Tonight I was browsing through a Mortal Kombat Wikia, just because I was kind of bored and did some reading.  Throughout this, I thought about how many of the characters either die, come back and kill each other. (It is MORTAL Kombat, after all!) Which continues throughout the ten games, bolstering an EXTENSIVE storyline.

Fans of the series know, that of all the fighting games; Mortal Kombat has the biggest and best storyline. HOWEVER, what doesn’t bother me about Mortal Kombat is, that each story revolves around a power struggle between good and evil. That’s obvious, what does, is that there has to be so many sequels to it!

My problem isn’t directly with the writers of the MK series, it’s with sequels period. Back when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s sequels were considered low-browed and lesser successors to their previous title. Just look at this vid here and you’ll see why.

Bad movie sequels – Great site of all those movies that were so BAD THAT THEY STAYED THAT WAY!!

Now there were exceptions, such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park and the such. Pretty much if it was a HUGE hit right away, you COULD make a solid sequel. But in most cases, it went B-movie and was a VHS tape collecting dust on your shelf. (Ghostbusters, Revenge of the Nerds and Evil Dead were RARE exceptions.)

In regards to games, sequels are almost a guarantee, when you talk about Super Mario or just anything Nintendo puts out for its major title releases…they go GOLD. Third party companies like the now defunct Konami, 2K, Squar-Enix, Capcom and WB Games feel they MUST put out sequels to maintain a fan base.

While partially true, it doesn’t have to be the case. Not everything needs a reboot, sequel, prequel, spin-off, Super-Turbo edition every two years. Gamers like myself, are tired of this!! One, our wallets can’t take the stress of slamming 60+ dollars for that new title, just to end up with a poorly written sequel to an okay title. (Sometimes more than once!)

Obviously, like films, there are exceptions. (Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 2, Shadow Hearts, Uncharted are a few to mention.) Yet companies ruin those exceptional exceptions and they too fall victims to monotonous. Then, in the words of BB King, “the thrill is gone!” We’re left with a sour taste in our mouths and a hole in our wallet.

I’d hate to say this, but game developers are taking less time to create something new and wonderful by welcoming more talented writers and less of the same ol’ thing. (I’m talking to you Gears of War 4!!!)

I started off talking about Mortal Kombat X. Don’t get me wrong Mortal Kombat has always been one of those exceptions. Why?! Because they maintain that creative element in most of their titles. From its deeper storyline established with the previous generation’s titles to the authentic motion capturing of actual martial artists. Sure, if you look at Mortal Kombat 9 and X, they share a ton of similarities but X takes everything they did and makes it better!

Here is a video, if have the time that shows you!


For Mortal Kombat, I kind of feel this is their last hoorah. Sure there is ways to take the story further, what with the newer generation of characters and how MK can easily kill off characters by writing them out. But how many times can we perform fatalities and not say…I’m tired of this. This also holds true for the Arkham, Street Fighter, Call of Duty franchises and anything zombie related. (Let’s admit, TWD has numbed us by now, rotters need a break after the TV series ends!) We can only kill the undead and gun down the competition for so long. Yet I digress,

Maybe this coming out of me because, I’ve played enough zombie games to the point that I need a break…for a while.

That’s what I need!!  MUCH BETTER!!


So my ultimate question is, when should sequels end for a story?! Can a story be never-ending like so sci-fi series and comic books; by getting new writers and better ideas?! Should we keep things simple leave a story to be appreciated like a fine wine or revive it with a reboot for newer generations?