So our clocks rolled back as per this usual time in the year.  For most people it was a “sweet deal” because you got that extra hour of sleep.  BUT if your a full-time vampire like I am and work until 9am, you work an EXTRA hour…fun.  Sure, in April (or whenever the hell daylight springs forwards) I get to work one less hour, so why the hell do we have it?!

I get it, farmers needed more time to work on their crops and kids needed to have daylight while waiting for school buses.  Then why don’t we have it moved back and just keep it there?!  I already have a hard time resetting my wrist watch!!!  Here’s the thing, Americans are lazy, I’ll admit it!  Don’t you know you’re really just trying to have two days out of the year, just to fuck with every single person in the country…WITHOUT ACTUALLY DOING IT!!

I’m done, in regards to that.  I’ll let you enjoy a clip of John Oliver now.