Finally, these goddamn elections are over…I voted…and lost.  Before anyone from the red side of the fence.  I don’t need to hear an “IN…YOUR…FACE” comment or anything about “how” we’re going to “Make America Great Again”.   I…SIMPLY…DONT WANT TO HEAR…YOUR BULLSHIT!  I want to hear details Mr. Donald J Trump, now 45th President-elect.  Put you billions of money where that loud mouth is…AND LET’S HEAR IT ON JANUARY 20th AND AT THE STATE OF THE UNION!!   There…I said what I needed to say.

Once I got over the results, I took some time and really sat down to take it all in.  Almost as if someone very dear had died and it really didn’t hit me yet.   I talked to a few folks, some that were Clinton supporters and others on Trump’s side.  Yet I really didn’t see where see light, in what has transpired now.  All I see is negative results and uncertainty…I’ve only heard “it’s gonna be great!” like a billion times and I was never a believer.  Trump is going to shake things up, except I feel what he’s shaking, he believes is a bottle of champagne is actually a flask of nitro-glycerin.

I’ve lifted my head up, but only to barely above sea level.  The future is very uncertain and will be more unpredictable than ever before.  Perhaps, I need to look deeper, talk with Louie and think some positive out of Trump winning this.

I guess it’s going to be a one day at a time process, for now.  Maybe we’ll see if this country is worth living in, once there is a clearer picture taken by that loud, orange man in the red hat.

BTW, two things BACK TO THE FUTURE got right!  THIS and hoverboards…


So, is this zero or 1 for 2 this year!