Starting off, the premiere was worth the wait and doesn’t dissappoint! But I’m not going to get into the show, as everyone in the stadium is already talking about the grand slam that was just hit out of the park. (Pun intended, Lucille!)


This is more about Negan and how I perceive him so far! Sure plenty of folks have been talking about him since the finale last season. But I’d like to kind of share my take on him. (As far as the comics go, I never finished past the season 6 finale point, so have a little restraint with what happens later.)

Negan always seemed to remind me of that feeling you get when; you have that boss at work, that is by the book, pretends to be on your side, but ultimately wants to answer every question in a black or white definition. Now I realize, most of those guys are as bland as eating a lemon rine. Which is clearly the opposite. But it’s feeling of that same kind of person being in the room. You become tense, alert and your stomach drops to the floor.


So far, I believe he’s someone whose achieved everything through fear, intimidation by using other’s pain as a way to indoctrinate others.

Control seems to be his strength and weakness, as talking doesn’t do shit and actions have to be made to appease him. Using fear as his angle to holding his thumb down on people is what he does best, but I also feel after a while he can’t keep everyone in the corner. This is where I feel he’s going to show weakness.

Unlike The Governor, whom had serious daddy-daughter issues, we probably won’t see that with this guy.  C’mon he f*ucking names his weapon of choice and seriously likes killing shit…period! It’s different when someone is using a gun. There’s less thought to pulling a trigger, vice swinging a Louisville Slugger with barbed wire, which seems to be a different kind of twisted thought in itself. He doesn’t bat an eye when taking someone’s life.

I’ve got a feeling that everytime Neagan is going to be on the screen, nothing but bad shit is going to happen!

Hope everyone enjoys the premiere and the rest of the season!

Also as a side note, Steven Ogg, the guy who plays Trevor on GTA V IS Negan’s right-hand man!! I pretty much had my fingers crossed and called it on him staying as a major role on The Walking Dead, this season. Hopefully, we’ll see that same kind of twisted character come from Ogg, as this seems like his kind of element!