I’m avoiding them, they’re not worth the money if you already own it. Sure the updates are NOTICEABLE, but most need a side-by-side comparison to truly tell the difference. There are a few that overhaul the whole game. Perfect example; GTA V.

I should’ve have to be the gullible kid on the “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” commercial, being paid to say it’s “the taste you can see”.

Which I clearly can’t unless I take a bite. But I won’t, because these collections are the same cereal, just in a new box.

Candid Games

Collections of collections…

It has recently been brought to my attention that an increasing number of collections, remasters and remakes have been announced this year. Whilst the need for some of these games to be re-released on current consoles is understandable as an attempt to preserve our gaming history, some recent announcements have led me to question how necessary they really are.


Recently a trailer dropped for a collection of the remastered Rocksteady Batman trilogy. Immediately I thought that this was an unnecessary release. First of all, it doesn’t feel like it’s been too long since I have played Batman: Arkham Asylum and City. Additionally, I felt like most gamers (like myself) will already have these two games on their shelf to play whenever they like. After further thought I decided that there will always be a market for remasters like this one, yet the team would have to work…

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