Everyone’s fan video game rebooted fem fatale is back!  So does Lara Croft get down n dirtier (LITERALLY!) than her previous adventure?!  From my experience?!  Not really, from my perspective…

Lara gets right into with a trip to the Himalayas which takes a turn for the South.  She’s put right back in that survive or die mentality.  With her trusty bow she trudged throw the snow in search of father’s legacy – the secret of eternal life!!

                            DAAAAAAA  BEARSS!!  Oh Yeah BTW, GO CUBS on breaking the curse!                                 (G’damn I have ADD, don’t I?)

Obviously, I’m not going to go deep into the story because that just ruins everything right…right!  But I am going mention is, that fans of the previous title that liked the darker and gore-filled caved will be disappointed.

Square dialed it back, in favor of more combat scenes.  (Yet, the combat can be challenging on the “seasoned raider” and up difficulties.)  ROTR doesn’t avoid the feeling of isolation overall, but it does tend ignore it over a more story-driven game.  It wasn’t trying to be Uncharted, but overall tone missed the mark with me.

Overall, the main story us great, but not mind blowing.  I am liking Lara’s character even more now.  She’s no longer the eye candy smarty pants in polygonal form, she’s real and identifiable.  Hell, she’s easier on the eyes even with the dirt and blood.  I’ll admit, I like a lady that isn’t afraid to get hands dirty.

You’re such a dirty girl, you!  (gets pistol whipped) Owww!  F*ck it’s just a compliment!!      Jesus, Lara

Ahem!!!  Anyways, nearly 100% on the game and IT doesn’t feel like a grind!  So, ladies and gents.  Pick it up when you got some time!

ONE HUGE WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!  

If you got the PS4 release or a GOT edition/season pass.  DO NOT open the card packs in the store UNTIL  finished the game!!!  It’ll unlock the more powerful weapons IN STORY MODE way too early in the game!!  Making Lara a little OP’d before you should be.

Next time, I’ll go over the extra content!!  Why?! Cuz it’s pretty f*cling good, that’s why!!!