Back then, it would’ve easily been a ten. In terms of today’s standard, it’s just a bit lower due to the aging visuals.

If I reviewed it for modern times, here’s how I would take it.

Musically Super Mario 64 is still a wonder to listen to with the Sliders, Water Level and 1st Stage’s music. The echos that Mario makes during jump and movement is still very cool to this day.

This a remix done by DelRey.  Enjoy!

Visually, the game hasn’t aged well, but then again it doesn’t need those deep detailed textures as the world still remains full of life and activity. The visuals in a Mario game are always supposed to be complimentary to the activity that is going on, so it still does its job well, for the age of the game.

In terms of a story, it’s still Mario’s standard fare, save the princess and Mushroom Kingdom. Yet this game was a trailblazer for almost every game out there now, as it had side quests and diversions that most folks take for granted. Sure, RPGs on the SNES had them, but platformers never did until this game!

Playing through the world are still insanely fun, frustrating and very challenging! I don’t care who you are, there is no way you can’t Mario 64 isn’t fun to play or at least watch. Imagine yourself watching someone going through one of the Bowser stages; they’re REAL NAIL-BITERS for the player and viewer.  JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Super Mario 64 is amazing to this day, regardless of its age. It’s really a fine wine, which just stays great regardless of when you open it up to enjoy it!!  I’ve got Grace home with me today, maybe she’ll enjoy watching me play it!

Courtesy to Brandon3DS for title image