much content there is.  But after learning how to control, customize and “fix” my on-screen menus.  I’m lovin’ it like Mickey-D’s!!  Honestly, it’s hard to say how much I’ll put into this game.  I’ve never truly like MMOs, they’ve always seemed like a time sink and money pit.  

Yet after hearing all of the positivity from all the research I did beforehand; I think I could seriously get into this!!  

As for Watch Dogs, it’s been more of like an off-hand experience when I’ve gotten a little fatigued out from FFXIV. Surprisingly, the multi-player community was fairly active this morning and matches flow very well.  As for the single player, Watch Dogs gives you so much to do.  

Not only does your player do things your standard fair sandbox game does.  You know; guns, nice cars, side mission, activities, collectibles, etc.  But it throws in a twist; which is the hacking mechanic.  

Honestly it’s a lot of fun seeing it in action.  Watch Dogs seems like a fun blend of all of Ubisoft’s hits all rolled into one.  Honestly, it feels like…just good plain fun. 

All in all, I’m happy with both of my experiences with these games so far.  More to come at a later time!!