The second “debate” came to a close tonight.  (If that’s what you’d call it!)  Trump and Hillary went back and forth just like the last debate.  It seemed as though, none of the them ever answered ANY of the questions said on the floor.

Normally, I’m not a person to want to jump into politics and controversy.  But I’m gonna this time.  WHY?!  Because the message has to passed as much as possible.  What message is that??  I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, was the debates last night.  I’ve lost all my vested interest in Donald Trump.  It’s DONE.  With every response he gave or question answer he gave, just turned out to be smokescreen.  When he was asked about taxes, he never gave numbers or detailed plan proposals.  In regards to health care, he talked about repealing Affordable Care, yet there was no real plan proposed about breaking down the high-priced medically competitive market.  All he did was mentioned it, as if he’d just Wiki’d it and could’ve said, HEY THIS CAN BE FIXED IF I’M PRESIDENT!

So much of what he put out there last evening seemed so disenfranchised with Americans. Sure, I can he his empathy for the poor, middle class and crumbling urban communities. But he hasn’t shown us the numbers, proposal details about getting shit done that matters.  At least when, Hillary gets up there, she gives numbers.  It really baffles me, because he should be ALL ABOUT NUMBERS.  After all, Trump is a master at making profit out of his failures.

He thinks he has a battle plan for taking care of our military, national defense, public safety.  But not once have I heard of him talking about whom his advisers are, which generals or strategists he’s been consulting with or police commissioners he’s talked to.

However, TWO things hurt me the most of him and his campaign.

First, his slogan, “Make America Great Again” is sad in itself.  Conservatives truly believe this can happen through him, I don’t.  America needs to bring its resources and production back in our country.  Jobs and our economy are our biggest problems.  Before, I believed that he had the right idea.  Bring the jobs home and re-invigorate local industry.  Second, focus on getting better funding for states that need to address their issues with crime in their major cities.  Focus on NATIONAL DEFENSE, not foreign defense.

BUT, that changed once he began to talk about “eliminating ISIS”.  (Which, mind you, it’s impossible to wipe out an IDEAL once it’s been planted.  Also, they’re EXTREMISTS and RADICALS, keywords there.)  Then we get this goddamn wall, and all it leads to people smacking or scratching their heads.  Which are all PIPE-DREAMS and only lead down one path WAR or EVEN GREATER POVERTY.

Worse of all, people are going to cast their ballots for him, simply because he is a conservative.  But what they don’t get is that, he is a REACTIONARY WITH A SHIT TON OF MONEY.  Let’s face it, he’s revealed his true colors to us.  Before, I didn’t believe it.  What I thought, was that he was simply doing this as a WIN-WIN strategy to gain more investors in his properties and ventures OR win the presidency.  Some things convinced me otherwise.  But somewhere deep down, I knew he wasn’t capable to be a leader of our country.

Think about this, if you’ve followed him long enough.  Can you expect him to.

A) Run a cabinet effectively

B) Build bridges in Congress to pass the laws needed TO CHANGE our country.

C) Remain calm as a direct representative of country in front of all the different countries in the world.

D) Execute his plans, in order to keep peace and stability in our country and not have it result in mass casualties or worse.

E) Prevent our debt from expanding

F) Not cause massive rifts between minority communities all over the country

G) Not get us into a conflict that will undo our country

SECOND, is this whole “locker room talk” audio clip running rampant.  I’m not repeating the shit skid-mark that it is.  Put simply, I NEVER as a MAN who has sense of respect for women would ever say that to anyone else.  To me, that sounds more like a self confession in order to gloat about his exploits and how powerful Trump is.  Rapists do that; they boast in order to display power, the abuse and shame women for gain control and exercise discreteness in order to continue to further their fantasies.   (FYI, I got the degree in Behavioral Science, so I know.)  Trump may have not done these things in recent history. But he has had a lifetime of getting what he wants, when he wants it.   NO WHERE IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO SAY THOSE THINGS.

This is coming from me, a man whom has had racy encounters and done some kinky things with my lifetime partner and previous relationships.  We all have our turn ons and fantasies, but there are some that are never intended to be a reality.  But I think for someone with that much power, almost anything can be made reality.

Lastly, I’m not a supporter of Hillary Clinton.  She’s a paid-for bureaucrat.  If and when she becomes President, there probably will be the same of the last 8 years.  She is the establishment and will only continue to further the interests that line her pockets.  But I firmly, believe that our country will be in a better situation under her leadership, THAN WITH TRUMP.   Why?!  Because the city streets won’t be fire or countries that allied won’t begin to work against us.  Simply, we don’t need that shit….period.

Our future is determined by the choices we make, not every choice is the ideal one.  But we can make them so that we can move forwards and learn from our mistakes.  Hopefully, in a few more elections our population will wake and smell the coffee.  Politicians are excellent liars and the only way to read through them is to either vote the wiser decision for our future or vote for a better third party.