I’m officially Resident Evil 7’d out! A couple days ago, I finished Madhouse difficulty, (which almost gave early male pattern baldness from all the hair I was pulling out) and a NO HEALING ITEM AND INVENTORY BOX run! (Which was done on easy, yet still a head-scratcher considering there is a part where I had to use ALMOST NO ITEMS!!)

After going through the game three times, I’m done. I can’t play it ANYMORE!!!  Ultimately, here is my final take on Resident Evil 7 outside of what I’ve already said before.

Very much like a roller-coaster ride; the first time is scary as hell, next time your ready for it but it’s still a thrill. But once you’ve ridden the ride a few times it gets boring. Resident Evil 7 is a GREAT title and I’d highly encourage you play it! HOWEVER, the game is a ONE TRICK PONY without the additional content, as many of the scene ARE SCRIPTED and the ones that change are simply there to throw you off.

RE7 kind of reminds me of playing Metroid Prime, once you beat it and find everything, there isn’t anything new. Perhaps that’s how games should be!! Yet this feeling inside me is saying, WHY THE DLC!!!! Honestly, some games NEED TO HAVE CONTENT ADDED! But with Resident Evil 7, IT DOESN’T NEED IT! Sure, the die-hard RE fans like myself will be slobbering over what happens to Redfield in the upcoming “Not a Hero” DLC. (AKA HUNK?/ACTUALLY CHRIS REDFIELD) But leaving us out on additional story material from the MAIN GAME is just plain unfair. Honestly, shelling out $30 dollars, (which is HALF of the retail game price) for the Mercenaries/Horde mode and BANNED FOOTAGE is BULLSHIT! It really is. Honesetly, if anything, the “Not a Hero” should be paid as, it’ll probably be an entirely different feel to the main title experience.

With that said, I was pleased with the challenge Madhouse difficulty brought. But I have one more thing I’ve realized about myself as a gamer. I’M NOT A MASOCHIST!! What that means, is that I don’t truly enjoy most games that PUNISH you is death after death x 10 to the 23rd power! A perfect example of this is Dead Space, which pretty much is already a hard as shit game. But on the highest difficulty, one hit and you’re dead, almost always!
This is probably why, I’ve not gotten into the Dark Souls games or continued to play “Let It Die” after the second boss. (Although, it may be because it’s a rigged free-to-play game. That’s just my opinion.)


Honestly, I DON’T MIND a serious challenge!! But unless I’m truly enjoying the reward of moving forward and beating it on the highest level. (Like in the case of me finishing Metal Gear Solid 2 on EXTREME!) Then it’ll now be a resounding HELL NO! I don’t need the platinum or 100% achievement, E-penis to gloat about. I’ll take my hours and use them on what important my life and my family time!!!

No disrespect to the the gamers out there that are 100% completionist and always play on the HARDEST levels. But I just never had the patience and yesterday I truly realized that.