Just received Uncharted 4 and I whole hell of a lot of waiting to go before I can really crack open the game. I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY THIS!! Gotta say, Uncharted is going to be well missed after this. There aren’t many games out there as well written as this series has been.

I do have one issue, the story characters have an uncanny way of surviving each installment. In Uncharted, it fits because the characters fit well together. Sure, they get a little chummy event though some have played both sides or been ex-girlfriends. Sometimes their chemistry does play unrealistically well, as opposed to most ordinary
folks. But that’s what makes the story go beyond just being treasure hunters and “thieves”.

Come Wednesday morning, I should get a chance to jump into this great series for one last time. ย THE WAIT IS KILLING ME!!