​Hey everyone, I just wanted let everyone know that everything’s good and I haven’t forgotten the blog.  Recently, I just wanted to take some personal time to be with the family and stop to appreciate THEM for a little bit.

You see, there’s something we’ve been dealing with for some time now.    

Over the past two years my wife and I have been trying to have another child. It’s been really rough and we’ve been trying for some time. A year or so back, she was pregnant and we lost the baby. 

Obviously, it devastated us and her moreso.  It really frustrated us despite being pretty sexually active.  Honestly, that part was never a problem, but our health in regards to our eating habits and exercise was another story.

So Louie and I decided to see a fertility specialist in hopes of increasing our chances of having another child.  Which I’ll tell you really costs a shit ton.  But after several months, around six to eight months we got no positive results.  After that we couldn’t afford to keep seeing the doctor.  

For a while it really destroyed our resolve tested our faith and love in each. 

 Thankfully we have a wonderful family supporting us and a lot of praying and helped us to work it out; we progressed so much as a husband and wife.

You see, She and I just wanted to have a playmate for Grace. You know everyone wants to have a little brother or sister and it really hurt us, it just cut us soo damn deep.  

Knowing that the possibility of us not being able ever give her, is becoming more evident as the days pass on.

But recently we focused on on making her happy and learned to just enjoy life, with just the three of us.  

We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. In hopes, that someday our future will bring a new member into our family.

Obviously, on my part and hers we’ve tried to stay healthy in our eating habits and really tried to get back into working out more often.  But that is a challenge in itself, right?!

We’ve learned to be grateful for what we have and treasure the moments we have even as husband and wife and as parents of our beautiful little girl.  

Using the word rough is really a difficult thing to compare how we felt during this year.    

We’ve come a long way and have been very positive.  Despite the many times she or I, see a newborn baby.  

Because it hurts us that we can’t have another one ourselves.  It’s really terrible to feel that sort of resentment, even though you should be happy for the mother and father of the child.  

From what we have right here, is more than some families will ever have. So we keep trying and hopefully will have that bigger family that she and I had as children.  On a funny note, the other night after we had a little bit of fun in the bed.  (Ya know, the horizontal polka!!)  

The other day Louie told me, “let’s hope you soldiers are doing their job and not farting around.”  
I replied, and said we’ll just sing the song,  “Just Keep Swimming!”from Finding Dory and maybe that’ll work!!