I think the REAL concern here is HOW the kid is being dressed up! Kids at a certain age shouldn’t be dressing up as Suicide Squad Harley with and hot pants that show almost everything! Parents have to do their job and police their own kids. Boys AND girls.
Trust me, when my daughter is 15 or 16 she is gonna attempt to push the envelope with wearing sexier and more revealing attire. It’s mine and my wife’s job to ensure she doesn’t going out trying to attract the wrong attention. Same goes, if she’s dressed up like Ted Bundy or a clown with a REALISTIC prop shotgun.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self-expression and personal freedom and expression!
Personally, I feel the American culture views violence in a lesser light than sexuality and as Americans we’re sexually repressed.
Regardless, it all comes down to their jobs right and NOT BEING LAZY ABOUT IT!!!!

Suitably Bored

So apparently little girls should not dress up as Harley Quinn for Holloween because it “grosses out” some people, people like Evan Narcisse writer at io9. Can I just say for.fuck.sake! Holloween is not about dressing up as your role model, Holloween is about playing dress up about fantasy and having fun. When someone slips into a costume especially kids do you really think they are pondering what morals the character they are dressing up as represents in society and in entertainment? No! Repeat after me wanting to wear a certain costume does not mean that you view that fictional character as a role model. I want to dress up as Predator for Holloween next year, does that mean I look up to a mass murdering alien as a role model? No!

grosses-outI will be sure to tell Darth Vader, The Grimm Reaper, and the various vampires when they…

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