Booted up the PS4 this afternoon with Grace and Louie, to play a little FFXV and got the newest update downloaded.  To my surprise, SquareEnix put out a nice little present in this update!  “The Moogle Chocobo Festival!”

Unlocked once you reach Altissia, the festival transforms the already amazing city into a full-on carnival…which brought a smile to my face and got Grace all excited to see all of the Chocobos.  Which is kinda cool when your 4-year old daughter says, “Look at all the Chocobos, SOO CUTE, AWWW!”  FYI, she likes “playing” FFXV, even though I help her out. (Usually, she’s just moving the player around, riding on chocobos and sitting through the car rides.  Any battles she gets into, the AI usually handles, but hey she doesn’t know that.)

As for the carnival, it’s a nice little distraction and gives you an excuse to run around ever inch of Altissia.  There are plenty of minigames like Whack-a-Cactuar and turret minigame to keep you distracted.  They have a slight challenge but you should be able to complete the side quest in an hour or two.


Honestly, the fun part is just seeing how the city has transformed from the base game.  It kind of reminds me of Chrono Trigger’s Millennial Fair.  Which was simple, short and sweet.  It’s worth checking out if you’re still trailblazing through FFXV’s world.  As for the special item (the Dream Egg) you get at the end of the side-quest, I’ve got no clue what it does.  It’s probably a fair assumption to think it may be usable, in later DLC.

You see, this is what DLC should be, bite size morsels given to the players as “thanks for playing!”.  NOT an, “Oh yeah, you gotta get the new DLC pack!!  Only $24.99 and you’ll get 10 hours of re-hashed gameplay!”

Have fun ladies and gents!