Episode 2 is done for the Walking Dead so far and it was a nice break from the MASSIVE PUMMELING last week!!  (Eight billion blogs already are clamoring about this, in itself as we speak!)  It was nice to see the opposite side of the fence and potentially a ray of hope for Rick’s crew.  Obviously if you watched, the focus was taken away from Rick and placed into the other character’s not seen in the last episode.


Also, it was nice to somebody stand up to Negan’s group after what happened earlier.  Despite the clear retaliation, no one ended up dead and the rest of the baddies may be having the shits from the tribute (in the form of eight pigs) given to Negan’s guys.

Last thing, I’m really glad that the show is getting another AMERICAN actor.  Sure, Andy Lincoln (Rick) and Lenny James (Morgan) are phenomenal actors, come on classical actors can be casted here, too!

Sorry, spoiled this one!!  Hope you enjoyed the tiger jokes!