Apologies for the dark period yet again. Let’s just say I write when it comes to me. In terms of personal daily routine, I’m losing more personal time, as I’ve mostly taken the reigns on the Monday-Friday dinners. That’s right, not only am I an avid and knowledgeable gamer; I’m a pretty good cook!

Even though, I’m good at cooking most things, rice was just never one of those! ย Thank God for rice steamers! – SOURCE

Honestly, I’m still learning how to prep more difficult dishes like cooking seafood and frying things. Mind you, that takes practice and a few throw away long sleeve shirts. Over the course of 3-4 months, I’m kinda pround of myself. I get plenty of compliments from the my two biggest critics, Grace and Louie. (Sans a few blunders, like last nights fries were terrible, as they were fairly frostbitten and had no flavor left in them.)

Still, I miss Louie’s cooking, I gotta be honest she just has a better flavor profile with her dishes. (Shrugs)
But know I’m way better at grilling than her! (Face it babe, it’s a fact!)

The second thing that has been eating my time up has been Grace’s behavior. For those who don’t know, she’s 4 and clearly speaks her mind when something challenges her desire for something. Recently, I’ve felt that our progress is tetter-totering between progress and retrogressive behavior. Yet, in terms of how she behaved 6 months ago, she’s been better. But listening to instructions and following us is a hit or miss honestly, despite than my wife and I communicate on an even plane about her behavior. If anyone’s got a few pointers, please let me know, it would be REALLY HELPFUL!

Last is simply because I wanted to spend more time playing Resident Evil 7 (Which I just finished Madhouse difficulty and a No Box/Health item run) and finishing Final Fantasy XV. Which I did and will have some more to talk about both in a couple days.


Yep…I get it! ย –SOURCE