This afternoon, Louie, her family, Grace and myself all went to see Moana. Before I talk about the movie, I figured out something.  Hopefully, a lot of moviegoers out there are agreement with me on this.


Lets be honest here, trailer do too much nowadays.  First, the tell us the whole movie for okay ones.  Second, they take the good ones, and they potentially spoil the good parts.  Lastly, they aren’t an art form anymore.  

There aren’t anymore “in the beginning” bite size trailers or mini montages that take different footage to get you to see.  (sure, they got played out; but who cares they good!)

Honestly, if I want to know how bad, Bad Santa 2 is, don’t give me 90% of the good jokes.  Let me spend the money and just charge me a $1 or 2 that it caused out of your budget to advertise it!!

Okay, rant finished!!  About Moana, go see it, I loved it!  Sure, there were a couple plot holes in there and there isn’t some things that are in your normal Disney or generic story.  But it was AMAZING, take your kids or whoever.  To me, probably the best Disney movie since, THE LION KING.