I know a way behind the trend in regards to the Microsoft Scorpio, Ninendo’s Switch and Sony’s well…whatever the hell Sony is putting out.

We all know they’re coming…no not the Martians. Newer, shinier consoles; which translates to me as more money out of my wallet. Which is a NO-GO for another 5-6 more years. I’m sorry BIG 3, you’re not getting any more console cash out of me for a while. For the exception of the replacement thin ps3.

A few reasons I tend to stay clear of the big console releases, WHEN they release…

1) NEVER buy DAY ONE!!! Hell! Never buy until day 180! The long lines, back ordered consoles, stolen or over- priced E-bay bids, etc.


2) Bugs and bad systems; good fucking luck getting tech support during the launch month, let alone a replacement console.

*shudders* Bad memories *shudders*

3) Not enough titles, with only 1 or 2 non-shit titles.  (maybe more these days)               Don’t expect them to be a new Mario AND a Zelda game!!  Last time that happened was…dare I say Super Nintendo?!

OH YEAH!!  Street Fighter:  The Movie!  I’m talking to you!  At least me and my bro gave you some love…for a week!  Without you we wouldn’t  of had the excellent Street Fighter Alpha!



4) Not a large Online community established, if there is, let’s hope there’s going to be a solid server running it!!


5) Save that money, no seriously save it!!! That shiney object will be so much more rewarding in say 1-2 years after launch. For me it’s much longer, I’ve got SUCH A HUGE BACKLOG, it isn’t funny!!! Seriously!


He’s a big spender…that one!!!!

6) I can afford to get the 2nd controller and accessories much cheaper later down the road.

7) This shit isn’t going anywhere!!!! Unless the Apocalypse happens…(knocks on wood) your country will still be there. And if it isn’t, if your still alive and kicking, some day you may get a chance to play it. (That’s what gasoline generators are for!! I think.)

8) On that thought, GAMES will be cheaper! New ones won’t be, but you’re damn sure all the ones that have been out for a year will. Let’s face it video games are gold, they don’t hold value, but they damn sure are worth it in the experience of play!!!

True Love…awwwww!

9) All the cool swag that many of the new systems are asking to accompany with them. (i.e., VR headsets, HDR TVs and possible motion detection equipment.) A lot of this stuff may run it’s course, much like Kinect and Move have.  Some will stay and by the time I hit the newer console scene, I’ll know WHAT I NEED AND DON’T. And right now a
$1,500 HDR TV AIN’T in the budget!!