Following the last presidential debate, I turned off the news, ignored most articles and stepped away from anything related to the political pissing contest between a donkey and an elephant.  Also known as……..

    Giant Douche                               AND                              Turd Sandwich

Honestly, I’ve made up my mind on whom I voting for on POTUS.  (It’s a toss-up and most likely will be a bad decision either way.)  Instead, I’ve decided to focus on reading up on my local candidates and start there.

A few years back, someone told me, “If you really want changes to happen, start by voting for people that share your beliefs locally, forget trying to worry about who becomes the president.  (As their whole platform will change depending on how Congress sways with them.)

Regardless, I hope everyone in the states goes out and votes.  Despite the fact that the electoral votes (rich/established people) matter more than the popular vote (your vote).

Yep….just in case you didn’t know that.  VOTE LOCAL!!

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